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Hear my lullaby by kukkuuryyd
Hear my lullabyby sinner
Sequel from 'All I ever wanted', 'Hold me tight' and 'Only for you darling'. I highly recommend of reading them first, so you'll understand this story better. • They are...
Beyond This Moment by writerbug44
Beyond This Momentby Madeline
Peyton has had a rough go of things. A distant father, a drunk mother. The usual sort of sob story. When Peyton finds out that her dad is getting remarried and that she'...
Ragnarök Imagines and Preferences  by breyerluver48
Ragnarök Imagines and Preferences by Fiona
I tried wring a fanfiction and it didn't go well. Plus, I'm better at writing short stories with the characters of tv shows and movies, anyways. I'll include all the ch...
it's illegal 2| vkook by pubbao
it's illegal 2| vkookby pubbao
"ootko viel rakastunu siihen rikolliseen" "Oon"
Scared To Death // Ville Valo by -cheyenne-w-
Scared To Death // Ville Valoby Cheyenne
Finland. Her friends questioned why she even considered moving to such a place. Her family begged her to stay in the United States. What was the point of leaving when s...
Olli Matela x reader, Blind Channel by angelic-winchester
Olli Matela x reader, Blind Channelby Krista
Blind Channel fanfiction in english, read at your own risk
✨  P i m p p i ✨ by DikSpread
✨ P i m p p i ✨by ❤️Techno❤️
Part 2 of ✨ W e l c o m e ✨ book 😍😍😍😍😍😍 even more memes 🤡
Salt In Our Wounds ( Under MAJOR editing) by ScaredToDeathMyLove
Salt In Our Wounds ( Under MAJOR Shelby
Cheyenne (25) didn't know what to do with her life, seeing as she was still being controlled by her parents, but everything changed when she met Ville, (a famous rock st...
Learn Finnish In 50 Chapters or more by innocentsalome
Learn Finnish In 50 Chapters or Salome
Confused of the worlds second to most hardest language? Fear not! Here comes a native speaker to the rescue! Learn from basics to spelling, and from words to sentences...
PenPals by carmensbooks
PenPalsby 𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐚
On a boring night in December, 20-year-old Kat finds herself killing time blasting Nirvana and clicking through online chat profiles on a sketchy PenPal website. On tha...
Memes about languages by Filippo_Matteo_Akon
Memes about languagesby >Ak0n<
What's the funny about the languages? It's that are so many and so different, so, the diversity renders them funny, no? Welcome in this book, have fun! :D
5 Sociopaths by Gidsruruyvbt8c7
5 Sociopathsby Gidsruruyvbt8c7
WARNING: This will contain: Nazi Imagrey Censored slurs against groups Swears And other stuff ...
Beautiful quotes in different languages  by Filippo_Matteo_Akon
Beautiful quotes in different >Ak0n<
I write some quotes in different languages. If you have an idea, write me :D (I speak English, Spanish and Italian. I try to speak Portuguese and I know something) For e...
White Death's Frontline [CANCELED] by KingTigerII
White Death's Frontline [CANCELED]by KingTigerII
The legendary Finnish Soldier from the winter war, named as Simo Häyhä but recognized as "The White Death" unfortunately, he died in 2002, yet his life will no...
Languages 101 - Basic Words and Common Phrases by chatGPTstoryteller
Languages 101 - Basic Words and ChatGPT
Brief summaries with key points. Several languages, every language a chapter. Written via effective assistance from ChatGPT.
andrew tate x marilyn manson by 2inpink1nstink
andrew tate x marilyn mansonby tiny fart boy 🥺
A shy emo boy with autism, adhd, bpd, depression, anxiety, tourette's, parkinson's disease, every cancer at stage 4, dyslexia, and more has issues living his day to day...
My Heart is a Hurricane by peacefxlmyko
My Heart is a Hurricaneby Myko
Watch out, my heart is a hurricane, baby I will blow you away It's not your job to save me When I find my way Watch out, my heart is a hurricane It's a hurricane I've be...
scandinavian face claims by scandisociety
scandinavian face claimsby ˗ˏˋ SCANDI ˊˎ-
not ALL scandinavians are blonde and blue-eyed, and not ALL scandinavian face claims are just those from skam!
Love of Mine // Blind Channel fanfiction by d_dori
Love of Mine // Blind Channel d_dori
Lotta Moilanen just moved back home, to Finland from the United States, where she graduated from fashion designing. All she wanted was a successful life, friends, and h...