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Izuku The Next God Of Thunder by NezutheRatGod
Izuku The Next God Of Thunderby NezutheRatGod
Izuku Midoriya was a average teen who wished to be a hero but sadly was deemed quirkless regardless of his natural super human levels. Of strength that could give some s...
Izuku The Phoenix Hero by NezutheRatGod
Izuku The Phoenix Heroby NezutheRatGod
Izuku was a average 4 year old boy always dreaming of becoming a great hero like his grandma was and older brother is. On the day he goes to see what his quirk is everyt...
Kaiju Slayers in Love (Izuku x Miruko) by TheSandwichGhost
Kaiju Slayers in Love (Izuku x Mir...by TheSandwichGhost
-TEMPORARY HIATUS- Love is hard to figure out, especially when your job is to kill giant monsters. In a world under the constant threat of destructive monsters, childhoo...
Witcher Deku by KevynPerron
Witcher Dekuby SpekOps
What if Deku had a Witcher quirk just like Geralt De Rivia? How the story would turn? Would he still have the same enemy? The same friends? The same goal? I DO NOT OWN A...
Sheriff by theheartless204
Sheriffby The Don
Izuku Yagi a boy who wished to be a hero but that wish never came to be. Izuku was forced to take a different route so he became a cold hearted sheriff.
Deku's Dragon And Bunny by NezutheRatGod
Deku's Dragon And Bunnyby NezutheRatGod
After Izuku was diagnosed quirkless his life turned into a living hell, he was bullied everywhere except for home where his mom would always try and cheer him up. One da...
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UA's Red Hood by theheartless204
UA's Red Hoodby The Don
Izuku Yagi is a quirkless kid living in a cruel world. Having to fend for himself at a young age he learned that he can become a hero without a quick and the help of his...
John I. Wick by theheartless204
John I. Wickby The Don
Izuku yagi facing a life of abuse abandonment and revenge
Hunt For The Green Bunny by anormalboi203
Hunt For The Green Bunnyby Memelord
After the attack on the Training Camp and the Raid on the League of Villain's hideout along with All Might's battle with All For One. Izuku Midoriya is recovering in th...
Ink's Apprentice by anormalboi203
Ink's Apprenticeby Memelord
Class 1-A knew each other when they were kids, they bullied Izuku Yagi because he was Quirkless. They bully him at the age of 4 and kept bullying him for 6 years and he...
The Demon King's Successor (DISCONTINUED) by NaniyoriMo
The Demon King's Successor (DISCON...by Mugen Kage
In a world where the impossible became possible, were 80% of the population has some uncanny ability known as a quirk and the other 20% has no abilities and are deemed q...
Death and Her Rabbit (FemDeku x Mirko) [Abandoned] by Waffles_The_Neko
Death and Her Rabbit (FemDeku x Mi...by Elizabeth K. Mewian
This story has been abandoned. Izumi Midoriya. She hated that name, no perhaps that was much to light a term, she despised the name of the weak girl who so easily believ...
Constantine by theheartless204
Constantineby The Don
Izuku Yagi thrown out and left to wander the world learning magic on his travels until coming back home and having to live the dream he always wanted.
The Battle Tendency Hero: JoJo by HunterOfTheNorth735
The Battle Tendency Hero: JoJoby Hunter Of The North
"At least tell me your name, Kid" The Pro hero asked, "Its Midoriya, Izuku Midoriya."
The Fox and his Bunny (Izukuxmiruko) by AnimeFan632
The Fox and his Bunny (Izukuxmiruk...by AnimeFan632
Izuku is a vigilante named flame fox. THIS IS NSFW OK I WARNED U
Rabbit's Demon by PresidentThanos
Rabbit's Demonby Big Thonk
Mirko is patrolling for the last time that day, people intermittently come up for autographs or to point towards suspicious activity, so nothing weird, until something c...
izuku the new super mario bro by nejirexdeku580
izuku the new super mario broby green chicken storm
After peach rejects mario and bowser the two became depressed but light returned do they lifes when bowser wears the super crown but after peach noticed that they were t...
Izuku Tatsuma: Brother of Ryukyu by JaegeristJ
Izuku Tatsuma: Brother of Ryukyuby JaegeristJ
Izuku as the brother of Ryuko Tatsuma aka Ryukyu. He'll have a quirk called "Azure Dragon". It'll be essentially Kaido from One Piece. It will be a quirk and n...
The kid who was trained by a god by Crazychicken602
The kid who was trained by a godby Crazychicken602
Izuku was having a normal day chilling in the dorms but is suddenly transported to a weir play with a big tree with two people standing in front of him