The Gallery of Misshapen Ideas (or, The Private Papers of Lisez Lelui) by Lisez-le-lui
The Gallery of Misshapen Ideas (or...by Lisez Lelui
This is a collection of most of the story ideas I have had that I either decided against using or tried and failed to complete. Everything here is incomplete in some for...
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My life  by TaraaB5
My life by TaraaRenae
Just writing about my boring everyday life
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Poetry by MotherDelinquent
Poetryby Unreasonably Greasy
I write poetry because I can say the words I cannot speak.
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my boring life jaja by furor-divinus
my boring life jajaby 𝖆𝖞𝖆 🥀
i like to talk a lot
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❝the laws of emotion❞ ⇝ rants ❀ by fruity-freckles
❝the laws of emotion❞ ⇝ rants ❀by somewhat present
❝in which i share my opinions about what goes on in this life❞
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Ramblings of a Mad Man by Malasteren
Ramblings of a Mad Manby Malasteren
The Ramblings of a Mad Man
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Reasons I'll fail at "adulting" by sweetiepie156
Reasons I'll fail at "adulting"by Katelyn
Reasons why, as a teenager, I am completely and utterly not ready for the "real world"
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Olemus - Sikke's Ramblings, Tags, And Other Stuff by Sikke_anki
Olemus - Sikke's Ramblings, Tags...by Sikke / Wyera
Hello friends! Welcome to my random book, the name's Sikke. This is where I'll be posting and talking about all the stuff I don't see fit to be in my Art book. ^^ It inc...
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Sh!t I'd Put In A Bullet Journal by HicksScribbles
Sh!t I'd Put In A Bullet Journalby Alix
Exactly what the title claims, this is a collection of random stuff that floats around in Alix's head. Journal entries, tag challenges, friend adoration, poems, rambling...
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SHE: A collection of emotions  by Xist3nz
SHE: A collection of emotions by Samuel Tay
Written expressions of the journey of loving one, through words. A collection of thoughts of sorts.
  • relationship
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time is an illusion ; the ramblings of a dumb stupid idiot by radgnarly
time is an illusion ; the rambling...by d ;
are these even relevant anymore? anyway welcome to the hellhole that is my brain
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My voice, my truths, my honesty (poetical ramblings) by New--Beginnings
My voice, my truths, my honesty (p...by Miss Riley
My ramblings that I will try to make as poetical as I can.
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Bunny 'rants' by BrookSmith2
Bunny 'rants'by Star bunny
I ramble and sometimes scream about random stuff.
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Earl Grey Teaby ATISH✨
Drink a warm beverage, whether that is tea, coffee, hot chocolate and etc, before you read this. Everybody is welcome here. Just make sure you're comfy... Now ladies and...
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Mind of the Mint by MintEnochian
Mind of the Mintby Mint
It's one of those books about the account owner. -Rambling -Ranting -Writing(?) -Misc. Cover edited by me!
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ew thot patrol by sagedoesthings
ew thot patrolby sagedoesthings
I'm recruiting people for the eddsworld thot patrol, if u wanna join comment or something lolol This kinda turned into a book for random stuffers ;w;
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Something by taehyungiinfiresme
Somethingby Fareeha
The name says it all
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