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Fangs and Howls [Bram x Reader x Romulus] by hunny_baby_bug
Fangs and Howls [Bram x Reader x Liliana
Bloodgood had just announced Monster High's expansion to Belfry Prep and Crescent Moon High. Since you are neither a werewolf nor vampire, you, along with the fear squad...
One Huge Monster Story [DISCONTINUED] by lustphobia
One Huge Monster Story [ Mel
When Deuce Gorgon comes to Monster High with a new girl, every monster gets curious about who she is and why she's so close to Deuce.
Opposite Attract (The Feaky Chronicles #1) by MissneonKst
Opposite Attract (The Feaky MissneonKst
A new ghoul has come to the school and things are about to turn upside down when Heath falls in love with his opposite element.
An Artistic Duo by harry_potterfan1220
An Artistic Duoby Lauren
A Porter Geiss x Reader Story. I was teased for being a ghost, so I became a vampire. And I lost a part of myself the day I did. Because that day would be the day that I...
My Sweet Darling [Yandere Valentine x Reader] by hunny_baby_bug
My Sweet Darling [Yandere Liliana
UNDER REVISIONS Following the events of Draculaura's sweet 1600, Valentine has since been able to rid himself of that horrible stench and has returned to Monster High. H...
Monster High Boyfriend Scenarios  by DigitalChito
Monster High Boyfriend Scenarios by Chito
Moved from Quotev. Clawd Deuce Heath Jackson/Holt Gil Valentine Pharaoh Porter Raythe
We finally meet by dray36
We finally meetby dray36
After they come back from their trip, Deuce can''t help but feel Cleo and him weren't meant to come back together. When angel transfers to Monster High they install conn...
Royalty Love by harry_potterfan1220
Royalty Loveby Lauren
A harry_potterfan1220 and Azarath_Playz collab. Azarath_Playz has created all artwork, including the cover. A Pharaoh x Reader story. (Y/n) Bastet, stage name Fertility...
MM by harry_potterfan1220
MMby Lauren
A Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde Love Story. Based in the movie Ghouls Rule. There is another like him.
Monster High x Reader Scenarios (FINISHED) by Curseblood17
Monster High x Reader Scenarios ( Curseblood17
I rewatched Monster High for some good old memories and choose to make this. This book is for both genders! Requests are sadly closed! If you like this book, please chec...
Living Anew (OC X Monster high) by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
Living Anew (OC X Monster high)by Change is Good
To think that I'd be invited to a school which is owned by a person.... well somewhere in those line, whom you saved from an extermination from a very long time ago, thi...
Alt boy in a monster school /Monster high x male reader/ by Creepystalkerlad
Alt boy in a monster school / ~(⌒ω⌒~)
(Y/n) was different he loves piercings and modifications to his body it made him happy but, other people didn't appreciate the way he want to live his life. He had a har...
Haley Potter and Monster High  by StephanieNolmans
Haley Potter and Monster High by Stephanie Nolmans
Haley potter with one of her friends Luna lovegoodleft the wizarding world because she founded out the truth and move to different contarys and they meet headless blood...
I want him (Romulus x OC) by alilginer
I want him (Romulus x OC)by not ginger
You've all heard the story of monster high, you've heard of Frankie Cleo and the rest of the girls, but you haven't heard her story. A hybrid half vampire, half werewo...
Amazon Girl by NotSoPerfectWorld
Amazon Girlby _Caesar_
Ghoul's rule right? This is a story about the daughter of Diana Prince and Steve Trevor. Enter, Darcy Prince. Monster High; Ghoul's Rule Holt Hyde x Female OC...
A New Ghoul in School by CMSmith7
A New Ghoul in Schoolby CM Smith
Aidriana Gorgon is starting her first day at Monster High along side her brother, Duce. Anything could happen: new friends, parties, romance. She's ready for anything th...
The De Niles by DigitalChito
The De Nilesby Chito
Wanna know who Astrid De Nile is? She's the younger sister, of Cleo De Nile. Everyone knows Cleo De Nile. Popluar, beautiful, diva-practically Monster High's princess...
It's complicated. (Jackson Jekyll x Reader) by sl33pystrawb3rry
It's complicated. (Jackson philip with one L
im writing this because im hyperfixating on jackson jekyll and holt hyde 😫 also the reader is referred to in androgynous terms!
Characters by Zodiac by amdetmer
Characters by Zodiacby Allison Detmer
Which characters are you from you favorite shows/ movies? // I don't own any of these characters.//
The demon inside *complete* by babycakes_2004
The demon inside *complete*by babycakes_2004
When Whisp is set free from her lantern and sent to MH new exchanged student Valentine wants her magic to get back at draculaura and will do anything including preten...