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The First Shinobi(A MHA Male Reader Story) by thatpwnagepumpkin
The First Shinobi(A MHA Male thatpwnagepumpkin
(Y/N) is as painfully average as you can get. semi-athletic but not enough to excell in any sports, is decent at video games, can play instruments decently, and he is a...
Midoriya's luck by godsflames56
Midoriya's luckby Rockstar deku
Just a shit ton of sex and lemon scenes.
I'm pregnant! by chavaliernoir98
I'm pregnant!by ChevalierNoir
After Nighteye's death, the superhero agency decides to follow his last wishes; "Smile, a society without spirits or humor will not have a bright future", so a...
Their future daughter (izuku x nejire) by SaitamaHeroforfun
Their future daughter (izuku x Saitama - Hero for fun
Completed On a normal day everything was going normally suddenly 1A was called to their dorms and when they reached thier they saw big 3 and a miracle what was that mir...
Izuku's secret married life by ErvingGamer
Izuku's secret married lifeby Erving Garcia
Class 1a is having their classes like normal when the bell rings izuku is the first one out,his classmates are worried for the way he is acting so mina suggest to follow...
Version A | Boku No Hero Academia Reader Insert by aidemint
Version A | Boku No Hero meimei ! ☠
❝And for the first time in history, a quirkless person has been admitted to UA's prestigious hero program.❞ (The sequel is out!) (#33 MHA 12.20.20, #2 BNHA 8.5.20, #18 A...
Life of the party (Curvy female POV) by RedPanda1496
Life of the party (Curvy female Shanda
A Tamaki Amajiki x curvy female reader fanfic (These characters are aged up and are pro heroes) It's Halloween! Mirio is throwing a costume party at his penthous...
Badass Abandon Deku by JinzoKing222
Badass Abandon Dekuby JinzoKing222
Izuku has been Living on the streets for as long as he can remember, when his quirk comes in at the age of 5 and he takes over someones body and gets their quirk he lear...
TamaNeji Oneshots by yeetmeetfeetdelete
TamaNeji Oneshotsby Insomniac that likes anime an...
A series of Tamaki x Nejire OneShots by me. No guaranteed perfect spelling and grammar OR daily updates. Short chapters. Cover made by @Okuda55 (Thank you.) I do not own...
The Specialist Hero: Spectre (Bnhaxmalereader) by Ricehat22
The Specialist Hero: Spectre ( A.I sensei
Kiyoomi Tsutsumi is the little brother of the pro hero Lady Nagant and is working as a Science and Math Teacher in U.A. but secretly he is also known as the Specialist...
Estaremos juntos (Izuku x Nejire) (Izuku x Momo) by DavidAugustoMezaSaav
Estaremos juntos (Izuku x Nejire) Da-Kun20
¿Alguna vez experimentaste estar enamorado de alguien, pero que esa personas te pida ayuda para estar con alguien más? Pues a Izuku Midoriya le pasa lo mismo, acompáñenm...
The Decaying Hero {BNHA X SHIGARAKI} by NikkFreeman
The Decaying Hero {BNHA X I_am_the_final_boss
This story is only for hardcore My Hero Academia fans. Shigaraki has lived his tragic backstory, but instead of being found by All For One, he had a change. His goal is...
Love Strikes In The Air (Male Reader x Nejire Hado) by Andyl90
Love Strikes In The Air (Male Andyl90
Y/N L/N, The youngest pro hero at the age of 19. He's chasing down his family of villains. His mother with a quirk to control and use smoke and his father with a quirk t...
All For One's UA {BNHA X AFO} (RETELL) by NikkFreeman
All For One's UA {BNHA X AFO} ( I_am_the_final_boss
What would happen if the strongest villain in MHA was instead born in the same period as our lovable Class 1-A? How would things change? How can a possible villain, beco...
Izuku DxD: Izuku Has Arrived by DarkSoul064
Izuku DxD: Izuku Has Arrivedby DarkSoul064
It was Izuku's start of his second year in UA and there was an attack. Yay... There was a portal that opened it was about to swallow Aizawa. He rushed to save his teach...
The Smoke Hero by ChrisEsther
The Smoke Heroby Chris Esther
A combination of his mother's weak telekinesis and his father's fire breathing quirks, it merged into a simple quirk, smoke manipulation. This is the story of how Izuku...
anxiety  by Misfit_222
anxiety by Rae
a sadish story with self harm homophobic behavior suicidal thoughts swearing and gay/ trans COMPLETE
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altruistic | Shota Aizawa X Reader by sleepweeby
altruistic | Shota Aizawa X Readerby 😴
Caring and uncaring, a duo you'd not believe could go well. Realistically though, no one is completely uncaring, you just have to look deep beneath the facade. STARTED:...
VILLAIN. bnha zodiacs. ✓ by xyznth
VILLAIN. bnha zodiacs. ✓by ‌
ⵌ✰ boku no here academia zodiacs !! ⸝⸝ start ミ 101019 end ミ 071420 [cringe book btw]
Izuku:Project SHADOW by Crazy_Max1
Izuku:Project SHADOWby Jeff Maxilom
Izuku is kidnapped at a young age and becomes the Ultimate Lifeform Project name SHADOW. Watch Izuku become a vigilante and then a learn how to become a hero at U.A. And...