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Katsuyosei By Katsuyosei Updated Nov 28, 2019

-Be glad we are still keeping you with us and don't   stay here doing nothing. You useless thing. 

-Where have you been? You slut, you were probably sleeping with all those rich men just for some money just like your mother, get lost! Just looking at your face make me want to slap you.

She is Park chaeyoung, since she was born, she never experienced happiness. Her father left them when she was still at a very young age.Her mother always left her alone in the house to go to the bar and get drunk because of the pain she is feeling after his husband left. One day her mother dead due to overdose. 
Since then her father came back to take her with him. So she is now living with him and her father's new wife. But they treat her badly and she doesn't really know why. 
And she doesn't have much friends because they never let her go out to have fun.
The only thing that probably make her happy is when she start imagining many thing that propably never gonna happen.

But what if one day, she wake up in an unfamiliar room ? Just like in these fairy tales story. Just like what she imagined.