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Pokéworld Academy by hkaychamp
Pokéworld Academyby Hayate D. Xebec Kakashi
Takes place in an Alternate Pokémon world but with Advancements. Sypnosis: Ash and Red are two new transfer students in an Academy that focus on training Students to bea...
Opposites Attract by loriku
Opposites Attractby lori
[Highest ranked #1 in Amourshipping] "Everyone have their own love story, they just need a little push to get it going." There's Serena Yvonne, the top student...
Amourshipping High - The Hero Returns  (Major Editing) by Amourboy15
Amourshipping High - The Hero MESSI
A teenage 18 year old girl named Serena, living in Kalos and goes to high meeting her friends Dawn, May, Misty and Iris. She also meets Gary, Paul, Drew, Cilan and etc...
Our Ever-Lasting Love (Amourshipping) by Bc34Valor
Our Ever-Lasting Love ( Valor Fennekin
Amourshipping Story - (AshxSerena) Ash begins his training for the World Coronation Series Tournament. The winner of that tournament gets the honor of battling Leon for...
The Boy And His Legends [An Amourshipping And Aureliashipping Story] by Jayvaughn123
The Boy And His Legends [An Baka!
Ash Ketchum, a fifteen year old boy in the Kanto Region, particularly in the Pallet Town, has been enrolled to a huge highschool in the Kalos Region, offered to him by P...
Betraying The Legend by yehoEM
Betraying The Legendby yehoEM
Even after eight attempts Ash never won a league. all of his friends lost hope in him. all of them turned their back on him... all of them.. besides one.. Serena... Foll...
Pokemon High - An Amourshipping Fanfic by _Pika_
Pokemon High - An Amourshipping Pika
Serena Yvonne is just a normal, average girl attending Silverleaf High School. With best friends, enemies, drama and boys, Serena is pretty much living a normal teenage...
Summer (Amourshipping) by XxWhiteYvonnexX
Summer (Amourshipping)by XxWhiteYvonnexX
He once met a girl during summer camp, but after that she was gone. No one knows who that girl is, but deep inside his heart, he knows they will meet again. Possibly in...
e s p o i r  by freyaii
e s p o i r by -ˏˋ 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝔂𝓳𝓪 ˎˊ-
❝Hearts break, it's what they're made for. People love anyway, it's what they're made for.❞ • satosere • In which Serena reunites with an old...
Don't Give Up... Until The End - An Amourshipping Story by Raullet
Don't Give Up... Until The End - R
What would have happened to Serena and Ash if Serena hadn't watched the News on the day Ash saved Garchomp? After travelling though Kalos without encountering Serena eve...
My Girl And My Bad Boy by Lunaglace
My Girl And My Bad Boyby luna
Serena Yvonne is known as miss perfect in her high school while a bad boy name ash Ketchum a.k.a the heart throb has come to her life and developed feelings for her but...
United Destiny: The Hero and The Hybrid by D-Blaze123
United Destiny: The Hero and The Dragon's Blaze
Serena Yvonne has always been a strange girl, talking to pokemon and a few strange abilities that seem to mirror that of a Pokemon. Ash Ketchum is a boy from Pallet Town...
Pokémon: Ultra Guardian by Nicky__Reddy
Pokémon: Ultra Guardianby Crunchter
Special One by xXAmourBeastXx
Special Oneby Nebbu
"There is no such thing as Fate" His mother and the rest of his race was murdered because of who he is He has powers, Like he has the power to turn into any...
I'm Sorry (Amourshipping Story) by Tim_Kazomi_
I'm Sorry (Amourshipping Story)by Tim_Kazomi_
Ash and the gang has a quest to do in Kalos Region, hearing Kalos Ash remembered a certain promise with Serena before they left 5 years ago but what will happen when Ash...
✧ The Light of My Life ༻ SatoSere by Squuishyy
✧ The Light of My Life ༻ SatoSereby ❝ Squash ❞
Ash Ketchum, a 16-year-old trainer, is conflicted on where to go next after leaving the Alola Region. Everything is about to change in his life after a fateful encounter...
While You Were Sleeping (An Amourshipping Story) by HAKDurbin
While You Were Sleeping (An Timothy Durbin
Lonely transit worker Serena pulls her longtime crush from being run over by a train. At the hospital, doctors report that he's in a coma, and a misplaced comment from S...
How the Mighty Fall in Love by 1234TAUSIF
How the Mighty Fall in Loveby MOHAMMAD TAUSIF
Ash Ketchum was a trainer, I take it back. he was a legendary trainer. He had travelled with his best friend Gary for three years, and then parted ways. Ash wanted to be...
Don't Fall In Love With Me (Amourshipping) by XxWhiteYvonnexX
Don't Fall In Love With Me ( XxWhiteYvonnexX
Ash Ketchum a normal raven haired boy, he was just a normal boy with a normal life until he met his destiny Serena Yvonne the leader of the strongest gangster clan in Ka...