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Your mother should know by harrisonkrshna2
Your mother should knowby Harrisonkrishna2
George moves in with his girlfriend Nora. After a while however, he finds out it's not Nora he's interested in, but rather her teenaged daughter Jo... - Warning: -smut ...
I'll Find A Way *A Captain America Story* by kTBrooke1
I'll Find A Way *A Captain kTBrooke1
"Steve, maybe Fury's right. Maybe Violet is dea-" "Romanoff, I'm going to find her. I am. I'll find a way back to Violet. I'll find a way...
Their Little Angel by Tine_8106
Their Little Angelby Tine_8106
Their Little Angel By: Tine_8106
Stepdaddy by ViktorRedreich
Stepdaddyby Viktor Redreich
Mom's boyfriend makes my heart race. Not that he's ever touched me. He doesn't even look at me... not that way at least. Oh sure he buys me candy and calls me cutey, but...
Mafia's Principessa by xxSweetMafiaxx
Mafia's Principessaby xxSweetMafiaxx
Valencia is a shy 3 year old girl, She lives with her abusive dad, who has been hurting her since she was a baby... One day Valencia runs away... only to be found by the...
Mija (hiram lodge x Veronica Lodge) by father-daughterfics
Mija (hiram lodge x Veronica Lodge)by father-daughterfics
Au in which Archie goes psycho and Hiram is actually saving Veronica. A very fluffy father daughter fic (I do not own any of the characters.) (Also no hate to my boi Ar...
[Draft 1] Broken Home by rachealraeray
[Draft 1] Broken Homeby rachealraeray
Alisha is a teenage girl who's Mother died quite suddenly when she was 11, since then her Father has repeatedly abused her sexually. Her friends start to ask questions...
Daddy's Little Hel: Kiera Rogers by LintaAM
Daddy's Little Hel: Kiera Rogersby Linta A.M
17 Earth years ago, Asgard was peace. The prince older loved nothing more than his pride, the prince second, nothing more dear to him than his bride. But a year later, t...
My Pumpkin Princess by TransformerLover19
My Pumpkin Princessby Adrian
This is a Jack Skellington x Daughter Reader most of the main story line will be in the story enjoy ;)
Adoption (Gone Wrong)  by Tanni__
Adoption (Gone Wrong) by Chan's babygirl 💕
Bang Chan x reader. "I'll always be there waiting for you. I won't pressurize you. Whenever you feel like telling me, you can." "Why do I feel this way fo...
Masking My Feelings by rachealraeray
Masking My Feelingsby rachealraeray
Lisa is a teenage girl who's Mother died quite suddenly when she was 11, since then her Father has repeatedly abused her sexually. Her friends start to ask questions th...
Daddy's girl by louisloverforever
Daddy's girlby Donchesterlouislover
A young girl is the daughter of Liam Payne from one direction her dad and treats her like a princess of course sometimes there is some scolding and discipline but there...
Supernatural Texts by sociallifedenied
Supernatural Textsby Raeleigh
this is me rewriting texts that I think sound like the supernatural characters and you are in it btw I will be writing *best friend *couple *brother sister *daddy daugh...
The Walking Dead BSM,DDM Preferences  by devinityadawnus
The Walking Dead BSM,DDM devinityadawnus
I have another book just like this but on an old account bc I lost my password. the old account name is bigdreams101 go by there first plz. I made this book bc I couldn'...
Learning how to Love You by harrisonkrshna2
Learning how to Love Youby Harrisonkrishna2
"And god forgive me for saying this, but i'm but a man. A man who hasn't felt a woman's touch in over three years. Do you think that when she teases me it has no ef...
My Daddy by skyishaneul
My Daddyby sky
Tentang seorang gadis remaja yang kehilangan orangtuanya lalu dititipkan oleh Ayah angkat yang telah ditentukan.