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Wanna One Imagines by prince_jeno
Wanna One Imaginesby chengcheng
wanna one imagines
  • kangdaniel
  • parkwoojin
  • hwangminhyun
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My Husband 彡 Ha SungWoon. by shakeshifairy
My Husband 彡 Ha ☁성Woon☁
[Editing in progress..] A sudden arranged marriage between you(Kim Hanny) and Sungwoon by both of you guys grandfathers . Sungwoon don't have choice to agreed with it...
  • hotshot
  • wannaonefanfic
  • comedy
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Little Girl? || Produce 101 by TheaSasaki
Little Girl? || Produce 101by Thea Sasaki-Lee
Lee Ava is an idol under SM, a prodigy in all things music. When she is forced by SM to be a trainer on Produce 101 she is uninterested in the idea but what happens when...
  • danielkang
  • moonbok
  • woojinlee
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palm / park woojin by bucheons
palm / park woojinby ㅤ
in their palms are written the initials of their soulmate, and it is said that the initials don't disappear until them and their soulmate have kissed. 『 june 2017 © buch...
  • park
  • parkwoojin
  • kpop
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The 12 ♚ Wanna One by princesseongwu
The 12 ♚ Wanna Oneby yana
"Hello and welcome to 'The 12'." The mesagge popped out from each of their phones. Little did they know they're in a big big trouble. a very messy plot and a w...
  • hwangminhyun
  • wannaone
  • laiguanlin
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don't comeback | youngmin. by gatginet
don't comeback | ♡
- he is the last thing she ever wanted to mention.
  • brandnewmusic
  • pd101s2
  • imyoungmin
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The Manager - Reader x WannaOne (Wanna One Fanfic) by arredondosamuel
The Manager - Reader x WannaOne ( arredondosamuel
and he cheekily smirked, "you're basically living with me now." - Kang Daniel x Reader Fanfiction! [check out my other p101 fanfics, they relate to each other...
  • baejinyoung
  • minhyun
  • daehwi
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Noona ➳ Produce 101 S2 by XLIGEIAX
Noona ➳ Produce 101 S2by 𝐿𝐼𝒰 𝒳𝐼𝐸 🦋
"It's funny how my brother left Pledis due to personal problems and now look at me the girl who left SM because of being stuck at that dungeon for 7 years without a...
  • smentertainment
  • wannaone
  • smrookies
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destroy or not? {COMPLETED} by squishykangdaniel
destroy or not? {COMPLETED}by ♡ℰ𝓊𝓃𝒽𝓌𝑜𝓃♡
you and Seongwoo have been happy together ever since you guys took revenge on Daniel for dumping you. but , Daniel just won't leave you alone.. will you and Seongwoo's...
  • wannable
  • leedaehwi
  • parkwoojin
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Wink Girl ✔ || Wanna One || by _SavageNoona_
Wink Girl ✔ || Wanna One ||by I Have No Life 🙌
"Park Jihoon is.... A GIRL?!" A day before produce 101, Park Jihoon mysteriously goes missing, leaving his twin sister Jihyo no choice but to pretend to be...
  • parkjihoon
  • produce101boys
  • guanhoon
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The playboy [park jihoon ff]// ON HOLD // by PINKYYJAE
The playboy [park jihoon ff]// ➷ 𝘔𝘪𝘯𝘮𝘪𝘯 ༄
Park jihoon is a transfer student in your school. Hes a trouble maker. Almost every girls at your school are head over heals for this Playboy, but not you. No matter wha...
  • produce101
  • wannaone
  • bts
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produce group chat by sunshineyujin
produce group chatby ---
chungha : welcome, newbies! ioi x wanna one x izone [ produce ! group chat ]
  • wannaone
  • mnet
  • ioi
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Numb ➼ Guanlin by yesbbitch
Numb ➼ Guanlinby 𝐉𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐧
❝Ganteng sih, tapi jahat udah gitu mesum lagi.❞ ❝Bukan gitu. dia suka, cuma caranya ngungkapin tuh beda.❞ © alnoctis 2017 「Private mulai dari chapter 2 dan seterusnya」
  • guanlin
  • kenta
  • seonho
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secret love. | kang daniel ✔️ by ONGBARASSMENT
secret love. | kang daniel ✔️by -ˏˋ dini ˊˎ-
"we were the story that noone ever heard of," ❝a story about two people, falling in love but they were a secret.❞ © ONGBARASSMENT START ; 21 may END ; 8 july
  • wannaone
  • kangdaniel
  • produce101
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Komet 101 by saturnisa
Komet 101by rns
Teman Kos - Kos-mate - Komet. (cast: 19 of PD101 members)
  • lokal
  • wannable
  • wannaone
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kang daniel-i didn't mean to{COMPLETED} by squishykangdaniel
kang daniel-i didn't mean to{ ♡ℰ𝓊𝓃𝒽𝓌𝑜𝓃♡
life has been great and all , Daniel even found the love of his life and got married. however , what will happen when Daniel's son made Jaehye's daughter pregnant? book...
  • fanfic
  • produce101
  • parkjihoon
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wanna one imagines by beomfilms
wanna one imaginesby `
❝ do you want me to hit you? with my lips? ❞ request: open h.r: #7 for the tag 'wannable' #5 for the tag 'wannaone'
  • parkjihoon
  • fanfiction
  • hwangminhyun
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✔️ playing cupid | kangdaniel by kpop_strongbaby
✔️ playing cupid | kangdanielby trs
unknown: mind playing cupid? lelsey: you are? unknown: i like your friend in which lesley receives a dm from an unknown guy, wanting to get together with her best f...
  • produce101kangdaniel
  • kangdanielimagines
  • wannaone
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❝Twelve boys wind up with a need for punishment, some have crossed paths before, some haven't. This sure is going to be a long journey of bullying, love, friendship and...
  • sunwoo
  • younghoon
  • jacob
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As The God's Will || Produce 101 by wooojin
As The God's Will || Produce 101by ✩hey park✩
What happens if someone prayed for something special to happen,but gets dragged into a game with death as a penalty along with everyone else? "Please give me back m...
  • baejinyoung
  • pd101
  • kimsamuel
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