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Deku in dxd by Anime-Lover-Meesum
Deku in dxdby Meesum Zain
In this story Izuku after killing Shigaraki is gravely injured. He is suddenly teleported into a place of nothingness. Where ever he looks its nothing. He is soon gifted...
Sona DxD by Omaristheman24
Sona DxDby Omaristheman24
I don't own this story all credit goes to
The Reborn Dragon  by DarkShadow0532
The Reborn Dragon by DarkShadow0532
Teenager die by truck-kun and got reincarnated in highschool dxd by God. (Please go easy on me since this is my first fanfic).
The sitri's gaming lion by JamesHall137
The sitri's gaming lionby James Hall
What if issei didn't exist what if the boosted gear went to someone else someone who had already a sacred gear what if it went to a lion yokai this yokai was only half h...
The Goddess of Death (DxD) by Caillron
The Goddess of Death (DxD)by Caillron
Anime and comic fan gets reincarnated in the world of Highschool DxD as Hela with a few wishes.
Mha the green haired enigma by Thedragongodbahamut
Mha the green haired enigmaby HADRIAN KLUG
What if Izuku was sent away to the world of Dxd after beating the LoV at Hosu. He chose to live a life of peace and got teleported away to the world of Dxd. How will he...
Rwby Red dragon of crimson evolution (oc x Ruby Rose and Blake belladona) by Thedragongodbahamut
Rwby Red dragon of crimson HADRIAN KLUG
We meat Orion. The strongest red dragon emperor alive and for a good reason. He is the most versatile and even surpassed that of Ballard himself
The Hopeful Mage of Devils (Kamen Rider Wizard X High School DxD) Hiatus by KamenRiderHazard
The Hopeful Mage of Devils ( KamenRiderHazard
Devils, Angels, Fallen Angels, Gods, Dragons and other supernatural beings all exist. But now a new race had begun to rise. Creatures and monsters whose goals is to brin...
The 9 tailed Dragon Emperor (DxD) by Jus1anotherguy
The 9 tailed Dragon Emperor (DxD)by Jus1anotherguy
Issei Hyoudou, a nine tailed fox yokai born with the boosted gear and an ancient beast sealed within him arrives in the town of Kuoh but for what reason and how will he...
The red dragon of crimson light by Thedragongodbahamut
The red dragon of crimson lightby HADRIAN KLUG
What if issei decided that he is unfit for Ddraig himself. He then sent it to a new host. That one is known as Y/N. A rich man who is a master Artist and then meats Ddra...
dragon sin of domination [Seven Deadly Sins] by B_nation1
dragon sin of domination [Seven BHW
there once was a set of sins an one of them was so powerful that the world quaked in fear by his power he was known as.....the dragon sin of domination
The White Dragon Emperor of Kuoh (Male Reader X Highschool DxD Harem) by WLiquidGaming
The White Dragon Emperor of Kuoh ( WLiquid
Y/N and Issei Hyoudou are twin brothers and they both attend Kuoh Academy while Issei is a part of the Perverted Trio, Y/N is know in the Academy as the King of Kuoh as...
the black dragon empress who lost all by Thedragongodbahamut
the black dragon empress who HADRIAN KLUG
Y/N was a innocent girl... though once she found out or heard about one thing... it was known as Betrayal... she was betrayed by everyone of her old family... though she...
Reincarnated into Issei. by meliodasshinigumi
Reincarnated into Meliodas&Bon
A young man dies and gets reborn into a certain red dragon emperor.
High school Dxd Re:Royal chronicles by animefanboy3003
High school Dxd Re:Royal chroniclesby ...
200 Years after the fall of Trihexa and the reveal of the supernatural to the public issei and his harem have gotten married and had kids. But this story isn't about th...
The Yellow Dragon Emperor And The Princess of Destruction DXD X Male Reader  by Michael142967
The Yellow Dragon Emperor And Michael142967
Abandoned on birth Michael for the first seven years grew up in an orphanage and was eventually adopted by the Hyoudou Family where he became the brother to Issei and ev...
big hero 6 hero by DarwinFackrell
big hero 6 heroby Darwin Fackrell
The big hero 6 squad have a mission to defeat Dr. Gremsworth from destroying all of San Francisco. Can Big hero 6 defeat him or will Dr. Gremsworth destroy San Francisco...
Yin Yang by IhfchfchJfjhrgrb
Yin Yangby Sonic The Hedgehog From Sonic...
Join Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze on his journey of life. Disclaimer I own only the plot. Inspirations from multiple stories (god bless the authors). Multi Anime Crossover.
Hellhound and Red Dragon by MasamuneYuuka
Hellhound and Red Dragonby Masamune Yuuka
Amagasaki Ren. The wielder of a sub species longinus and currently on the run due to politics involving the mutated clan trait Ren possesses. Finding solace in the one a...
The bloody dragon... (Abused! Red dragon fem reader x Rwby) by Thedragongodbahamut
The bloody dragon... (Abused! HADRIAN KLUG
Y/N was a cat faunas like Blake. All she remembered was the abuse of bandits and Grimm saved her life giving her a shot to run away witch she took. Now she has a family...