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YN Deluca  by corvino-98
YN Deluca by corvino-98
you are carinas daughter. you live with carina and her girlfriend maya bishop. the time line is different maya and carina have known each other for 5 years and have been...
Love Me Tomorrow by pagingmagicc
Love Me Tomorrowby pagingmagicc
Amelia has a twelve-year-old daughter, and Amelia falls deeply in love with Arizona. (I do not own rights to most of these characters, they belong to Shonda Rhymes and...
Only Freaking Superhero's by greysobsessed_
Only Freaking Superhero'sby greysobsessed_
TW - drug addiction madison is a 15 year old girl who has been struggling addiction. her parents have kicked her out of the house and she has no where to live until som...
Meant for more (Amezona) by Calzona-Jemily
Meant for more (Amezona)by Calzona-Jemily
Amelia and Arizona are both 16 and in highschool, Amelia however has a secret no one at her school knows, she's a mother. Having to do it mostly on her own can Amelia...
It's a Homerun by kw5912
It's a Homerunby kw5912
Corey is trying to find Maddie a forever home so she can maintain a stable life. She's been in and out of homes for as long as she can remember. She does everything all...
WE COULD'VE HAD IT ALL by uknowxzuser
WE COULD'VE HAD IT ALLby Show addict
This is a greys anatomy fan fic mostly about Arizona. Hope you'll enjoy it.
what if.. amezona by robbinslvr
what if.. amezonaby gabby : )
hey:) this story will take part around herman's case and all and amelia is dating owen; arizona has a crush on amelia and is living with amelia instead of alex! okay y...
We have protections by kepzonafan
We have protectionsby kepzonafan
You're Arizona's child and you have an older sister, Sofia. You were only one when your mom met your momma, Amelia, Who became your momma really fast. Your mom and momma...
// LOVING SOMEONE // by myanyome
// LOVING SOMEONE //by myanyome
Amelia struggles with her emotions during and after her relapse after four years of sobriety. as she nearly gives up on life, she finds a reason to carry on. Arizona Rob...
How I Met Your Sister - amezona by sweaterked
How I Met Your Sister - amezonaby ked
What if Amelia and Arizona had a MerDer style meet? (Not an original idea, just my take on the idea) This story is like if Amelia and Arizona were the main characters of...
An Amezona Love Story by Amezona_Staubrey
An Amezona Love Storyby Amezona_staubrey
Their story begins when a former drug addict meets a perky blonde who just returned from Africa. This story depicts the full Amezona love story from the first meeting.
Amezona- I love you! I love you more by kepzonafan
Amezona- I love you! I love you kepzonafan
Amelia always was Bisexual and everyone know it. Amelia just 3 months in Seattle so she doesn't really know anyone personally except Meredith and Derek. The story start...
Till I met you  by amezonafanfics
Till I met you by G
Arizona is going through difficult moments with her divorce and the custody battle of her daughter Sofia but then she meets Amelia, a new neurosurgeon who might help her...
Another life  by greysmcu
Another life by greysmcu
In this story you get to read and follow around Caterina and Hailey (her daughter) watch how they share and grow a loving mother-daughter bond and the friendships that g...
My first real love by catsgql
My first real loveby Jana
This story is about Amelia and Arizona how they met as teenager. All the other greys characters are there too. Idk what to say more so let's go. I hope you like it.
My feelings for you  by amezonafanfics
My feelings for you by G
Arizona goes back to Seattle after three years and she finds out that her crush Amelia just broke up with her boyfriend, will something happen between them?
Wasting All These Tears by EmilyGSMH
Wasting All These Tearsby Emily
⚠️TW CUTTING, DRUGS, & ALCOHOL⚠️ Calliope Torres has many problems going on in her life right now. She's an addict, and she self harms to cope with her life. Arizona Ro...
Adventures at Hopkins by PheebsPompeo
Adventures at Hopkinsby PheebsPompeo
Amelia Shepherd just started her internship at John's Hopkins. She is really nervous for her first day. She doesn't know anyone in her intern class. On her first day she...
State of Mind by LezBeDaisy
State of Mindby Daisy Jayne ❤️
"It's all in your mind" she says, looking up at the brunette with a wicked smile and a mischievous grin upon her face. "Your state of mind; it's what make...
New Beginnings by Peraltiagosluv
New Beginningsby katya
Amezona lovestory with a twist on the regular greys plot