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My Life With Billie Joe Armstrong by alltheidiots
My Life With Billie Joe Armstrongby soph
Natalie's dad died a few years ago, and of course her mother started dating. She just wasn't expecting her to bring home Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green D...
  • armstrong
  • day
  • green
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The Alchemist Of God  ( Fullmetal Alchemist x male Reader) by Atomkiller12
The Alchemist Of God ( Atomkiller12
a dark secret in the world of a man so powerful not even God could stop him
  • drdoom
  • roymustang
  • pride
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Yes, Ma'am || B.J.A. by coolliketre
Yes, Ma'am || coolliketre
**SEQUEL TO YES, SIR** She left her heart in Oakland, but he found her three years later in New York City.
  • billie
  • armstrong
  • billiejoe
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Sold // Harry Styles by BriellaRose
Sold // Harry Stylesby Gabriella
Although Eastside Academy has been abandoned for years, it is still well talked about. The relentless rumors about death and strange disappearances continue to spread wi...
  • harrystyles
  • disappear
  • liampayne
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Haiku Quotes 2 ~ Famous People by Warrior_Prophet
Haiku Quotes 2 ~ Famous Peopleby PJ Perry
a continuation of quotes in a haiku format i find along the way...
  • julius
  • haiku
  • prophet
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Viva La Inferno by idontwannasaygoodbye
Viva La Infernoby idontwannasaygoodbye
Christian Eden, or as his friends call him "Inferno" has been living in the city of Detroit his whole life. Sure, he has plenty of friends, but, between the up...
  • billie
  • christian
  • 21st
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27th Ave Shuffle by MissStrychnine
27th Ave Shuffleby MissStrychnine
Having an a friend like Twitch can make you wonder what's real and what's not. What if a pinch isn't enough to know you aren't dreaming? This is the story of the Saint...
  • billiejoearmstrong
  • reverend
  • greenday
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Castaway {Green Day}(discontinued) by NightSky01
Castaway {Green Day}(discontinued)by (No longer active)
Amelia is surely a castaway. Amy has been changing schools a lot lately, and she just wants to drop out. No one ever likes her, and she wants to go somewhere that people...
  • billie
  • tre
  • greenday
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The Lightning Bolt Alchemist(On hold Unless It Gets Attention) by Swummie
The Lightning Bolt Alchemist(On Shaina Marie
Vera had made mistake before, but not like this. Now that shes recovered, she believes nothing can stop her. But what happens when her past mistake comes to hunt her dow...
  • auto
  • funny
  • leo
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Sullen Riot by Greendaygirl17
Sullen Riotby Samantha (Sam)
Santana Logan is a feisty, beautiful, funny and rather rude 17 year-old with big dreams about becoming a punk rock star with her cousin Axel and her drummer and Guitaris...
  • armstrong
  • bille
  • joe
Billie Joe Armstrong in my life by iship_destiel
Billie Joe Armstrong in my lifeby American Idiot
Part 1 of something about Billie Joe and a girl named Beca having a crazy week together (courtesy of a gravity bong) and what happens after. It's short but hell, if you...
  • romantic
  • dirnt
  • rock
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Green Day Role Play  by Punk_Rock_Blitz
Green Day Role Play by ¡Ugly Fucktruck!
The title says it all :) have fun!
  • mike
  • green
  • joe
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A Few Of My Favorite Things by RainFoxx13
A Few Of My Favorite Thingsby Loser Headquarters
Fights between famous actors and members of boy bands. Mullets take over the world. And saving my idols from the mulletacolypse.
  • pete
  • green
  • jonas
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The Era Of Static And Contraband {Green Day Fan Fiction} by LithiumShapedBox
The Era Of Static And Contraband { .
"... Sing us the song of the century. That's louder than bombs and eternity. The Era Of Static And Contraband..." After World War III, great parts of the worl...
  • corruption
  • tre
  • theprophet
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Fire and Brimstone  by marvelben7
Fire and Brimstone by marvelben7
Colonel Hagane Tamashī was a State Alchemist, from a family of Military Dogs like him. Kima was his lieutenant, his closest supporter, his childhood friend. His enemy wa...
  • alchemy
  • hawkeye
  • fullmetalalchemist
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A M E R I C A N   I D I O T by BillieJxeArmstrxng
A M E R I C A N I D I O Tby Billie Joe
Billies MB
  • billiejoe
  • mb
  • billie
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Ask FMA by SamElric
Ask FMAby SamElric
Ask the FMA characters questions.
  • alphonse
  • sam
  • riza
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