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Let it Fill with Our Love (Completed) by CanaleYukine
Let it Fill with Our Love ( Yukine Lan WangXian
They accidentally meet, then fall in love to each other. They accidentally teacher and student, but fall in love to each other. They accidentally roomates, but love bloo...
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HOLD ME TIGHT (Perth × Saint) [English] by Cheng-Star
HOLD ME TIGHT (Perth × Saint) [ Q
*I don't own the charecters, story based on the series Love By Chance.*
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Once Upon A BL World by Kcymmi
Once Upon A BL Worldby Kcymmi
Once Upon A Time, we had the classic fairytales, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and more No this isn't a classic Disney story, th...
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sugar & ice || tincan ✓ by deadbeatfreak99
sugar & ice || tincan ✓by KÅĪĐËN
❝Are you such a beggar that you have to steal half our sugar pack supply every time you come?❞ 《In which the Ice Prince falls for the Sugar Thief.》 written: 29/10/18-31...
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Faen by JaeMi1
Faenby Jae
A short fan fiction based off the Thai BL series, Love By Chance. A surprise awaits Ae and Pete when they decide to visit Ae's family. *I do not own Love By Chance the...
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oneshots - BL by suck-O
oneshots - BLby suck-O
archives of short stories ***variety of couples***
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Agape. by milopeska
#7 ⟨⟨ milopeska ⟩⟩
"There are three kinds of secrets: 1. Something that you hide at the bottom of your heart because you don't want it to be mentioned. 2. Something that you can't say...
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Out of Character [Perth/Saint] by NaraKeiko
Out of Character [Perth/Saint]by NaraKeiko
A young actor was too immersed in his role and end up having a hard time to let go of the character he played. He can't define the feeling he has for his acting partner...
Frozen Heart (TinCan centric) by raisinggays
Frozen Heart (TinCan centric)by singto's bitch
Transferred student Can managed to annoy the school's Ice Prince Tin at his first day. Can realized he shouldn't have went near the so called Ice Prince at the very firs...
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magnetized • lbc [ONHOLD]  by mintyuchan
magnetized • lbc [ONHOLD] by 『 มีนท์ 』
Net idols and actual celebrities? In one space? Love by chance? Or That YouTuberxBoyband!AU no one asked for - A cross-over fic of Kiss Boys' Mean and Saint and the memb...
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Love by chance smuts by SUGAandJIMINforever1
Love by chance smutsby lost my way
a smutbook with your recommendations Love by chance
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KLANOby SKZ_etc.
Kengkla and Techno are now married, and they also have ×× kids, let's just see how this long journey ahead of them is going to be like. Fluffy but not for the s×× Klano
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Only Instagram « 2wish » by Andrea_Navias
Only Instagram « 2wish »by Andrea-Navy
@perthppe ¡Con un carajo solo confírmenlo y ya! @iplann ¡Solo somos amigos! @m34nismind ¡Oh cariño! Los amigos no hacen lo que nosotros. [Mean&Plan] [Love By Chance]
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prompt party by theyoungestoftwo
prompt partyby lilly 💕
I found these prompts on tumblr and decided that I wanted to write them. So this happened :) this is going to all be different ships from different shows so ... keep tha...
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Love By Chance Memes  by Ocean_Oasis
Love By Chance Memes by AQUA♪
Mostly incorrect quotes that I once saw that reminds me of LBC !some of these are mine but I don't take credit for some of them so yea! Warning: It's a crackbook
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Three Wishes [TinCan] by adiar_rose
Three Wishes [TinCan]by adiar_rose
Everyone is born with three wishes. Everyone usually wastes theirs as a baby/kid, with wishes like "I want to be fed, I want a toy, I want mommy" and things li...
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From Hate to Love - TinCan AU - Love By Chance FF [[ TIN & CAN VERSION ]] LBC by suzanneca
From Hate to Love - TinCan AU - Suzanneca
#Happyending Can was forced by his family to marry the welthy Tin. He was repulsed to marry the man. People told horrible tales about the man named Tin Medthanan. Durin...
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Be in love❤️🖤 by AkariKyawAce
Be in love❤️🖤by Akari Kyaw Ace
You Had Got Me From Hello END by muted_whispers
You Had Got Me From Hello ENDby muted_whispers
A Subtle Romance❤ 💙🍷💚 "I have never greeted any customer before...but you made me unable to hold myself back. With your petite body a...
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Love Is Not Over (TinCan FF) by ChervaChenesEklat
Love Is Not Over (TinCan FF)by ChervaChenesEklat
The story after Can rejected Tin, since I can't get over the fact that my favorite ship in the series didn't get a happy ending. .......... Can just wants to be friends...
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