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Unconditional Love by epilover1
Unconditional Loveby Unknown person
This story is about a 13 years old boy, Manik who found a new born baby who is barely six days old child in the beach and he ...no no he didn't adopt her but fall in lov...
A beat that matched mine ! A MaNan FF- Completed by sippu14
A beat that matched mine ! A MaNan...by sippu14
A love story well tuned with perfect Music. #1 on 31st July 2016 ❤️ Cover credits: @shivu_05
Together forever with you  by Aanya1999
Together forever with you by Aanya1999
hello guys, my another story on manan.... It starts from after talent hunt. How due to insecureits FAB 3 asked manik to choose between nandani and them. Whom manik w...
Our MANAN!! by sampatradhika
Our MANAN!!by sampatradhika
after musicana confession
Manan: Baby love by user32078143
Manan: Baby loveby MMD
Its a manan fanfiction. How a 15yr old boy found a new born baby and fell in love with her a first sight.
Hey guys, so here I am with my another stry, a fan fiction on my fav series kaisi yeh yaariyan.....i love that series and this series taught me abt true love....hmmm y...
Manan- RJ  by Manan9_Mystery
Manan- RJ by Manan9_Mystery
A simple love story might be a short one with only few chapters....Hope you guys will like it ❤️
Kaisi ye yariyan ff - Smiles and fireflies by kairavikaul
Kaisi ye yariyan ff - Smiles and f...by Kairavi Kaul
With all the love and support that I have got on my Swaragini ff, I have finally gathered the courage to begin an ff on kaisi ye yariyan. All I have to say is that this...
Family and Friends LOVE  by aardhyaverma
Family and Friends LOVE by Aardhya
"Family and Friends LOVE " Treat family like friends and Friends like family. Now let see what is different in both family and friends.
MaNan - Instagram✨ by faannngirrll
MaNan - Instagram✨by Vッ
KYY on social media. Chats 💬 | Stories📱 | Posts 📸 and much more❤🙃 cheesyyy veesyy🐣🙈 "Manan❤ from strangers to becoming friends to gradually living a happy co...
monster to majnu by natureadmirer
monster to majnuby wanderingsoul
A story about a young ruthless guy who is inconsiderate and insensitive to other's feelings.....he feels nothing but a single emotion that is hatred towards women and in...
Jab We Met by miramehra
Jab We Metby miiira
It'd been 5 years since that ill-fated day. Valentine's Day. Manik Malhotra, who'd reverted back to his Monster ways for the world, still had a place in his heart for hi...
𝑫𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒚 𝑨𝒖𝒓 𝑫𝒐𝒔𝒕𝒊 ✓ by _a__lost__girl_
𝑫𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒚 𝑨𝒖𝒓 𝑫𝒐𝒔𝒕𝒊 ✓by ♪
They all met through a game... They became friends through a game... They started sharing everything with each other but never said their real name... But what if they...
Love knows no boundaries ♥️ by misha_rajpoot
Love knows no boundaries ♥️by misha❤️
Well love has no boundaries..it doesn't see money ,fame ,class.. Just a pure heart and soul.. Same happened with our MANAN also.. Lets see what happens when an orphan an...
Love means trust  by Mahimaheshwari
Love means trust by Maheshwari Bhat
Story of a shattered soul. When even her husband didn't trust her she felt dejected and went away. Months after he realised, what he lost and went in search of her. Will...
Un-wanted Relationship... MaNan ✔ by AnIndianRavendor
Un-wanted Relationship... MaNan ✔by An Indian RavenDor
Being the grandson of Ashish Malhotra, who vowed his best friend, Ram Murthy, the promise of marrying off their children. Both friends, being blessed with boys, passed o...
Situations(MaNan FF) by MysTeRhea_fanfics
Situations(MaNan FF)by MysTeRhea
"This was all just a game; a game for revenge". He never meant these words but he said them, and in front of her, ignoring the sound of his breaking heart and...
His P.A. ✔️ by StarsAndFireflies_
His P.A. ✔️by Heer
Manik Malhotra, the name itself brings so many emotions in ones mind- love, passion, music and fear. He was a rock star and a businessman for the world that looked upon...
Will you be my Girlfriend - The Sequel by neeraja_p
Will you be my Girlfriend - The Se...by Neeraja
A sequel to my book Will you be my Girlfriend? To read this book you have to read that book first Peep in to read further and you wont regret Important Note: THIS IS MY...