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The Badgirl's Heart || Kim Jongin by angelrequiestas
The Badgirl's Heart || Kim Jonginby AlwaysBeWithYou
" Heartbreak changes people. " That is the only words that the very known-rich cold hearted badgril of Empire High School, Jung Soojung, believe in to. She was...
  • kyungsoo
  • chanyeol
  • baekhyun
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don't hiding me | oseh;imyoona by perfecttstranger
don't hiding me | oseh;imyoonaby kancut.ayam
Private. Kisah ini bukan kisah yang bercerita tentang remaja labil yang dilema akan cinta dimasa SMA mereka. Tapi cinta ini lebih matang dan terkesan dewasa. Karna pemer...
  • seyoon
  • suho
  • gg
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Crush by Animelover0077
Crushby Animelover0077
Amber has a crush on Krystal. Enough said. XD XD XD
  • amber
  • kryber
  • krystal
Fangirl - Exo Kai Fanfiction COMPLETED by joellecaroline
Fangirl - Exo Kai Fanfiction EXO KAI KIM JONG IN
Aria was sent to Seoul, South Korea together with her bestfriend, Ella as exchange students. They're big fans of Exo which surprisingly had an opportunity to meet them...
  • kpopfanfic
  • kpopfanfiction
  • exok
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Kryber💪 by kjuncotton
Kryber💪by aj
Cover book or any edited stuff with kryber or others I made this for fun.. No hate just love💪
  • amber
  • krystaljung
  • amberliu
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something new ✔ by 404notfound-
something new ✔by idgaf
"Membencimu membuat aku kuat," - Roxanne Delano.
  • sehun
  • seulgi
  • krystal
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But you're girls (EDITING) by XscriblerX
But you're girls (EDITING)by 🌸B I T C H🌸
"Let go you son of a bitch!" I shout, and try to push him of off me "Be quiet kitten" I smirked up at him "Make me" Before I could realise...
  • raven
  • arrogantbastards
  • theo
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eternal love between us ✔ by 404notfound-
eternal love between us ✔by idgaf
[Beberapa chapter mengandung unsur DEWASA. Bijaklah dalam membaca. Anak di bawah umur, tolong urungkan niatnya untuk membaca, karena sudah diperingatkan mengandung unsur...
  • krystal
  • yoona
  • yoonhun
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Forever yours, Eisuke- Kissed by the baddest bidder by jgap2329
Forever yours, Eisuke- Kissed by jgap2329
Eisuke- Leave!! I don't want to see your face ever again. He wanted to stop her but the feeling of jealousy and betrayal was more than his love for her. She never wanted...
  • krystal
  • romance
  • ichinomiya
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STRIP THE PAIN by sakurasays
I returned to have you again.
  • love
  • kai
  • suho
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LOVE IN THE SPIRIT WORLD by yoongtiffanymoe
Vampire World And strange men In relation with spirits and devils,too. 100 % Imagination !! Not copy ! Not cover any fics or story
  • gg
  • krystal
  • myanmar
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Exo Kai's Stylist by chibiromi
Exo Kai's Stylistby Krismaseu~
We all know that Every Idol has their own managers,make-up artist and specially a Stylist. An Idol's Unique style in clothing is a big deal. That is the importance of a...
  • krystal
  • jongin
  • kimjongin
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Contracted With Exo Members ( Exo Ambw) by Tearsfillthesky
Contracted With Exo Members ( Bre
Imagine what it would be like to be the girlfriend of all twelve Exo member's girlfriend but it was a contract were you have five rules to follow but you love all of the...
  • sehun
  • xiumin
  • love
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They meet accidently and Fall in love but her father wasn't accepting their relationship because of some reasons.. What were the reasons?? Will he be able to convince hi...
  • lifepartner
  • love
  • father
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The Playboy Fell Inlove ( ON GOING )* by jenlisa4ever23
The Playboy Fell Inlove ( ON jen jen-lis Kimanoban
well this Story Was Lisa being a PLAYBOY yes you guys Read it RIGHT Lisa oppa will be a BOY in here and if you will be Disgusted or Not in your TASTE it's Okay if you wi...
  • jennie
  • jisoo
  • rose
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Imperfect Me. by faithfullymee
Imperfect Sophia
I love graffiti ; isn't it just amazing? The art, the mark you leave behind. I was chilling with two of my most trusted adding what we call adding our mark to the dull b...
  • secrets
  • kris
  • shinee
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My Boy(daddy)friend by domieclare
My Boy(daddy)friendby DomiEclare
Sampai hari di usianya yang ke 20 tahun, Krystal belum mengetahui siapa ayah aslinya. Krystal hanya mengetahui ayahnya adalah Kwon Yuri yang menikah dengan Jessica sejak...
  • genben
  • yulsic
  • taengsic
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Fairytale||Kaistal fanfic by Kpopperss
Fairytale||Kaistal fanficby KPOPLOVESS
a letter for my love,Krystal
  • kpop
  • exo
  • kaistal
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Still you//kai exo ff// by KimJongInExoFanfic
Still you//kai exo ff//by Kai exo ff
Kai x Reader
  • irene
  • krystal
  • kimjongin
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Run | Kang Seulgi [ HIATUS ] by bunny___baechu
Run | Kang Seulgi [ HIATUS ]by 💖 박상혁 💙
I run, it's okay to get hurt ~Red Velvet Seulgi x Male Reader~ •Some parts of the story may offend you and your personal beliefs. You have been warned• Happy Reading 💕 ...
  • redvelvet
  • malereader
  • fx
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