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Catching Fish by AshyLoo2
Catching Fishby AshyLoo2
~Highest Rank: #257 in Historical Fiction~ America has just became stable again, and families are moving all over the Louisiana Purchase--Including the Mill family, who...
  • fish
  • historicalfiction
  • theeraofgoodfeelings
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The Cheyenne by BethanyShayPorteous
The Cheyenneby Bethany Porteous
Vivian Walters is travelling to the New World in the 1700's with her father and best friend Elizabeth, lovingly known as Bessie. Settling in Illinois alongside the Spani...
  • mate
  • kidnapped
  • native
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Cheyenne by JennyChey
Cheyenneby JennyChey
  • taken
  • cheyenne
  • herd
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Salt In Our Wounds ( Under MAJOR editing) by ScaredToDeathMyLove
Salt In Our Wounds ( Under MAJOR Shelby
Cheyenne (25) didn't know what to do with her life, seeing as she was still being controlled by her parents, but everything changed when she met Ville, (a famous rock st...
  • ville
  • shittysmut
  • him
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Seven Minutes in Heaven (Black Butler) by SilhouetteTheNight
Seven Minutes in Heaven (Black B~M~B
Warning: I am a long story writer, so this doesn't automatically just gets directly into the game. Lol it's probably bad, anyways, it has the P.O.V. of three bestfriends...
  • chivel
  • butler
  • fanfics
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Katie ( Still Making )  by ScarletFox2024
Katie ( Still Making ) by Zara
This is kinda like A Dogs Purpose but different story different charters . A dog goes from a house dog to a Ice warrior .
  • purpose
  • cheyenne
  • scarletfox2024
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Shield Me (Dean Ambrose love story) by Noodles_1
Shield Me (Dean Ambrose love story)by Noodles
Becoming a Diva was always Cheyenne's dream. So when she achieved it she never thought that she would find love in someone who was a Heel in the WWE. Someone named Dean...
  • kiss
  • wrestle
  • team
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A wolf in the maze (a maze runner fanfic) {ON HOLD} by Werecheetah
A wolf in the maze (a maze Brittni
She is the new girl or the Greenie. She doesn't remember her Name and came up before Tomas ever did. The Gladers have never had a girl come up into the glade and she cam...
  • werewolf
  • newt
  • fanfic
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Mr.Gangster    E. and G. Dolan by Chetan12161999
Mr.Gangster E. and G. Dolanby Cheyenne Stevens
It is about a girl and her bestfriend who have been in a gang there whole lives and there old gang all dies the only 2 left of the wildfire. So the are insearch for a ne...
  • love
  • cheyenne
  • dolantwins
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The Story of Seth by MiaSmiles
The Story of Sethby мia
[old version] "It's not an illness." I touched my hand to his face. "It's just a weakness. Everyone has weaknesses." He lit up, smiling that beautifu...
  • cute
  • seth
  • popular
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The Viper Bite (WWE Fan Fic) by B_Lynn_Steele
The Viper Bite (WWE Fan Fic)by Becca
Cheyenne Monet is a writer for the WWE. She writes the stories in the magazines and on She interviews the superstars. What will happen when she has to interview...
  • orton
  • cena
  • baby
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Return of a Gunslinger (A Laramie Fanfiction) by Theatrefangirl014
Return of a Gunslinger (A Theatrefangirl014
When Jess hits his head, he winds up with a case of amnesia and thinks he is still a gunslinger hot on the trail for revenge. Will Slim figure it out in time and be able...
  • andysherman
  • amnesia
  • wyoming
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If Mark Fischbach Was Mine(Markiplier fanfiction) by HarmonyBlue1
If Mark Fischbach Was Mine( Shianne Dolan
i <3 markiplier
  • love
  • lips
  • kisses
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My space hero (leo x cheyenne) by sup-erz
My space hero (leo x cheyenne)by sup-erz
Hey guys its a fanfic request to Cheyenne. Check out my other stories and enjoy.... Will Cheyenne find love?
  • read
  • leo
  • awesome
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The Legend of Black Wolf - Sully's Journey Home by CarrieAulenbacher
The Legend of Black Wolf - Sully' Carrie Aulenbacher
First shared on Facebook, 'The Legend of Black Wolf' tells about Dr. Quinn's leading man, Byron Sully, and the years before the series 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman' starte...
  • colorado
  • medicinewoman
  • drquinn
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Memories of Houston County by DreamersNeverLie
Memories of Houston Countyby DreamersNeverLie
What if Reba had never married Brock? What if she had married Terry Holliway instead? This story is the Hart version of The Bridges of Madison County. I hope you like th...
  • bridges
  • barbara
  • jake
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My Boyfriend's Best friend wants to get into my pants but I won't let him, will I? by MyBittersweetTears
My Boyfriend's Best friend wants Emily
  • cheyenne
  • aaron
  • memories
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Be With Me // Owen Braungardt by exactlyelyse77
Be With Me // Owen Braungardtby exactlyelyse77
Cheyenne Jenkins/McConathy, an average teenage girl, is not as average as you think. adopted by the McConathy family when she was 12, she made friend not so easily. Her...
  • quentin
  • braungardt
  • relationship
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adventures of the children by eggsbendict
adventures of the childrenby eggsbendict
the burns and the bots are playing a human game called basketball then suddenly a portal appears and 6 humans come threw it they says they came from a parallel univer...
  • danny
  • blades
  • hightide
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Girl, Stolen - 20 Years Later by xgoodnightmoonx
Girl, Stolen - 20 Years Laterby xgoodnightmoonx
This is a very short story I wrote for English class in 8th grade. If you haven't read Girl, Stolen I wouldn't read this. It's 20 years after Cheyenne got a phone call f...
  • girlstolen
  • griffin
  • romance
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