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Brutal honesty hour or whatevr. by I-REFUSE-TO-EXIST
Brutal honesty hour or // 𝐆𝐎𝐃
brutal honesty hour 'cause a friend did it and i got curious and I'm also horribly bored and I've been sober for much too long and also i love love love oversharing. ye...
Brutal Honesty Hour by SpicyNachoSauce
Brutal Honesty Hourby SpicyNachoSauce
A challenge I found on Pinterest. I liked it. I put this at the "Short Story" category, because I don't know where else to place it.
The Blue by Idiotsorg
The Blueby
After being moved from their former foster home in Detroit to one in the valleys of Alaska, Shiomara and her 5 year old blood brother Miles discover that the blue lights...
Drabbles and shiz by ur_adopted_turtle
Drabbles and shizby I want a Kermit Sewer Slide
Uh...hi? If u really wanna know, then read lol unless ur illiterate... i'm sorry-
The Dark World by GO_Ryan
The Dark Worldby GO_Ryan
If you think you have it bad, it could always be worse
Shadowblood by trey76
Shadowbloodby Carlisle Washington
Alexis is the last shadow blood. A human with excelled power and paranormal abilities beyond imagination. A group of Elite assassins and masters of warfare, the mists, h...
absolutely nothing, except it's everything to me by crazybus02
absolutely nothing, except it's taylor
a series of ramblings that actually hold distinct meaning behind them.
Like It Or Not, That's Reality  by YetStillIRise
Like It Or Not, That's Reality by YetStillIRise
I tried to write a fun little fiction story that was relatable and still accomplishing the goal of bringing somebody...that much closer to Christ. But...I got nowhere an...
angry tranny rants by redwolftrash
angry tranny rantsby spencer red; trash
i impulsively made this so expect sporadic updates like everything on here. thanks to a shitty trans gacha life video for inspiring this.
Katzenjammer (rants)  by byunificial
Katzenjammer (rants) by --
Some people seriously need to be defenestrated out of the window.
Behind The Soundproof by herovickers
Behind The Soundproofby Eronmosele Victor
This is a collection of the random thoughts that pop into my head when my mind starts flying. And since my mind is a private jet with a lifetime supply of fuel, I won't...
Selling out romance! by samarmirg
Selling out romance!by samarmirg
Hello! My name is Samar Mirghani; author of "Delightful Complex", and my aim through this podcast series is to gather the remaining members of my tribe. Those...
Ways Our Generation Is Fucked In The Future by Dank_Jesus
Ways Our Generation Is Fucked In King of The Dank Memes
Okay this may get offensive at sometimes to some friends and large groups of people but this book is heavily opinionated but the reasons are facts so if you are easily o...
The Secretive Truths Of Vixxy Heartly by PierceTheJaci
The Secretive Truths Of Vixxy PierceTheJaci
Vixxy Heartly is a teenage girl who has a different view of life than her fellow peers. Although she may seem like a normal girl, perfect family, great friends, flawless...
Book Reviews [ open for submission ] by itsnotverycrazy
Book Reviews [ open for itsnotverycrazy
[ WARNING: MY REVIEWS ARE BRUTALLY HONEST ] Want a brutally honest review on your book? You're in the right place! Submit a story of your creation to me for a completel...
Deep sea love by bubblygumbitchy
Deep sea loveby ~✨🌌💖😜le tiny space muffin�...
a story that will take you on a journey through orabellas story