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EXO {book of smuts} by exooats
EXO {book of smuts}by _ody
18+ book of smuts for Kai, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Sehun, Xiumin, Suho, Chen, Kyungsoo and Lay. requests are open!
  • exofanfic
  • dosmut
  • exolay
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Your EXO daddy by daddypjimin
Your EXO daddyby pjm
Whose your EXO daddy ? [smut]
  • exo
  • exosmut
on the bed | oh sehun by flappybyun
on the bed | oh sehunby exo's trash ♡
I had a terrible secret with my brother. He is not basically my real brother but I hate it when he gets me turned on. How can a man like him be so handsome? - rated 18+...
  • smutfanfic
  • fanfiction
  • exosmut
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Sudden Danger (Kaisoo)[GANGAU] by KpopDaydreams
Sudden Danger (Kaisoo)[GANGAU]by 🐻8812🐧
Kyungsoo leads one of Seoul's most feared gangs. However, he keeps his gang pretty lowkey at the same time. Considering they still attend school and only a select few kn...
  • sukris
  • kpop
  • markson
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BEHIND [Exo Chanyeol Fanfiction] by loey414
BEHIND [Exo Chanyeol Fanfiction]by Chanyeol Muse
Spending time with my step brother, the worldwide famous Oh Sehun, should be a simple thing to do before Park Chanyeol decided to come into my life. This asshole (네, 새끼)...
  • exosmut
  • chanyeolfanfic
  • kpopfanfic
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Not My Type v.1 by byunliight
Not My Type v.1by Mel
"You're not my type" "We'll see about that, Mr. Perfect" ♡ Completed A Baekhyun fanfic
  • byunbaekhyun
  • exo
  • completed
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♛PlayBoy. ☓ AmBw Exo FanFic.  by kayla_animelife
♛PlayBoy. ☓ AmBw Exo FanFic. by はちみつ。(Honey.)
Different Scenarios/☾ Imagines/ ➸Oneshots of Each EXO Member and ✿Chocolate Women. 170517
  • exofanfic
  • exosehun
  • exotrash
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I Need You {SEHUN} by lunaxleia
I Need You {SEHUN}by lunaxleia
Could anyone betray for just lust? Or did lust actually turn into love? Could you mistake lust for love?
  • exosmut
  • sehun
  • exosehun
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Exo | Chen Smuts - Chen x reader by SmuttyExo
Exo | Chen Smuts - Chen x readerby SmuttyExo
A Collection of Smuts with you and Chen! Enjoy!
  • exotic
  • jongdae
  • exo
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exo smut by bottomdae
exo smutby joey 🐶
the title says it all. if you cant tell what its going to be about, you need glasses or an english tutor. ((:
  • takingrequests
  • mature
  • chanyeol
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Payback | Exo-Smut (Sequel to Maid - Café) by Bts-fan400
Payback | Exo-Smut (Sequel to Maid...by Lulu123
Ein Jahr ist vergangen, seit dem letzten ereignisreichen Tag der offenen Tür. Alle Schüler geben sich deswegen besonders viel Mühe, doch die sechs ehemaligen Veranstalte...
  • sulay
  • kinks
  • kaisoo
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EXO Smuts/ Imagines by sadlykookie
EXO Smuts/ Imaginesby Leedle
a collection of EXO imagines. Requests open.
  • exosmut
  • exo
  • fluff
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Chanyeol's Girl by Chanbaekhyunnie_
Chanyeol's Girlby 𝓜𝓲𝓶𝓲 [🍒]
You are the bestfriend from Baekhyun. That means fun movie nights, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with. And even tough you get shit trowen at you from his fans...
  • baekhyun
  • exobaekhyun
  • chanyeolxyou
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K-POP Imagines/Preferences/Scenarios/Reactions/Smuts by cokkiewinchester
K-POP Imagines/Preferences/Scenari...by cokkiewinchester
Imagines/Preferences/Scenarios/Reactions with the following groups ✔ BTS ✔ EXO ✔ GOT7 ✔ Pentagon ✔ Monsta X ✔ VIXX ✔ NCT (All units) ✔ BIGBANG ✔ SF9 ✔ BTOB ✔ Seventeen ✔...
  • kpop
  • jungkook
  • btsjin
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he's safe | kim junmyeon/suho (smut/nsfw) by mrparkjibooty
he's safe | kim junmyeon/suho (smu...by bella
kim junmyeon is the guy who gets good grades and never goes out. what happens when he finally does, with a girl who does nothing but party. • mature content • my exo bia...
  • kpop
  • exosuho
  • kimjunmyeon
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Huang ZiTao Smuts [INACTIVE] by TaomiFakeSht
Huang ZiTao Smuts [INACTIVE]by Billie [INACTIVE]
This is for girls who love Tao. Just like me. The word smut must warn you already. Warning, warning, warning, warning. Just like in Overdose xD Please follow me, vote, c...
  • readerxtao
  • youxtao
  • taoexo
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EXO Zodiac Signs (Some Smut) by SugaKookiesin_Jun
EXO Zodiac Signs (Some Smut)by SugaKookiesin_Jun
It's in the name.
  • exoimagine
  • baekhyun
  • chen
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苦乐参半 ❴ BITTERSWEET ❵by 𝓈𝒶𝒹
你在称我为罪人吗? are you calling me a sinner? ┉┉┉ ♕ ┉┉┉ BITTERSWEET: ✧ - kpop oneshots. requests closed.
  • bangtan
  • kpoponeshot
  • got7smut
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Adrenaline Rush// multi-fandom by jeonius
Adrenaline Rush// multi-fandomby bobohu 🍓
[Welcome to Heathridge Manor!] Do you want to be a Kpop Star? You should. Play to help your favorite Koop Stars live in this manor! Your decisions have consequences...
  • jikook
  • baeklice
  • lisamanoban
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S t e p f a t h e r - B a e k h y u n  1 8 + by dadbaek
S t e p f a t h e r - B a e k h y...by S m u t B a e k
Your mum finds a new man who's only a few years older than you. What happens when you guys develop both sexual and passionate feeling towards eachother??
  • 18plus
  • baekhyun
  • exosmut
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