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Together, By Force (CreepyPasta Fanfic) by BubblyShip
Together, By Force (CreepyPasta BubblyShip
!DISCONTINUED! Slenderman usually introduces himself to a newborn CreepyPasta and the rules of being one. The rules are simple. Don't kill too many people in one go, don...
  • slenderman
  • toby
  • tim
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Anime Oneshots by Uramehsi
Anime Oneshotsby Uramehsi
Since I got tired of creating new books just for like 3 chapter, I decided to merge two of my books. Plus, I added Naruto and Seven Deadly Sins. *accepting requests* (O...
  • jojosbizarreadventure
  • gray
  • sevendeadlysins
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Inked Over Secrets: a Splatoon 2 Fanfiction by SkyLeopard06
Inked Over Secrets: a Splatoon 2 Sky
Stinger is an Inkling who, mysteriously, has no memory, and a voice in his head. One day, he saves an Octoling, and his world changes. This is his story. A few warnings:...
  • agent3
  • splatoon
  • octoexpansion
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Reunited by TEA_westanthat
Reunitedby Libtard
As a sparkling, Bumblebee never knew who his real creators were. They had thought he was a mistake and dumped him on the streets of Kaon. You would hope his life had got...
  • wasp
  • honeybee
  • sparkling
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To capture a stinger (a bumblebee love story ) by 123shanno
To capture a stinger (a 123shanno
What if stinger was a femme. After Galvatron brings the prototypes to life they attack Hong Kong bumblebee fights stinger he finds out that she's not mindless. So he tr...
  • swoop
  • lockdown
  • yeager
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BEEEEstiality- JERRY by TaylorEvereth
BEEEEstiality- JERRYby Taylor Evereth
It is bee and human interactions in a book
  • jerriefanfiction
  • long
  • bees
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Stinger 🍂 Cole Mackenzie ✔ by jmzmp3
Stinger 🍂 Cole Mackenzie ✔by Creed
' Cole did you know when honey bees die after they sting. It's quite peculiar and sad ' 🍂 A short story before the drawings. 🍂 [Cole Mackenzie x O.C] [ i do not own An...
  • anne
  • avonlea
  • annewithane
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Caine Wise x Reader (Jupiter Ascending Fanfic)  by mcbholmes13
Caine Wise x Reader (Jupiter mcbholmes13
After losing Jupiter suddenly and unexpectedly, Caine goes into a silence with Stinger and his daughter. Stinger lets him mourn before trying to help him move on. It isn...
  • jupiter
  • jupiterascending
  • titusabrasax
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One Punch Man ( Boyfriend Scenarios X Reader) by Deadbeat82
One Punch Man ( Boyfriend Asanti
If you want me to add a character let me know I'll gladly do. I will do fluff and or maybe lemons if I feel spicy.
  • zombieman
  • animeboyfriend
  • onepunchman
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Kyuranger Ships [-One Shots-] by hischameleon
Kyuranger Ships [-One Shots-]by ( • ~ • )
A collection of one-shots about the Kyurangers will be posted right here! ^^
  • hammy
  • shouronpo
  • kotarosakuma
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Teen Kyuranger  by HarryJohnson486
Teen Kyuranger by Harry Johnson
Take a look at the characters from this fiction.
  • donarmage
  • raptor
  • washipink
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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger(REWRITE) by UltitheNerdGirl
Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger(REWRITE)by UltimateNerdGirl
(This is another season I love but I know a lot of people dislike. I wanted to address some of the issues shown in the season and fix them as I do agree there were some...
  • lucky
  • tokusatsu
  • shouronpo
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A Blast From the Past (Young Justice Next-Generation Fanfic Book Two) by 4_fangurlzonaroll
A Blast From the Past (Young Nightingale, Brass Beetle, Be...
It's been five years since the covert ops team of the Justice League was formed. A lot can happen. A lot has happened. Death, loss, pain, betrayal, happiness, joy, love...
  • dragonfire
  • galatia
  • grayson
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jetstorm and a human by diamondclawprime
jetstorm and a humanby diamond claw prime
jetstorm is a cybertronian minicon from a planet called cybertron. kya nakadai is miko's little sister but she wasn't born in japan, she was born in russia and she now l...
  • jade
  • steeljaw
  • kya
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Staying Silent by dreamcoloredgift
Staying Silentby Florence Joyce (Cleo Coreen)
『COMPLETE』 A Lucky/Hammy/Stinger fanfiction story, ft. Ninninger's Momochi Kasumi and Goseiger's Agri.
  • hammy
  • supersentai
  • lucky
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Don't tempt me by hischameleon
Don't tempt meby ( • ~ • )
Hami gets curious about Stinger's tail, what could go wrong?
  • uchusentaikyuranger
  • lucky
  • hami
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Transformers Age of Extinction: The Movie Novel by AutobotsRule8
Transformers Age of Extinction: DQ BROWNIES
This book goes through every part of what happened in the Transformers Age of Extinction movie. I do not own any characters in this book or the storyline. For it all goe...
  • dinobots
  • bayverse
  • transformers
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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger - The Dark Side of Me(Lucky X Hammie) by UltitheNerdGirl
Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger - The UltimateNerdGirl
After several defeats, Jark Matter's leader Don Armage was tired of losing by the hands of the Kyurangers. And so, he created an enemy that would be match and later outs...
  • luckyxhammie
  • otoritsurugi
  • supersentai
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Under the Weather by AnimeSpirit87
Under the Weatherby AnimeSpirit87
Summary: Hammy was acting strangely and the person who notice it first was Stinger.
  • stingerhammy
  • hammy
  • kyuranger
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" Special Recruits " Rescue Bots Academy Fanfiction by Tay_Or_Pallette
" Special Recruits " Rescue Bots Tay Or Pallette
" Three skillful kids have been assigned to the Rescue Bots Academy by their parents. Neo the adventurous and crazy femme, Turbo the smart police bot, and Stinger t...
  • stinger
  • fanfiction
  • hotshot
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