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Left Behind (A Fred & George fanfic) by PriscillaWrites
Left Behind (A Fred & George Priscilla
What if Fred Weasley's mischief wasn't quite managed yet?
Behind Her Secrets (OGS #1)  by gorgsenity
Behind Her Secrets (OGS #1) by senity
Heisje Azrine Hendrana (UNDER REVISION)
Unveiling the vile behind by Oenomelzha
Unveiling the vile behindby zhavs
After agreeing with her father's order to pretend to be her twin, Cassee Yvonne Acosta called herself vile. Kahit puno ng pag-aalinlangan, walang siyang nagawa kun'di an...
Behind The Silver Lining by Mintiezzz
Behind The Silver Liningby Mista Mintyz
[FINISHED] ____________________________________ Whenever a bad thing occurs, someone would always say "Look at the bright side!" or "Look at the silver li...
Left Behind (sequel to Not Alone) by OfficiallyKenz
Left Behind (sequel to Not Alone)by Kenz ✌
Anna has once again found herself alone in the walker infested world. But she's not completely alone this time, she has Andrea with her after the farm was overrun. Will...
I am the King, Right? by cheesydancer
I am the King, Right?by cheesydancer
Michael Zanaya was crowned king of Arsom when he was only four. His father recently died of cancer and his mother disappeared when he was little. 13 years later, how ca...
Fake Coincidences by SRwrites7
Fake Coincidencesby SR
⭐ #1 in high school love story.⭐ ⭐COMPLETED⭐ 'Why are things getting against me?' 'Why am I with him every time I am in an embarrassing situation?' Herley spoke to hers...
Behind The Jersey by LilMissSpontie
Behind The Jerseyby Alexandra :)
How can a person be so infuriating yet so intriguing? ••••••••••••• Elizabeth Kennedy never really thought of sexy football all star slash steamy quarterback, Colton Bla...
Beauty is the Beast (Kakashi Love Story) by Amaterasu
Beauty is the Beast (Kakashi Amaterasu!!!!
The combined seasons of 1 and 2 of Beauty is the Beast (Kakashi Love Story) Summary per each season in author notes. Note: And yes, that bookcover is mine, so no snatch...
Behind Those Silent Eyes Craig Of The Creek Jackie X OC Alexis by destinycopley134
Behind Those Silent Eyes Craig Destinycopley123
Alexis was always gifted ever since her birth. For Alexis her life has never been easy. Always running from different places due to her not being accepted by humans or h...
Save Me by imani148dr
Save Meby S.H.
Erika Kingsley fits the stereotype: blonde hair, blue eyes, rich dad. In definition: the spoiled blonde brat. But she isn't. The real her wants to be accepted, but can s...
Easy Company by Bobbiejelly
Easy Companyby bobbiejelly
It was someone else behind the shower door that evening.
Leaving Me Behind by Shani_AM_AWESOME
Leaving Me Behindby Shani_AM_AWESOME
Who helped Dylan get his first audition? Me. Who gave Dylan all the support when no one else would? Me. Who was Dylan's best friend? The one person who pushed him to ch...
Remembering Chloe by hannah-vo
Remembering Chloeby Hannah
I'm beautiful, I'm rich; I'm every guy's dream. In other words, I am perfect and I'm not afraid to flaunt it. But that's only what they tell me. I can't remember anyt...
"إذن من انت؟!" "انا شيطاناً قد هام في حبك عشقاً" Chargent of the novelty:‐ JEON JUNKOOK MIN YOONGI LE YORY KIM TAEHYUNG JEON YONHY
Book 2 - Warriors: The Servant's Promise by Pinipy
Book 2 - Warriors: The Servant's Pinipy
Evil has taken over. Death has taken the lives of many. The ground is drenched in crimson blood. And we have no savior, no leader, and no one to help us. We have lost fa...
ChanBaek: Behind The Cameras by soranokonan
ChanBaek: Behind The Camerasby Sorano Konan
What is Chanyeol doing to Baekhyun behind the cameras? When no one was around? When no fans around clicking their camera phones at them and when they're alone or back to...
Behind Bars | rosekook by rkfairy
Behind Bars | rosekookby 𝓡𝓚
HER life was quite simple, but that is until she gathered her courage and decided to complete her internship in a state prison for men. HIS life seems doomed because he...
FNIA - Join The Family by I_HOLD_ALL_THE_CARDS
FNIA - Join The Familyby Neo
After being kicked from his parents home and being arrested for a crime he didn't commit, left to struggle for a purpose in life, 18 year old Y/N comes across an adverti...
Left Behind by Alianthdra
Left Behindby Melissa Vakarian
Rynn of the Southern Water Tribe is in love with her best friend, Sokka. But she also has a deep secret - she is a Waterbender. In a time of war where the ruthless Fire...