Kisses and Other Necessities by rainbowbrook
Kisses and Other Necessitiesby Christine
《 Sequel to Kissing Is the Easy Part 》 High school sweethearts Flora and Sean went through the most horrible kind of breakup - the kind where they were both still disast...
  • chicklit
  • paris
  • ceo
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Szent Johanna Gimi-Újabb négy év amit nem felejtesz el by czallwiki
Szent Johanna Gimi-Újabb négy év a...by Csak egy SzJG-er és MM-er
6 év telt el azóta,hogy a szeretett 12.b elhagyta az iskolát.De nem örökre.Idén kezdi pályafutását Pósa Richárd ,mint intézményvezető,a rajztanár Bencze Virág .és a töb...
  • oliver
  • viki
  • attila
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Winx club : The Great Secret!!! by FeatherCharm
Winx club : The Great Secret!!!by FeatherCharm
#1 on Winx Club What would you do if your Fiancé broke up with you and you didn't get the chance to tell him you were pregnant? Well that's what happened to all the Win...
  • romance
  • adventure
  • action
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Unknown Winx Club Fanfiction Part 1 by Immortalshark123
Unknown Winx Club Fanfiction Part 1by Immortalshark123
What if Bloom wasn't all she said she was? What if she had two other powers other than the Dragon Flame? Bloom's been trained since she was a baby, what happens when she...
  • bloom
  • daphne
  • flora
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Professor Layton and the Angel's Prophecy by GentleAaron
Professor Layton and the Angel's P...by Aaron Chiplocke
The highly anticipated new adventure in GentleAaron's series. 'Angel's Prophecy' takes place two years after 'Love In All Adversities'. "Doom to the thief, who stea...
  • layton
  • professor
  • mystery
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Apart Of The Winx. by Akumalol
Apart Of The Winx.by Specialty
Irene Princess Of Irequel. One of the most powerful kingdoms in the Magic Dimension. Since Irene's Mother went to Alfea, she decided to go as well. To become more powerf...
  • domino
  • timmy
  • aisha
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I Do by clarissacamille15
I Doby Clarissa Camille
Lauren Flora is back, but for how long? Upon her return to her hometown, Flower Mound, Texas, she discovered the truth of what her family had been going through. After e...
  • lauren
  • diaries
  • sequel
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✅ Winx Club - Flora's in Trouble!  by SuchALittleReader
✅ Winx Club - Flora's in Trouble! by 🌫 Jennifer🌫
After a long and hard battle, the Winx and Specialists finally defeated the evil Wizards of the Black Circle. Or so they thought. To finally rule the world, they need a...
  • winx
  • musa
  • flora
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Violets: A Valtor Love Story by PrincessPisces235
Violets: A Valtor Love Storyby PrincessPisces235
Violet, she's a seventeen year old fairy at her second year at Alfea College for Fairies. She happened to stay out past curfew a little late and she happened to meet a...
  • aisha
  • seasonthree
  • alfea
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fallen stars | the nova legacy by jonbernthaI
fallen stars | the nova legacyby ✫ 𝐳𝐚𝐲 ✫
ORIGINAL 'According to my calculations, San Bernardino is one earthquake away from caving and turning into a giant wormhole that's gonna lead to our inevitable dea...
  • majorcharacterdeath
  • superheroes
  • kitharington
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Second Chances by TheWinxClubFan
Second Chancesby Princess Celestia Angel Hoffe...
Flora used to be the snobby popular girl, after suffering a terrible loss she goes back to her old school with a whole new personality. Can the Winx girls, the people sh...
  • flora
  • sky
  • helia
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16 Years And 9 Months *ongoing*  by ReservedAlstroemeria
16 Years And 9 Months *ongoing* by ❣ ʷᵉˡᶜᵒᵐᵉ ❣
Sky said something horrible to Bloom. So horrible, that she has decided to run away. With the Princess of Domino gone, the magic world goes onto chaos, nothing is going...
  • musa
  • trix
  • flora
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Onsra(Bittersweet Love) by Zoobles123
Onsra(Bittersweet Love)by xxLizzyCedgewickxx
"Your boyfriend?" He asked roughly, almost accusingly. I nodded, feeling confused. "What will I say?" He frowned at that. "Tell him you're taken...
  • jock
  • steamy
  • fluffy
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My Saviour by p1nkbabe
My Saviourby سارة 🌈
❝ you didn't really think you could escape me, did you? ❞ Flora Woods wishes to be normal, she craves to be normal. She wants to wake up and go outside and take a walk w...
  • childhood
  • darkrose
  • colesprouse
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Winx Club - Prisoner of the Trix (Book 1)(#Wattys2018) by CheshireAndRedArrow
Winx Club - Prisoner of the Trix (...by Icy, Darcy, and Stormy
"Hundreds of voices in my head . . . but the loudest is begging to die." On a night that should not have ended like it did, a young fairy by the name of Rhythm...
  • bloom
  • thetrix
  • season1
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 Pandora // Winx Club by 0804writer
Pandora // Winx Clubby 0804writer
She's Blooms older sister. She was only 3 when she was sent to earth. She's been able to hear Daphne for a few years now; she just comes and goes. She's very powerful an...
  • brandon
  • winxclub
  • tecna
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Winx Club oneshots! by emerald003
Winx Club oneshots!by Emerald
its in the Tiltle. ^^
  • trix
  • oneshots
  • darcy
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Perfect Love by crystipup
Perfect Loveby Scarlet Mira
This is a Valtor x Bloom story. Sky cheats on Bloom with Diaspro and says the cruelest things imaginable to Bloom. Heartbroken, Bloom goes to her friends, but Sky got to...
  • winxclub
  • flora
  • kiko
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Winx Truth Untold [ Under serious editing ] by Momotozaki_Suzy
Winx Truth Untold [ Under serious...by Momotozaki_Suzy
What will happen when the Winx were pregnant with a Child/Chlidren ? Without the Specialist knowing ? What Happened on the fateful night which cause the Winx to leave...
  • bloom
  • flora
  • alittleromance
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One of the Winx by poetical_goddess
One of the Winxby Goddess
Rejoin the young Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora, and Tecna as they form the Winx along with a new member Sonya! So be apart of the Winx Club and be One of the Winx! I DON'T...
  • aisha
  • flora
  • bloom
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