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Dead Boys (boyxboy) by Hannah_lemon_meh
Dead Boys (boyxboy)by Hannah
After two years of being ruthlessly bullied, Bellamy's parents decided it would be a good idea to pluck the boy from his school and throw him into a new one. At this sch...
Alpha's Blue (BXB) by qatikin
Alpha's Blue (BXB)by qatikin
After meeting a scary guy in the woods, Blue can't help but want to know more about him. 🏅Rankings: #1 gay - 04/09/2020 #1 bxblove - 05/09/2020 #1 boyxboy - 07/09/2020...
Second Chance At Love 🔒 ♡BxB♡ by IzzySaysHaii
Second Chance At Love 🔒 ♡BxB♡by Izzy
Ace never thought he see him again; Little "nerdy" Kade. Both from different worlds. Who would've thought that the popular guy was the one who had a liking on...
older brother ♡ by ponygirlmonkey
older brother ♡by lelaシ
ethan was the schools bad boy who everyone feared, they thought he had no heart. but they haven't seen him around his little brother yet, or in another term, ethan's wo...
daddy by guccisisss
daddyby ur good sis 😝🤚🏽
"I've spent a long time looking for you. Did you think I'd just give up because you were a guy?" Owen asked. I shook my head and turned my head away from him...
El Roommate [✔️] by jerohae
El Roommate [✔️]by 제로해
New school years call for new beginnings. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for Caleb, his new beginning consists of a constantly horny pale roommate. This year sho...
Me of Tomorrow by ryderiswalking
Me of Tomorrowby Ryder Xanders
Elliot Price lives in a studio apartment downtown, an hour walk away from the bustling city. He's barely able to pay the rent and provide food on his small, multipurpose...
their sanctuary | ✔ by thecosmicgarnet
their sanctuary | ✔by Iris moon
Society sees Storm as nothing more than a rebellious delinquent. I mean who doesn't? He's a 17-year old who smokes, drinks, dropped out of school and ran away from hom...
My Stepbrother's Gang (Jikook/kookmin) by anikalovesjikook
My Stepbrother's Gang (Jikook/ Anika
Jimin is a high school student who lives with his mom but what happens when there is an accident and he has to go live with his dad? Finding out his dad has remarried an...
You're That One Kid // *BL, YAOI, SMUT* by ToxicGhostBoi
You're That One Kid // *BL, 👁‍🗨
"You're that one kid who sits in the back. Vincent, right?" "Yeah. You're that one kid that talks a lot in class. Oliver." • • • • • (This is a B...
A New Beginning by Bcontesa618
A New Beginningby Bcontesa
I never imagined my perfect life being destroyed in the blink of an eye. A betrayal so deep that all hearts were nearly broken. But fate has a way of changing your pat...
Escape (Yoonmin Smut) by g0thic_angel
Escape (Yoonmin Smut)by 🧸
Where Park Jimin is the cross dressing secretary for Mafia leader Ceo and richest man alive Min Yoongi . "Jimin ill make u a deal be my sex slave an ill keep these...
His Match by Lyfeo_M_Jay
His Matchby Lyfeo_M_Jay
He didn't expect to have a match because of what he was. When he meets the boy who was his, threats come for them both and they have to face them together inorder to sur...
Little by Little  •{{KageHina}}•  |[Omegaverse]| by TrulyAMeThing
Little by Little •{{KageHina}}• I'll Bite
The Crows Nest. Cafe by day and Bar by night. The staff for the majority identify as Omega. The Crows Nest is a place for everyone to feel safe. And the workers are like...
Daddy's feminine prince (kinda bXb) by Chase2948
Daddy's feminine prince (kinda bXb)by Chase (Alice)
Sam is 17 still in high school while Eric is 25 and is the boss of a big organization with construction! Eric is rich Sam is poor DDLB A little smut Half way mature :P W...
The Secretly Submissive type (Ohshc) by Secretlylovely246
The Secretly Submissive type (
Have you ever wished to be stronger have you ever wished to feel taller or to be smarter? This is the one thing this boy doesn't want. He wants to feel human again, he w...
UWMA (Hemp Rope-WinTeam) - English Translation by giapohonjati
UWMA (Hemp Rope-WinTeam) - ♡gia♡
An English translation of the second Novel by LazySheep which will be soon made into a series Until We Meet Again (UWMA series) by P Neww (LBC Director) Disclaimer : I a...
step brother /malum/ ✔️ by dontfightthefeelsman
step brother /malum/ ✔️by 🌧kms🌧
"What is a little princess like you doing posting such dirty things?" Calum asked and Michael shrugged "words" Calum reminded him "I don't know...
My Favorite Laoshi (mpreg) [completed] by nnaj2004
My Favorite Laoshi (mpreg) [ nnj
Wang Yibo, 18 years old, extremely cold high school student. Famous with the girls for his good looking and rich family, but hated by the guy cause he always threaten th...