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The Last Moon (destined sequel) by Little_Freesia
The Last Moon (destined sequel)by Rose 🌹
Losing two of his important persons, made pharms life changed. his once loving mother becomes distant to him, his brothers mates who's also his friends avoids him like a...
untitled love  by riaanmhyungjun
untitled love by riaanmhyungjun
After saffer for long time can love change or stay like usual.
Thai BL Oneshots by yayaprny
Thai BL Oneshotsby .
Will contain smut, fluff, and angst ; ) Requests for couples or story plots are always open ! All oneshots are written by me.No plagarism is allowed here !
in the hands of fate (a love by chance, tincan, story) by winterquote
in the hands of fate (a love by .
Can had his reasons for turning down Tin and asking for friendship instead. Overwhelmed, confused, jealous, inexperienced, scared... imminent parenthood. (NOT Mpreg!)
Destined (bl) by Little_Freesia
Destined (bl)by Rose 🌹
Darkness conquared the werewolf continent across the land. Leaving everybody hopeless and helpless. The powerful clan alphas join forces to seal the darkness forever. A...
SUGAR & ICE. - lbc by boyfrvmthemoon
SUGAR & ICE. - lbcby inactive
❝Are you such a beggar that you have to steal half our sugar pack supply every time you come?❞ In which the Ice Prince falls for the Sugar Thief. [editing] written: 29/1...
[TinnCan/Klano/aepete]MORE BY LOVE*complete by -httparius
[TinnCan/Klano/aepete]MORE BY AxuLaop0
More By Love Maybe i have a bit copy like 'Love by chance' and another story i own that story okayy.. im not copy anyone FF?? Enjoy it Coment Likeeee WARNING🚫 -Boyslove...
Inevitable Scandal (TulHin, a chance to love/LBC2) (Completed) by lightlessboy
Inevitable Scandal (TulHin, a Darknessboy
Tin's defeat was clear, Can didn't love him back and there was no reason to insist. In an attempt to move on from that past that just kept hunting him everyday, Tin deci...
You Had Got Me From Hello END by muted_whispers
You Had Got Me From Hello ENDby muted_whispers HIATUS
A Subtle Romance❤ 💙🍷💚 "I have never greeted any customer before...but you made me unable to hold myself back. With your petite body a...
Multiple BL oneshots by Multi_FANdom8791
Multiple BL oneshotsby Bird
Sooooo I have a lot of ideas for BL story's but there to short so I put them in here The ships you will see are: Aepete Tincan Petekao Kluay x achi Waii x apo Kornknock ...
Mew Gulf One Shots by rudra12344
Mew Gulf One Shotsby RUDRA🥰
Mew gulf short sweet stories Short imagination stories of our dear mewgulf and Random one shot of other BL couples too Highest ranking #3 in SOTUS 💞💞💞
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My Boy Toy by lexiedenzy
My Boy Toyby 𝑳𝒆𝒙𝒊𝒆 (卓慧欣)
My name is Can Rathavit. I wondered WHY ME? All he did was let out a small snicker, showing his stunningly white teeth through a side smile and said, "Be my boy toy...
Frozen Heart by raisinggays
Frozen Heartby singto's bitch
Transferred student Can managed to annoy the school's Ice Prince Tin at his first day. Can realized he shouldn't have went near the so called Ice Prince at the very firs...
My Crazy Cantaloupe 💕 by kavyareddy21
My Crazy Cantaloupe 💕by kavya
Can Rathavit, the bankrupt yet crazily driven guy doing his part-time MBA in New York city loves to live life his way. His crazy way involves a lot of food. Tin Medthana...
By Your Side || Tin&Can by shiruuka
By Your Side || Tin&Canby procrastinating
Can becomes the bodyguard of Tin Medthanan, the rich but broken boy. At first it's all because he needs the money to take care of his family, but soon that changes as he...
My Soulmate (Complete) by Chitchal
My Soulmate (Complete)by ChitChal
There will not have any describtions. Just follow with your heart to my plots.😘😘😘 (Z+U)
[COMPLETE CHAPTER/s] Can Kirakorn, a handsome and rich young restaurant owner from Bangkok, gets whatever he wants in life. Or so he thought until Tin Medthanan---the qu...
✔Blind By Love [KlaNo/TinCan/AePete] by StayForHanratheon
✔Blind By Love [KlaNo/TinCan/ Hanratheon
Blind By Love Kengkla that don't have any girlfriend after someone cheated with him and what if he suddenly found a guy that makes him happy Techno the person that so in...
Blind Truth Book 1 [TinCan Au] by Shxxbi151
Blind Truth Book 1 [TinCan Au]by Kim Hanbin
[COMPLETE CHAPTER/s] BOOK 2 LINK : Tin Medthanan is the notorious school bad boy. On his recent scho...
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Love by Chance Smuts (One shots) by chickennuggetsforskz
Love by Chance Smuts (One shots)by Cookie
Love by Chance smuts and lemons if you want. And fluffs maybe. There is seven now: Tin x Can (x 2), Tum x Tar (x 2), Kengkla x Techno (x 2) and Ae x Pete. (smuts) #9 in...