Hey Angel • Stan. ✓ by magnusbanes-
Hey Angel • Stan. ✓by A♤
"Hey angel Do you know the reasons why We look up to the sky?" Or, In which an actor falls in love with his celebrity crush. social media Sebastian Stan×OC [...
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Otome Game vs Demon King Game by Tony25031971
Otome Game vs Demon King Gameby Tony25031971
The sequel to "Reincarnated as the evil fat pig Villainess in an Otome Game", where Princess Sarah now known as the goddess Sarah has to navigate the World of...
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The nerds got a secret life (complete) by bts_kookinwithtae
The nerds got a secret life (compl...by Jiminwithsuga
Cameron 18 years old is a gang leader (purple devil) and street fighter but at school she is considered a nerd alex ryder 18 years old is a gang leader and street fighte...
  • drama
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Marco and Tom Bdsm by svtfoe_fanfictioner
Marco and Tom Bdsmby pedro francisco
After Tom kidnapped Marco, Tom had some "fun" with his new sex slave. Marco completely tied up and gagged could do nothing but to hope his master would go easy...
  • submission
  • slavery
  • plot
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The Heart Rate of a Mouse - Wolves vs. Hearts {VOLUME 2} by longblackleather
The Heart Rate of a Mouse - Wolves...by JJ
THIS IS NOT MINE. This was written by Anna Green on LiveJournal http://beggarsnotes.livejournal.com/71600.html
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Láska vs. Sex ✔️ by thatgirlnamedsweety
Láska vs. Sex ✔️by It’s Sweety💜
Vždycky jsem si představovala život z pohádky a taky jsem si myslela že jsem v pohádce, pak mi ale došlo že pohádky nejsou realita..... 15+ Alkohol, sexuální scény atd...
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Pervy star by earthxxturd
Pervy starby Earthtord
What does pervy star do when she's alone?
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New Student (Assassination Classroom meets Akame ga kill) by Hilo_People
New Student (Assassination Classro...by Hilo People
The Assassination Classroom has a new student. Who came straight from another anime. It's been known that many of the people close to her have died out of murder. And th...
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Agent Alaska: Ghost (Red Vs Blue FanFic; BOOK 2) by Spartan_Abby_Wren
Agent Alaska: Ghost (Red Vs Blue F...by Agent Alaska
[COMPLETED] After crashing landing on the planet Chorus, Alaska finds herself in crash site Alpha, seperated from her new friends. Desprerate to find them again, she joi...
  • agent
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Living with boys by silkuh
Living with boysby ~silke~
Millie heeft haar ouders eindelijk kunnen overtuigen om haar te laten samenwonen met haar vier vrienden. Waarom het zo moeilijk was? Omdat het allemaal jongens waren. Ze...
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Ask Or Dare BillDip Rev,Billdip and Tomco! and me. by lilysong182
Ask Or Dare BillDip Rev,Billdip an...by Lily Ann/Brittney
Ask or Dare them! you can ask anything you want! but nothing mature alright? Also please try not to dare or ask things that have already been done! meet the boys! and y...
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Concurso Junio-Julio. #VS by Virtual_Stories
Concurso Junio-Julio. #VSby 📚VS📚
A continuación veras las Pautas del concurso 208, en donde podrás informarte mejor. Lee cada paso atentamente. 🔒TODOS LOS DERECHOS RESERVADOS.
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A New Beginning of Light and Dark by Destroyerlee14
A New Beginning of Light and Darkby Destroyerlee14
(Highest Rank in #778 in Light) A New age of Light and Dark is here. Light and dark also have been fighting until a man named Anthony stopped the darkest from spreading...
  • light
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The Unfortunate Blogger by inkweld1021
The Unfortunate Bloggerby inkweld1021
Everything you're about to read will spoil your mind from future events and sully your spirit. If you dare read this, first gather your spirits and brave the thirteen ye...
  • 2017
  • series
  • seriesofunfortunateevents
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RVB x reader by TheRoaringWolf
RVB x readerby Wild Dog
No smut, just fluff stuff. and yes requests are open
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Mind vs. Mate by monapedro
Mind vs. Mateby monapedro
My name is Perrie Adams and currently I am having an internal battle between my mind and my heart. Like every normal human I thought werewolves were a myth but little di...
  • pedro
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the girl with the red hood by creepypasta-girl
the girl with the red hoodby creepypasta-girl
this Is a creepypasta fanfiction. this story is about a girl with the red hood (the girl on the cover) and meets the creepypastas and decides to live with them since she...
  • creepypasta
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Who is better? by CookingBoi
Who is better?by Soma Yukihira
read the title dum dum
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ᗪIᔕᑎEY ᙭ᗪ ᙭ ᖇEᗩᗪEᖇᔕ ✨ by FaithTheGeek
ᗪIᔕᑎEY ᙭ᗪ ᙭ ᖇEᗩᗪEᖇᔕ ✨by Faith :3
Disney XD/ Disney Channel x readers . One- shots all around, I'm more than happy to do this again. And I'm still continuing my other stories. These one shots are from...
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The story after (Heathers fanfic) by Not_So_Amazing
The story after (Heathers fanfic)by Lilly
I have never met my father my mother is Veronica Sawyer and all she told me about my dad is his name Jason Dean and that he killed himself before he she knew she was pre...
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