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So It's You [MingKit completed] by Yours_Truly_T
So It's You [MingKit completed]by Twinkle
The silence was deafening until my phone rang. It was on my pocket and it was tightly placed. I looked at him as if asking for help. Like it was so natural, I need not...
Forth Beam short stories 2 by forthbeamlover
Forth Beam short stories 2by Neysh
A collection of Forth Beam short stories. Characters don't belong to me, only the plot.
I Didn't Mean To Make You Mine (boyxboy) by Wennixcrazyworld
I Didn't Mean To Make You Mine (bo...by Wennix
We can't choose who or where we will fall inlove, it's always unpredictable, its always unexpected.... Like being hit by a lightning in the middle of the road __________...
Just By Chance by AnaisNaiim
Just By Chanceby Anais Na'im
Beam has had a crush on Forth since their freshman year when they met during the Moon and Star pageant, but stern and stoic Forth has never noticed. Now sophomores, thin...
THE MOON'S REDEMPTION by sirisprince
After Pha realizes that the one he rejected was his long time crush, and that, that person has moved on, he tries his best to forget. In his attempt to free himself from...
Still Loving You by xoxoharuhiko
Still Loving Youby Haruhiko
Will love be sweeter the second time around?
CLAIMED by Varshu29
CLAIMEDby Varshu29😍
💖COMPLETE💖 A reckless Bet which turned out into possessiveness. A short story of Forth and Beam as TaeTee. I do not own the characters, images, and names. story plot...
The Bet by forthbeamlover
The Betby Neysh
Forth and his gang are drinking and joking. Then they make a bet to Forth that he can't make Beam fall in love with him in a month. Forth accepts and even adds that he c...
The Protector by Varshu29
The Protectorby Varshu29😍
*💗COMPLETE💗* Story of Beam and Forth coming with two different backgrounds. "Choose Forth..Either me or Beam"... Said Mr.David Jaturapoom angrily.
Howling at the Moons by txdramalover
Howling at the Moonsby txdramalover
Yo is a young werewolf who wants nothing more than to experience life. To live, laugh, and love beyond the restrictions he has always known. Will college be his chance t...
Five Minutes In Summer by Myforthbeam
Five Minutes In Summerby Di
It only takes five minutes to fall in love. However, those five minutes happened at the wrong time and to the wrong person. Only five minutes, to determine which way t...
Never Have I Ever...... by Thibha16
Never Have I Ever......by Thibha Suria Ravinthiran
Its a ForthBeam story. The new things Forth learns about Beam during his pregnancy. Yes, you read it right. Its a (Mpreg) story. If this is not your cup of tea or if y...
[COMPLETED] 2Moons Love Destiny by maeyingkarakade
[COMPLETED] 2Moons Love Destinyby karakade
"please make a good deed with my body , and make them believe that Baramee is also a good person" said beam from the past to 'beam' from the future inspired fr...
Forever With You  (ForthBeam) by Thibha16
Forever With You (ForthBeam)by Thibha Suria Ravinthiran
Have you ever felt like you know more about certain things which are not your specialty? Have you ever had any phobia which you couldn't overcome no matter what? Have y...
Destined (bl) by Little_Freesia
Destined (bl)by Rose 🌹
Darkness conquared the werewolf continent across the land. Leaving everybody hopeless and helpless. The powerful clan alphas join forces to seal the darkness forever. A...
Lavender And Sandalwood by Pragatikhantwal77
Lavender And Sandalwoodby Pragati khantwal
One was trying to move on from his past after a failure in the relationship he put so much effort into and his love....🦋 On another side, he was walking the same path e...
Love Happened !! [Completed] by Winnieepawa
Love Happened !! [Completed]by Winniee
Forth and Beam kissed on lips to greet while smiling dearly at each other. "What just happened ?" Asked Phana and Lam in shock looking at Beam and Forth then...
Friends and family. by MS9811
Friends and family.by Mahi
Story of 3 different couples who are separated due to the past, reunites due to the present, and will cherish in the future. A story of TayNew, KongArt, and OffGun who a...
Introvert meets Extrovert. (ForthxBeam "Fanfic" story) by K-Zeetrus
Introvert meets Extrovert. (Forthx...by 🌻K.Zeetrus🍋
Beam is an Introvert person, Meaning he enjoys being alone or just being accompanied with few numbers of people. He mostly like to stay at home, read books, paint and dr...
Waves by oursinsdefineus
Wavesby oursinsdefineus
When Forth dropped off the face of the Earth at the end of his and Beam's sophomore year, whatever romance that had sparked between the two of them slowly fizzled out. A...