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The Main Villain's Daughter Wants To Save The World?! (BNHA x Reader) by CandyThePuppy
The Main Villain's Daughter Wants...by Candy
You died prematurely, meaning you were granted one wish before being sent to the afterlife. You chose to be Isekai'd into the world of My Hero Academia as the daughter o...
Reincarnated as Geats ( Kamen rider Geats x MHA)  by KeyNoir
Reincarnated as Geats ( Kamen ride...by KeyNoir
a man was accidentally killed by god as a compensation god decided to reincarnate him to a random world and give him a wish cover art is not mine kamen rider and mha bel...
Izuku Aizawa - Hero No. 1 by why_am_i_s1ngle
Izuku Aizawa - Hero No. 1by why_am_i_s1ngle
Izuku Aizawa is the son of Pro Hero and Heroine Eraserhead and Midnight, growing up in a good environment and watching his parents he wanted to be a hero too when he get...
The new red dragon emperor by MichalZielonka
The new red dragon emperorby Dawa
What if Ddraig had enough of Issei and built up the energy to leave his body due to being humiliated by other dragons and having his host as a massive perv. Welcome to t...
Known By All by HollowLegend
Known By Allby Hollow Legend
you all wait with baited breath in the recovery of your symbol of peace, I too recover from the injuries dealt to me during our fight. I am the villain he battled over t...
The Ninth One by callmebigmanbob1
The Ninth Oneby callmebigmanbob
Izuku Midoriya, normally known as Deku, is the owner of the Quirk "One For All". He was Quirkless before getting this legendary power. BUT, what if Izuku actua...
Little bean (Baby izuku) by ergarc08
Little bean (Baby izuku)by Emmajane
Izuku had lived at a bad part town with his abusive mother when he had turn 9 month he had a mutant quirk and a regular quirk but he kept it a secret from his mother.Whe...
Being Myself with You by DePowerful1
Being Myself with Youby Stone Throne3309
When Midoriya finds out that Uraraka was only using him to get closer to Bakugo, Izuku feeling betrayed goes out on patrol to clear his mind. He runs into a yellow-haire...
The Power Of A God (MHA) by SnowflakeTheTherian
The Power Of A God (MHA)by Snowflake
Izuku develops a Quirk that can bring anyone back to life no matter how long they've been dead for. He doesn't even need a body to do so, but this comes at a terrible pr...
All for One and One for All [ HIATUS ] by illiterate_child
All for One and One for All [ HIAT...by Jadux
All Might finally defeated AFO, but what happens when he requests to see Izuku on on his deathbed? *I do not own any of the characters or art In this book unless explici...
Living Singularity | Male x MHA Harem by DarkTheLibrarian
Living Singularity | Male x MHA Ha...by Dark The Librarian
Y/N Neo Sekai the Gravity User in the world of MHA, will he be able to change it's fate, will he found out who he is, and will he find out why the world is different fro...
The Multiverse Of (Y/n) by code_ghost15
The Multiverse Of (Y/n)by code Ghost34
does not take place in my two stories but will have some characters in my stories (Y/n)...an individual known through out the multiverse but what if you see other univer...
Deku X by anormalboi203
Deku Xby Memelord
Izuku Yagi was a Quirkless boy, he get attacked and bullied by his sister and their two friends, abandoned ,Neglected, and forgotten by his own parents. Then after the d...
Becoming a Hero With Darkness by Kisume900
Becoming a Hero With Darknessby Hernan Gutierrez
This is a story where Izuku is the son of All might and has a twin sister name izumi, his mother is also the number fifth pro hero. However after being diagnosed as &quo...
Red Tsudenre Princess - (Completed) by KnightRider_35
Red Tsudenre Princess - (Completed)by Knight Rider
Izuku Midoriya the ninth wieldier of OFA and his own Quirk Inetsu has a normal life as he had friends and family that he loved dearly. The girls from UA had feelings for...
The Story of The World's Greatest Rapping Hero! by anormalboi203
The Story of The World's Greatest...by Memelord
Izuku Yagi, a boy who was born to Toshinori and Inko Yagi, along with being a brother to his little sister, Izumi Yagi, whom was a year younger than him. After he was di...
MHA: Madara Uchiha Entry by thorinprime
MHA: Madara Uchiha Entryby thorinprime
On the Blink of Death, His Last Moments with Hashirama despite being an Edo Tensei, Having fix their friendship with few words . . . Madara accepted to go to the Pure La...
Izuku, Warlord of the Hero Association  by BigBoyAizen125
Izuku, Warlord of the Hero Associa...by Plan-et
Izuku Yagi was born in a world where people with quirks make up 80% of the worlds population. Being born without one was seen as a disability, one that is considered a v...
Voodoo Deku by Stillwell03
Voodoo Dekuby Stillwell03
When Izuku was little, he was told that he was quirkless. In an effort to help him, he turned to the magical arts of voodoo and began to learn the dark arts. See how he...
Villainous (Villain Deku Rewrite) (Very Slow Updates) by Avacomix
Villainous (Villain Deku Rewrite)...by Avocado
This is, yet again, a rewrite of my Villain Deku story. I wasn't in the mindset to properly work on the other two, so I'm hoping to stick with this one, so lets see how...