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Trouble with Being a Breeze (A Finn Bálor Story) by shieldsgirl
Trouble with Being a Breeze (A Tiff
Lyla is the sister of NXT Superstar, Tyler Breeze. Tyler is the oldest in the family and tries to control everything in her life. But when Lyla runs into mysterious Finn...
  • balor
  • breeze
  • fanfiction
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To Catch a Breeze by varzanic
To Catch a Breezeby N.A. Carson
--Elemental Series-- (Wind: Book 3) The wind can be a subtle thing, until Jerric gets a hold of it. He loves the rush of forming a tornado and blowing away anything tha...
  • adventure
  • slash
  • boyxboy
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Elementals by RocketMason
Elementalsby Katrine
[UNEDITED] In the year of 3204, the people on Earth are at war with aliens from Mars, human-alike beings with supernatural powers. Over the last thousand years however...
  • spacetravel
  • humans
  • elemental
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 Bubble Academy by When_It_s_Mae
Bubble Academyby Bleh💙
Meet Calla Angeline S. Trenity. AKA Ms, CAST. Ang pinakakilalang wizard sa Bubble Academy, mabait, maganda, at higit sa lahat matalino. Pero sa kabila ng maganda nyang m...
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • clashmate
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Naruto Online: Origin Story by JDBeats
Naruto Online: Origin Storyby The Fanfic Daddy
This story is takin a little step back with how everybody met. This is a sequel to the Naruto orgin stories I have made. So enjoy.
  • scarlet
  • shippuden
  • anime
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Midnight Blade, The Darkslayer (Naruto Online x Devil May Cry) by SantyTale01
Midnight Blade, The Darkslayer ( SantyTale01
Heya, well, this is a crossover between my two favourite videogames, Naruto Online and Devil May Cry. I hope you like it!
  • blade
  • cry
  • fist
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Turned Real (LEGO Hero Factory Fanfiction) by Sirenalagirl53
Turned Real (LEGO Hero Factory Queen Siren of Aria
"I wish that............. Everything would just change....." That was the wish best friends Aurora WinterSword and Stephanie FireStorm made wishing there crap...
  • stringer
  • bulk
  • adventure
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Another Chole x Rascal Story ._. by pooplooppeegee
Another Chole x Rascal Story Jessica Berkey
This is a long fanfic, so be warned that there's not gonna be romance until quite far into it. So if you're just looking for a quick shipfic, try somewhere else
  • rascalxchole
  • raschole
  • rascal
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CLASSY [boyxboy] by Nningha
CLASSY [boyxboy]by Buttercups
[Book 1] Adam Singer is a chicken-hearted, closeted son of a ruthless criminal. When the FBI approaches Adam with a preposition of being a snitch to save his own life, h...
  • release
  • decision
  • rules
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Fly by stormthesheepdog
Flyby Storm
Have you ever experienced what it feels like to fly; To feel the rush of air flowing underneath you, consuming every part of you; to watch as the ground below turns into...
  • crufts
  • academy
  • agility
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boboiboys x elements girls by princessneko10
boboiboys x elements girlsby princessneko
boboiboys got a new neighbours next Tok aba's house. It was seven girls that have a power. They was know as 'elementz girls'
  • flame
  • breeze
  • ice
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Forbidden Love by FuzzySeth
Forbidden Loveby Crazy Fangirl
Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze are best friends. Zayn tells Tyler that he has a crush on this girl named Bayley. As it turns out Tyler also likes this girl but he doesn't wa...
  • breeze
  • fanfiction
  • tylerbreeze
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Forbidden by LOVETT123456
Forbiddenby •C•
This is my first Glitter Force fan fiction
  • forbidden
  • chole
  • breeze
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In between series: Dimensions  by PillageAGallifrey
In between series: Dimensions by Pang-geul (Fangirl)
There are four mutated turtles who protect the city of New York, they have saved the world countless times and yet very few know they exist. One event leads to an even s...
  • kelsey
  • spring
  • chloe
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the breeze awards ~ august, 2019 {ENTRIES CLOSED} by the-breeze-awards
the breeze awards ~ august, 2019 { the breeze awards
the breeze awards for august are now open!! you can enter a book from almost any genre, complete or incomplete.
  • breezeawards
  • judging
  • awards
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Reflections of the Soul: Poetry by Konstanze
Reflections of the Soul: Poetryby Konstanze
When you're in great emotion, brainstorm happens. And when brainstorm happens, you write a reflection of your soul — poetry.
  • joy
  • willpower
  • eight
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Sunbeams by bbkris10
Sunbeamsby bbkris10
Yugyeom appreciates the beauty that surrounds him
  • mark
  • peace
  • jinyoung
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devil town by SaveOwen
devil townby dinosaur-sunflower
testing ; "Jeon Jeongguk, will you leave this awful devil town with me?" "excuse me?"
  • freedom
  • breeze
  • fantasy
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Elemental [Naladia #2] by AmericaSteakBooks
Elemental [Naladia #2]by AmericaSteakBooks
Written by Abby Hatch Magma is a young Fire Dragon who loves going on adventures and basically doing everything but school. One day, he creeps away from the volcano fiel...
  • magma
  • naladia
  • rocky
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Oh, How I Wish To Be A Kite by IceQueenofMitera
Oh, How I Wish To Be A Kiteby PT Lane
Free-verse poem part of a poetry slam with a kite theme
  • playing
  • freedom
  • flying
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