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I'm in Code Lyoko? #1 by AikoWakkusu
I'm in Code Lyoko? #1by AikoWakkusu
Angel, a 13 year old girl, wished to have a very fun life. What she got... was unexpected.
Code Lyoko x Male Reader Insert Season 1 by jonathanwynn777
Code Lyoko x Male Reader Insert Ultimate Lightning 2.0
This is basically a cross over of Code Lyoko and MegaMan NT Warrior/Rockman EXE.
Code Ghostbird by RHBelle
Code Ghostbirdby R.H Belle
**COMPLETED** A simple mission at a boarding school turns into so much more for the Blackbourne team.
「Odd x Reader」Edge of Reality by Pandasore
「Odd x Reader」Edge of Realityby Panda
(Y/n) (L/n) is an average 14-year old who loves to be lazy and writes stories on Wattpad. One day while (Y/n) was looking at memes, she stumbles upon one of her old and...
Kadic Academy Kids by furnacewithwings
Kadic Academy Kidsby ♡Louis♡
Tovah Pressman is the new girl at Kadic Academy. What will happen when she comes to school to her cousin Jeremy's dismay? Will, he let her join his friend group, or will...
Code Lyoko X Male Reader by FloweyFlower67
Code Lyoko X Male Readerby Flowey the flower
meh i know this book might be shit but, FU@K IT I WAS BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Might not even finish it. So i'll do what any other fanfic writer does, And publish a bio and o...
Code Lyoko (Ulrich x reader) by deep-universe1234
Code Lyoko (Ulrich x reader)by Multiverse
If you don't know about code lyoko then go watch its anime and code lyoko evolution.
code lyoko harem x male reader  by Treyvion
code lyoko harem x male reader by Treyvion
physical media is Forever buy LaserDisc
Code Lyoko: Our New Warrior by aquarcanus
Code Lyoko: Our New Warriorby AQUARCANUS
Odd has a childhood friend. But one day,they have to say goodbye because her parents have to move to Japan. Odd promise her that they'll meet again one day. Are they goi...
Code Lyoko FanFiction: The Other Angel by EliaAnneFree
Code Lyoko FanFiction: The Other Elia
Anna Enders is the new girl at Kadic Academy. When she meets the Lyoko gang in the forest will she question her growing love for a certain 'bad boy' or will she fall for...
Code: Katrina by PhoenixReign95
Code: Katrinaby Phoenix Reign
Ulrich's sister, Katrina went missing five years ago. What happens when Jeremie and Aelita discover that there's another person on Lyoko? Could it be Katrina? Or will U...
The Core by kat1315
The Coreby Amaya Uchiha
When the Lyoko Warriors discover a new room hidden in the depth of Sector 5, they'll discover more than just Xana's secrets. They never would've guessed that Xana had be...
A world without Danger (Code lyoko Odd X Reader) by Crystal-Sama
A world without Danger (Code Crystal-Sama
Rose was weird baby when she was born.She wasn't crying.But her face said she had found fascination in and object.The doctors didn't know what was wrong with her.He pare...
The Lyoko Gamer by jonathanwynn777
The Lyoko Gamerby Ultimate Lightning 2.0
Not Male Reader Jonathan Azure isekai to Code Lyoko which its unexpected except looks anime some reason, with power of Gamer can he defeat Xana sooner than Lyoko Warrio...
I'm in Lyoko! WAIT! WHAT!? by PikaMiMi
I'm in Lyoko! WAIT! WHAT!?by PikaMiMi
A girl from our world has transported to The TV show called Code Lyoko. But is she really from our world, find out what secrets are to be found and hidden truths unfold...
Cartoon Network: The Subspace Emissary  by SonicKev101
Cartoon Network: The Subspace SonicKev101
The World of Cartoons, a place where all kinds of beings of different backgrounds and different faces live and thrive. Just when the annual fighting tournament comes to...
A new Lyoko Warrior! by AKawaiiKitty1
A new Lyoko Warrior!by AKawaiiKitty1
Hi my name is Kim Crystal! I come from South Korea and I used to live with my brother Kim Taehyung. Yeah, THE Kim Taehyung from BTS. I decided to go abroad and stu...
Code Lyoko:Ulrich x Yumi by TheRampage220
Code Lyoko:Ulrich x Yumiby The Rampage
This is the first fanfic I'm gonna be working on it's a Code Lyoko Ulrich x Yumi enjoy
Sword & Pistol (Code: Katrina Part 2) by PhoenixReign95
Sword & Pistol (Code: Katrina Phoenix Reign
Now that Katrina has been re-materialized, things have been different. Katrina has been struggling to readjust to life on Earth. With things getting more serious on Lyok...
I'm in CODE LYOKO !!!? [RARE Update] by Riu_Night
I'm in CODE LYOKO !!!? [RARE Aoi~Haruto
Disclaimer : I don't own Code Lyoko. I just make this story for fun. Fleur Chérie Noir is just a normal girl. Her parents past away when she was just 8 years old. She w...