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Superstore - Perfect family by Peraltas_ba3
Superstore - Perfect familyby Lilly
I do not own superstore or any of the characters, this is just a fanfic. comment chapter suggestions
RISK 【 South Park BoyxBoy 】 by ppsyko
RISK 【 South Park BoyxBoy 】by jūsu
[READ PROFILE DESCRIPTION] (inspired off the movie "Nerve" with my own little twists of my own) September 10th, the day that South Park becomes acknowledge of...
Unexpected Love(Unfortunately Love Series #1) by _Bithiah9_
Unexpected Love(Unfortunately Slaine
Melissa Suarez's dream has deeply impacted since she moved in Philippines, and it has changed even more after he met Kylen.
Faetal Decisions by LexiMP3
Faetal Decisionsby Alexis
This story is based on the Fey (Faerie) world, but it is set on Earth. You follow Kylen, who is of the Seelie Court, on his journey to find his brother, who is of the Un...
You and Me by _heather_hills
You and Meby _heather_hills
**Kylen Fanfic** Six Years Later. . . Ky and Emmalyn are not friends anymore but 'awkward' lovers or so Hensu says. Because they are. But one special day, that will all...
The bachelor by opimcgregor
The bachelorby opimcgregor
This story is about a man trying to find a wife to take home on his farm. Read to find out who his wife is.
ANDREN FOREVER by user16252191
one day have a 2 girl and one boy. . . and her name andrea and kayline.and name of the boy is Darren . andrea: hi kyline :) kyline:who u?? hindi kita kilala sino kaba? ...
Blossoms by bluebirdsitting
Blossomsby blossom..
I've always liked blossoms..