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The Invisible Empress of the Gods (Akashi X OC: Kuroko no Basuke Fanfic) by Aoi_Demon
The Invisible Empress of the Aoi_Demon
Teiko Middle School had supposedly raised the Generation of Miracles to be the amazing players they are now, in high school. But who really did create them and their ski...
Ким захирал ба би ...  by mn4ever---
Ким захирал ба би ... by ---MN4EVER---
Тэр бол залуухан царайлаг бас халуухан нэгэн. Бас миний захирал
She Is Mine 2 [ON GOING] by purpxvyole
She Is Mine 2 [ON GOING]by azella
1. MY HUSBAND IS DILAPIDATED 2. SHE IS MINE 3. SHE IS MINE 2 - Kehidupan Sena yang tadinya damai, kini ricuh karna masa kehamilannya yang terkadang aneh atau waras. Bahk...
fairytale ending [enstars x reader] by marble-texture-f-p
fairytale ending [enstars x reader]by fp
"hey 'zumi, do you think any of your idol friends would-" -【"no."】- "i didn't even say anything!" ------- a girl with way too much chaotic...
Teaching Bangtan [JM] by SenSaee
Teaching Bangtan [JM]by 🍑Jiminphillic🍑
An English teacher is offered the job of teaching Bangtan- Which would be great, really, if she wasn't such a huge, and awkward fan...
Couple by naadsa
Coupleby Leah Walker
Rewrite of You are with a little twist... My name is Y/n L/n. I live in the kingdom of Techno. ( Spare me I'm a simp for Trollex) I love my life right now but sometimes...
The Girl in the Family (Love Stage!! Fanfic) by thisbeJuli
The Girl in the Family (Love Juli
Like the title says, there's a girl in the family. What family? The Sena Family. Izumi not only has a brother, but also a twin sister. Will Ryouma point his feelings t...
Aikatsu: Life as Suzukawa Naoto by soraskye1234
Aikatsu: Life as Suzukawa Naotoby Dank Goat
Suzukawa Naoto lives a double life. He's a teacher by day, rockstar by night. However, those 2 lives get unsteady. Especially when Ichigo gets involved with his rocks...
VSPO's Oimoto by PeacefulYazyu
VSPO's Oimotoby _cafeYAZYUdesu_
Yokari Aruna (夜狩愛月) is a male Japanese Virtual Youtuber. He is a member of Arsenic Devil Games, an Esport team under the Virtual eSports Project, debuting after Wakuma S...
Deep of my heart || NJM [Completed]                by Esurim_
Deep of my heart || NJM [ Butterflies🦋
"Хурдхан шиг найз охин энэ тэртэй болоод хоол хийлгүүлж ид, ядаргаатай юм" Жэмин над руу харан малийгаад "Болдог бол найз охинтой болмоор л байна даанч...
Aikatsu Love - Strange Encounter by Renn_Chron
Aikatsu Love - Strange Encounterby Renn
There's 3 lead characters hate the parties as they meet the other three at random places while their sudden disappearance after a few of meetings have made the 3 lead ch...
Durarara: Orihara Izaya's Secret by OtakuSena
Durarara: Orihara Izaya's Secretby OtakuSena
Izaya Orihara, who considers himself God of Ikebukuro, says he loves humans. But what people didn't know was that Izaya had one certain human that he couldn't get enough...
Derramo mil cosas por él by YuuShiatsu
Derramo mil cosas por élby YuuShiatsu
Boogie y Sena, bajista y guitarrista de la banda de visual kei Jiluka. Desde hace ya unos cuantos meses que Boogie siente algo por Sena, sin embargo, no se atreve a decí...
Aikatsu- Idols can love(A SenaxAkari fan fiction)[Completed] by cerylar
Aikatsu- Idols can love(A nani koreeee
Sena Tsubasa, Top designer of DreamyCrown, has feelings for Idol Oozora Akari. They were dating for a month already in secret.But what happens when Tsubaki, another Star...
Letters to love || CUKUR by nathalie_ayse
Letters to love || CUKURby • ηαтнαℓιє •
I have only a pen and paper. I felt how thron. I felt don't understand. I felt that I'll must write this letters. I was nobody... Nobody for world. Cover by: ME
(Aikatsu) Sena x Akari Christmas  by soraskye1234
(Aikatsu) Sena x Akari Christmas by Dank Goat
((Only doing this because the fan girls would probably love to see one of these)) The title says it all.
ტრიბლეტები✓ by borntoliveinfantasy_
ტრიბლეტები✓by jeon
ერთ თითქმის ჩვეულებრივ დღეს ქვეყანას სამი გოგონა,სამი და ევლინება...ტრიბლეტები... რიუჯინი, სენა და ლილიანა... დედა მშობიარობას გადაჰყვა,მამა კი ნერვიულობისგან 2 თვეში გა...
Crush Your Innocence - Love Stage FanFiction by Yaoi_Freak_RightHere
Crush Your Innocence - Love My Name Is Alyssa
Izumi Sena was the new student at Dax High School, the son of the president at Sena Industry, with his eyes set on anime and manga, Izumi keeps to himself. Until he meet...
Aikatsu: Escaping The Friendzone by soraskye1234
Aikatsu: Escaping The Friendzoneby Dank Goat
Akari Oozora has had feelings for Tsubasa Sena for quite some time. She's dreamed of the day that she makes him hers. She only thought he saw as no more than just the i...
I will never forget about you [Izumi SenaxReader] by kirapin
I will never forget about you [ kirapin
After a fight with your friend he gets in a terrible accident, what will happen after that? (Yeah, another amnesia story...lmao)