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Nejire Hado X Male Reader (DISCONTINUED) by iseeyou_69
Nejire Hado X Male Reader ( Y/N L/N
🍋 Lemon🍋 All chapter will be lemon
My Hero Academia: You can be a Hero (On HIATUS) by KilliosKorosu
My Hero Academia: You can be a Koros
In this world, 80% of the population had superpowers and they widely known as Quirks, people without quirks were considered as useless and a waste of space in the socie...
singer izuku  by LoganFeld
singer izuku by Logan Feld
I thought that if no one is go to put my favorite songs in a fic then I am going to Let me know if I made mistakes or need improvements Taking music requests and this...
My Ice Queen (Izuku X Yandere Esdeath) - Completed  by NasimaKhatun5
My Ice Queen (Izuku X Yandere RED Z
(A/N: This fanfiction is completed) (A/N: This is my number 2 fanfiction. My english is not that good so don't think to much from me) This is (My hero academia x akame...
The Infamous hero by Mercury_Sol
The Infamous heroby MERCURY SOL
what if Izuku Midoriya thought he was quirkless but instead he was a conduit. this story will have 4 types of quirks emitter, mutation, transformation, and conduit. con...
The Data Hero: King by DonutMaster2000wt
The Data Hero: Kingby DonutMaster 2000
Normally Izuku Midoriya is born quirkless and proves himself worthy of the greatest power, but here the circumstances are different. Here he was born with a special quir...
Adorable Izuku Midoriya by that_simp_for_deku
Adorable Izuku Midoriyaby deku simp
We all know Izuku Midoriya is a cinnamon roll, hell he's the cutest boy in the school! All of the staff members and class 1A adore Izuku. What will they do when they rea...
Miritama one shots  by nervous_turtals
Miritama one shots by nervous_turtals
I don't know so send requests and I'll fulfill them to my best effort. I also do AU Also OTP *nosebleed*
Mha react to deku's life out of school  by Mochi-san21
Mha react to deku's life out of Mochi-San💜
What happens when class 1-A, 1-B, pro heroes, UA staff, the principal of UA, the villains, the big 3, the wild wild pussycats,Shinso, Eri and Kota are teleported to a my...
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Olympians confess by bookworm6570
Olympians confessby just em
Hestia decides to make all the Olympians confess their problems to each other. The amazing Rick Riordan owns Percy Jackson and everything
Deku's Secret (original author Theshipfan) by BloodShadowZ
Deku's Secret (original author BloodShadowZ
1a class were doing their routine as usual but that day their cinnamon roll, Izuku Midoriya went missing untill his friend/rival burst into his room and found something...
Singing Cinnamon Roll (DISCONTINUED) by Komigakuo
Singing Cinnamon Roll ( W. Perry
The class doesnt know that their favorite cinnamon roll knows how to sing. Well they do now. I do not own BNHA, and i did not make the picture of the story. Furthermore...
Simply too strong ( Bnha x Opm ) by OfficialLunaEclipse
Simply too strong ( Bnha x Opm )by Official LunaEclipse
"I'm just a hero for fun" In which a girl who's simply too powerful that it only took her one punch to defeat her enemy.
Green and Blue (My hero academia fanfiction) by Nimh0o0o0o0o0
Green and Blue (My hero academia Nimh0o0o0o0o0
This takes place right a izuku finished his house aresst and met the big three but when he met nejire things changed.
Amajiki Tamaki x F!Reader | Bucket Hats by kageyammaaaa
Amajiki Tamaki x F!Reader | 『 ⚠ 𝐌𝐲𝐧𝒙 ⚠ 』
──── ❝Hey, do you like bucket hats??❞ ─── ❝I guess...?❞ [College AU] In which an introverted boy was dared into meeting a friend of Nejire Hado. Conveniently, that frien...
Clipped Wings Of A Baby Angel by PastelMonkeyz
Clipped Wings Of A Baby Angelby PastelMonkeyz
A six year old girl who is used for tests who had the name Eri had gotten a younger sister A girl who had received a random assortment of numbers for a name rather then...
I'm a Singer! (Singer Deku) [REQUEST ARE CLOSED] by germybactrac
I'm a Singer! (Singer Deku) [ germybactrac
Deku has been busy lately and not spending time with the beloved class 1-A they wonder why and decided to check his room to find CD's and a bunch of them. They were shoc...
Rivaling 'Wizards' (Percy Jackson and Harry Potter) by justleavemealonenow
Rivaling 'Wizards' (Percy Quinn
The order of the Phoenix asks the demigods in America for help to defeat Voldemort. Now Nico, Thalia, and Percy are going to Hogwarts to avoid being thrown into another...
Who Am I? by asgardixn
Who Am I?by ANDREA.
BOOK THREE OF HERO OR VILLAIN TRILOGY ┈ Izuku Midoriya is a Pro-Hero. Or, he's supposed to be. He graduated from UA. He had the perfect husband, family and friends. But...
Broken minds and shattered hearts by GuiseppeYigoCalunod
Broken minds and shattered heartsby The_deadly_foxy89
Izuku is in ua and everybody in 1a hates him that includes the big 3 and nejire and also allmight aizawa midnight mtlady and one night all teachers all students and all...