Baby Bieber

Baby Bieber

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"I don't think this is working out, Nicole." I heard his voice say over the phone. My heart dropped. " E-excuse me? Can we talk about this in person?" I  said, letting thick tears drip down my face. "No, I'm sorry. I'm changing my number, bye."

And that was the end.

Nicole Rae Villegas and Justin Bieber were Hollywoods star couple, until a unexpected breakup occurred. Soon after, Justin went to Selena Gomez, and the fans were happily content with Selena being Justin's girlfriend, instead of this unknown Nicole Chick. Little does the press, the fans, and especially Justin himself know, that the pop sensation not only left a heartbroken girl behind, but a child.

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Disclaimer; I do not own Justin Bieber, nor anyone else that appears in this book, it's all purely fiction.

Enjoy :)

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Jodykay34 Jodykay34 Nov 30, 2017
You leave $2 on her dresser or $200 cuz if it's $2 that's an insult
R-E-D RED(2x)
                              I can spell red (2x)
                              Fire trucks are red 
                              Stop signs are red too
_1Dsugarplum _1Dsugarplum Aug 28, 2017
OHHHHH MY GOODNESS. I cannot stop laughing. This was great. I'm glad it wasnt the typical "he doesn't know shes his kid but thenhe does the math etc etc"
kashlynbullins kashlynbullins Jul 10, 2017
I buy that kind of cereal and my name is also Kashlyn but go by kashie
Jodykay34 Jodykay34 Nov 30, 2017
Am I confused I didn't she did all that yesterday mopped and cleaned and swept before she went to work and she didn't even spend the night at her house for her daughter so there's no way her house should have been dirty for her to go home and do that all over again what the freak
wawawawar wawawawar Jul 06, 2017
Is it just me orrrr did anyone else think of Lily from How I Met Your Mother as the teacher😂😂😂🙊