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My Hero Shippūden by TheMuscleLisa
My Hero Shippūdenby (Relatabletrash)
An AU where BNHA meets Naruto Shippūden! Kaguya teleports Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura into the world of My Hero Acadamia before they could seal her. They meet class 1-A in...
I AM HERE WITH YOU! BNHA x Female!NinjaReader Naruto Shippuden! by could_careless
I AM HERE WITH YOU! BNHA x could_careless
A gifted kunoichi from a far away land in a village hidden in the leaves embarks on a journey with her teammates to a land far beyond what she sees back home. Quirks, ad...
My Hero Academia: The Ghost of the Uchiha Reborn by Glitch994
My Hero Academia: The Ghost of 『Glitch』
The cycle of hatred, born from the conflict of the brothers Asura and Indra Ōtsutsuki was a conflict that saw many deaths on both sides. The Senju Clan descendants of As...
Sasuke in mha by Arianna_1_1
Sasuke in mhaby }{€\\0
It was during the fourth great ninja war that Madara tired of having to deal with Sasuke suddenly used his rinnegan to make him change dimensions. I don't own neither na...
The hero in era of shinobi by Dead_man1584
The hero in era of shinobiby Kakashisensei
In this story Izuku has died and is reincarnated in naruto wolrd with little gift from me I don't own naruto or Boku no hero academia
miracle hero by Zaku-29
miracle heroby Zaku29
The path of Izuku who grew up in the orphanage to the best hero in history
Same As It Never Was (BNHA/Naruto x Reader) by FateOfDeath666
Same As It Never Was (BNHA/ Miss Chief
(BNHA and Naruto crossover) Love interests: Keigo Takami (Hawks), Aizawa Shouta (Eraserhead), Kakashi Hatake; possibly more. The two class clowns of the hero course's 1...
The Cherry Blossom Hero (DISCONTINUED) by bucolicaurora
The Cherry Blossom Hero ( bucolicaurora
A hero? Sure everybody in UA saw the potential in her. But do they really know her? What if she doesn't belong in their world? What if the quirk that they thought is ama...
NOT SO FORTUNATE HAPPENINGS || Naruto x BNHA | by Feethecracker
NOT SO FORTUNATE HAPPENINGS || || ⌞✕⌝ ||▻ ʟɪꜱᴄʜᴇ ɴᴀʀᴀ
Aizawa's day was going terribly, even before the blood-covered clump of people dropped out of no where onto the floor of his classroom. (--> I adopted yuki_MXIVo's b...
Genesis Project   ( OC X Nejire) by akeyliam
Genesis Project ( OC X Nejire)by Ayakame
Just an Oc x Nejire. Why Nejire? cause she's best girl Read to find more Too lazy to do a proper description.
9 Tail hero - [Completed]  by NasimaKhatun5
9 Tail hero - [Completed] by RED Z
(A/N: The fanfiction is completed) (A/N: My english is bad so don't think to much from me) Izuku midoriya was born quirkless. He was abused/bullied by his sister Izumi...
BETRAYED UCHIHA by yuuunanananana
Izuku Yagi a sweet kid who had a younger sister whose name Izumi Yagi always dream of becoming a hero together. But one day, it all fell apart. Will Izuku be able to sur...
The New World - Boku No Hero Academia X Naruto Shippuden by WriterHellEmployee
The New World - Boku No Hero ISwearImAlive
Naruto and friends have been sucked into a portal; into a new world. Will they be able to escape or be trapped here forever? I do not own any of the characters in this s...
The Explosive Arts Hero : Izuku by NightmareFuel6666
The Explosive Arts Hero : Izukuby NightmareFuel6666
Izuku Midoryia. Born with two quirks, one being less powerful than the other but both coincide and go together. His father was the number two hero before he fell in batt...
The Jinchuriki Hero: Deku. (Book 1) (Finished ✔️) by TogoTodorkroki
The Jinchuriki Hero: Deku. (Book Togo
Kurama, after his previous jinchuriki died, is sealed in a girl from another world, one where 80% of the humanity have quirks. His new jinchuriki doesn't, and is his tas...
Mha x Naruto by igobruh
Mha x Narutoby igobruh
So character are different and charka is a thing and all. so enjoy.
Reincarnation?Weird. [BNHAxNARUTO] by JeanneDelapena1
Reincarnation?Weird. [BNHAxNARUTO]by Idril
"I'm not the one who's in charge where people will reincarnate ok?my job is only to guide people to their next lifetime." 'Hmm....this place called china right...