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no one loves a dragon..right?( senran kagura harem x male humanoid dragon) by Arthurpendragon285
no one loves a dragon..right?( sen...by Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
this one i got interést and so Lets see...ah! here we go this story Is about a boy call ryukendo or Ryu for short, who was a dragón humanoid dragón Will very special gif...
Vero amore by iammiyuuhh
Vero amoreby miyuuuhhhh28
This young lady who secretly fell inlove with her bestfriend, This story is for my imaginations only! And this is my first time to create a story here in wattpad so pl...
Shinobi Hero (Badass Izuku x Yandere senran kagura)  by NasimaKhatun5
Shinobi Hero (Badass Izuku x Yande...by RED Z
(My number 8 fanfiction) This is a (My hero academia x Senran kagura) story Izuku midoriya or known as the Hero in training 'Deku' died in his own universe. Before dyin...
Beyond Limits by Jinbaboo
Beyond Limitsby G'nnie
I'm on top but I feel so low Nasa akin na ang lahat pero bakit pakiramdam ko may kulang parin? A supportive family, friends, perfect body, beautiful face, career, and a...
Only human (tony stark male reader x highschool dxd by Destroyer_Creater2
Only human (tony stark male reader...by Destroyer Creator
After beating Thanos once and for all you decided to leave the avengers since beating one universal villain was enough for you so you decided to chill in kuoh academy th...
The Shinobi From The Hidden Leaf(Male Reader x Senran Kagura harem) by MEMEmasterr420
The Shinobi From The Hidden Leaf(M...by .
You left Konoha to find some adventure.Adventure you did find but in the form of meeting the Hanzo girls.As both of your worlds collide you have to defeat a new evil tha...
Senran Kagura./千蘭神楽:フタナリ忍者! by SamuelBempong
Senran Kagura./千蘭神楽:フタナリ忍者!by Ice Queen Yumi
When Asuka misuses a scroll the results are something she never imagined possible. Futanari Story containing LEMONS and a lot of suggestive themes as well as fanservice...
Pokémon:The one that was betrayed by all but came back with more(ON HOLD) by DJMM15
Pokémon:The one that was betrayed...by I creative
Ash trainer from the Kanto reagion there he live in his town Palet with loving mother,his friends and his Pokémon he live he was a prodigy something a trainer most be he...
🔴 NO TOPIC 🔴 by Jeonyumi1
🔴 NO TOPIC 🔴by Yumi girl🖤
ආදරේ කියන්නේ මොකද්ද ??? ආදරේ කරන කෙනා අතින් තමන්ට වැරැද්දක් උනොත් ඒකේ තේරැම එයා ආදරේ නෑ කියන එකද?? Seo and Tae කියන්නෙත් එහෙම දෛවයක් තියෙන couple එකක් ...... Tae අතින් ව...
Vinde Game by ceathru21
Vinde Gameby ceathru.i
I am Yunize Garcia, the fourth generation of the bloodline of Yumiere Garcia who happened to meet the fourth generation of the bloodline of Bianca, Beau. I am Beau San...
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Ben 10 male reader x highschool dxd by Destroyer_Creater2
Ben 10 male reader x highschool dxdby Destroyer Creator
You are Ben Tennyson in the world of highschool dxd a anime filled with devils, angels, and fallen what will happen when the supernatural world learn about your powers t...
•♤• Partner in Crime : Paris x Reader •♤• by Lynn_Celo56
•♤• Partner in Crime : Paris x Rea...by Lynn_Celo56
What happens when an Old friend of Paris get's pictured in view ? An old friend he secretly adores and would do anything to protect her . Continue reading to figure it...
wolf love ❤😁 by parkOshi4
wolf love ❤😁by PO
jimin සහ oshiගේ ආදර කතාව
Extremely OP male reader x highschool DxD by Destroyer_Creater2
Extremely OP male reader x highsch...by Destroyer Creator
You are the most strongest thing EVER in the world of highschool dxd Let's see what the hell happens when a situation like this occurs
PRINCESS DIARY❤ by _lee_yumii_
PRINCESS DIARY❤by lee_yumi_
ජියොන් ජන්කුක්ගෙයි කිම් සන්මිගෙයි මොංගල්😂💔 අාදර කතාව......❤❤ ඔයා ඉතිම් මගේ සකලංසමාලෙනෙ උම්ම්ම්ම්මාාාා........ ඒකනේ ශුඩු කියන්නේ..... හරිනම් මමයි ඔයාගෙ girl friend...
Reawakening {REWRITE}: Legendary Male Saiyan Reader x Mass Crossover Harem by shadowenclave47
Reawakening {REWRITE}: Legendary M...by Shadowenclave47
As an ace student of Union Academy who excelled in ki, {Y/N} had a bright future ahead of him. Unfortunately, all of his hopes and dreams came crashing down when he sudd...
Betrayed at the best by Madarasenju2
Betrayed at the bestby Madara senju2
After the fight in the valley of the end naruto wins. Naruto had fatal wounds. Kakashi had to choose between sasuke or naruto Who will he choose? Who will he help? And...
Asa no Yumi (Akatsuki no Yona) by Rin_Kazumi_10
Asa no Yumi (Akatsuki no Yona)by Kazumi
This is the story of a Cyan Dragon Warrior who was born with her young sister, the Crimson Dragon. Before that she was also an Akatsuki no Yona fan and got reborn into A...
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One Piece Kagura: Pirate in a Shinobi world by AlliedStar224
One Piece Kagura: Pirate in a Shin...by Jade heinrich
Luffy is on a quest to defeat Kaido and free Wano from Orochi and Kaido's grasp. Unfortunately for our favourite rubber man, he is easily swept by Kaido and is thrown in...