SANGORE  PHOTOGRAPH by ositaperezosa
Historia ficticia de Nagore y Sandra
  • nagore
  • sandra
  • sangore
Kidnapped by Cannibals (Fan Book) by TheArtisticReader_
Kidnapped by Cannibals (Fan Book)by TheArtisticReader_
Okay let me put this in a way you'll understand: This👏is👏a👏fan👏book👏 So don't go in the comments saying "you copied" or "this is is the exact same pl...
  • cannibals
  • kids
  • fanbook
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The heart of Agent 47 by akankshya123
The heart of Agent 47by bloodboundsisters
A happy-go-lucky girl Sasha is held captive by a handful of scientists who want to produce a human clone with enough statistical and analytical powers to help eliminate...
  • meat
  • agent
  • female
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The Secretary by xandra320
The Secretaryby Alexandra
"Mr Daniels I would like you to meet Miss David." Max looked up from the memo. He saw a very pretty lady with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was very...
  • mystery
  • bossxsecretary
  • annakendrick
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5th member of BLACKPINK (BTS X BLACKPINK) by SofiaLovesBTS
5th member of BLACKPINK (BTS X SofiaLovesWriting
Sandra Pizaña, a girl with a Youtube channel becomes leader of BLACKPINK and becomes friends and finds love with BTS.
  • funny
  • sandra
  • sanjoon
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Legion Michael x Reader (FINISHED) by SkyeLeelouChiya
Legion Michael x Reader (FINISHED)by SkyeLeelouChiya
You are a normal young adult. That's if you consider living in the middle of the desert "normal". You work at a gas station with your friends, Charlie and Jee...
  • angelreader
  • audrey
  • howard
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BESTFRIENDS (Editing) by _Park__Jiyeon_
BESTFRIENDS (Editing)by _Princess_Yuri_
kayo ay mag Bestfriend For Life Pero may dumating na di inaasahan na PROBLEMA tungkol sa nakaraan paano kung ang past ang makakasira sainyo sa future At ang itinuring m...
  • highschool
  • ace
  • rose
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Arranged Marriage to a Mafia Prince by fluffybunnypillow
Arranged Marriage to a Mafia Princeby fluffybunnypillow
At the age of 17 Alison is forced to marry an asshole that with the snap of his fingers could make her do anythign he pleases. Can she convince him to change his ways an...
  • matt
  • sandra
  • teen
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New Romantic by ikaannisa46
New Romanticby Pinkie Pie 🌸
"gak ada waktu. Aku sibuk." Ketus Dara Leon malah tersenyum " nanti malam aku jemput." " gak mau" " harus mau." " aku sibuk...
  • ersyaurel
  • verel
  • ersyaaurelia
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SUPERVIVIENTES by ositaperezosa
Fanfic fictia si Nagore entrara en superviviente
  • dragongirl
  • sandra
  • chica-chica
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HIDDEN by dusklightx
HIDDENby Saaksshi
HIDDEN [ On Going ] HR:- #86 in THRILL P.S :- I DON'T SUPPORT SELF HARMING AND BULLYING. Sorry if you can't read disturbing stuffs. Sandra Petes. 18, A Depressed teen...
  • teacher
  • mystery
  • highschool
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Must Read Romance Novels by chiquita-
Must Read Romance Novelsby p.j.klein
Have no ideas of what to read next? Don't know which story to pick? Bored with the story you're reading? Well then, you're at the right place to find your next addictio...
  • chiquita-
  • novels
  • romance
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REMAJA by WikaAg
REMAJAby Wika Anggraini
Karena ini masa remaja, berbahagialah.
  • wattys2018
  • cinta
  • sandra
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Los Protegidos 4 (TERMINADA) by Lectora_Misteriosa_
Los Protegidos 4 (TERMINADA)by Srta.Book
Todo continúa tras haber derrotado a "los elefante" Vuelven los problemas entre Sandra y Culebra. Julia ocultará secretos, en el cual, perjudicará a alguien...
  • lucas
  • losprotegidos1
  • fanfic
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the proposal [lou and debbie]  by heistwife
the proposal [lou and debbie] by téa
debbie ocean and lou miller's version of 'the proposal'
  • lou
  • oceanseight
  • sandrabullock
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Say you love me (Dorl) by WeirdKendra
Say you love me (Dorl)by ✍kendra✍
*Completed*This is about the two youtubers Denis and Corl. Denis is scared to tell corl he loves him. But will this affect there friendship? That is one of the problems...
  • denis
  • iloveyou
  • drama
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Dorl ○● NOTICE ME DINDIN~SENPAI!!!                          Episode 1  by AngstyVirgil
Dorl ○● NOTICE ME AnxiousMrVirgil
'Life isn't perfect, just a game we all play, nothing we enjoy.' Denis is Corl's best friend, ever since he was 14 and Corl was 12. Everytime they'd record together, Cor...
  • fanfiction
  • flebsy
  • sketch
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Accidentally Inlove With A Campus Playboy by spring__anemone
Accidentally Inlove With A spring__anemone
Sandra Arieselle Antonio, she almost had everything except boyfriend, never sumagi sa isip niya na magkaroon ng boyfriend. Oo marami siyang crush pero hanggang crush lan...
  • alexson
  • klein
  • love
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Love and Lies by flamin_asian
Love and Liesby flamin_asian2018
Life can be tough... but Sandra Wilkins really has to deal with shit. School's an ass, her mom is an ass, and now a guy she didn't even know was about to make it a whole...
  • lies
  • love
  • sandra
Hickey- Cringy Superstore Story by WannabeMemeLord
Hickey- Cringy Superstore Storyby WannabeMemeLord
THIS WAS MADE BEFORE THE S4 EPISODE 2 WAS OUT. And now for some reason I'm making this into a series? Yeah someone help
  • garrett
  • jamy
  • cringy
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