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Loving My Friend (INCOMPLETE)  by intheera
Loving My Friend (INCOMPLETE) by Roseee
Freen and becky are two best friends! Freen loves becky but is afraid that becky doesn't loves her and she will lose becky if she confesses! Will Freen ever be successf...
Married to Miss Temperamental  by Petalpage
Married to Miss Temperamental by Petalpage
" Sometimes, the saddest endings are the ones we never saw coming." - Becky
My Girl (FreenBecky Au) by Sienna_ryu
My Girl (FreenBecky Au)by Lianne
Rebecca Patricia Armstrong & Freen Sarocha Chakimha Story
Fallen by itsmeK98
Fallenby itsK98
"You don't have a choice. Since I get back your wings, you must protect your heart. Please be kind and show love always my daughter" the light said and disappe...
The Love We Failed To Unfold [COMPLETED] by Petalpage
The Love We Failed To Unfold [ Petalpage
"I want you back Bec." Rebecca paused and smiled bitterly. "Why would you want me back when I was never yours in the first place?"
Make you Moan (Freen-Becky G!P)  by call_me_daddy___
Make you Moan (Freen-Becky G!P) by call_me_daddy___
Fantasizing about Freen and Becky? Here's one best shots for you. 😜🤤💦 If you are too sensitive, you are not welcome to read my fantasies. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK‼️ I ho...
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Bewitching Rebecca Patricia Armstrong  by Petalpage
Bewitching Rebecca Patricia Petalpage
"Is she mine?" Freen asked with shaky hands watching the little kid playing on the playground. Her hair cascade on her shoulders, her eyes were brown, Freen's...
My girlfriend is a cat  by __kristyy__
My girlfriend is a cat by 🔺nyt monster🔻
FreenBecky AU Co- author/ Cc: @twinklinghoneybee
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Forbidden Love by crazedz0ul
Forbidden Loveby vaishu
Rebecca Armstrong is starting her medical internship at Bangkok General, but there was a surprise waiting for her there in the form of none other than Dr.Freen Sarocha C...
BEAUTIFUL IN WHITE (Short Story) by archive2797
BEAUTIFUL IN WHITE (Short Story)by archive2797
"You look so beautiful in white"
mostly smuts contain g!p and non g!p read at your own risk Include covert stories and adaptions
The CEO's Hidden Affair  by Last_Limerence
The CEO's Hidden Affair by limerence
Freen, the powerful and married CEO of a thriving company, hires Becky as her personal assistant. As they work closely together, their professional relationship evolves...
Parking Lot | FreenBecky by wtrrzn
Parking Lot | FreenBeckyby zaf
a Freenbecky au wherein Shilo (F) met Keira (B) for the first time in the parking lot of a newly opened bar. Little did they know, that's where their story will begin. l...
My Badass Girl by Cloudslywery
My Badass Girlby Stvrlightt
She was rude, arrogant, aggressive, ruthless and dominating mafia, a frightening woman. The whole world was under her feet. Nobody had ever dared to disobey her expect o...
Dying Embers || BeckFreen [Completed] by vivaciousgeek
Dying Embers || BeckFreen [ deshu
What are you willing to do to get the person you love? Are you ready to light the fire that once dies? Are you willing to sacrifice your happiness for the justice she wa...
"I'm giving you the chance if you can escape, if I didn't find you then you're free but then if I find you, you're forever trapped here in my world, rebecca"...
Guide me to the Moon - Project #2 (Freen and Becky re-imagined stories) by kaat_haaa
Guide me to the Moon - Project KATHA
This is a stand alone short story that is part of the Project Series. Project #1 tackles about soulmates 🤍 Project #2 is about twin flame ❤️‍🔥
Hidden by crazedz0ul
Hiddenby vaishu
Upon her husband's death, Freen discovers that he was leading a double life, one with another woman, Becky. She secretly befriends Becky, to uncover how the affair start...
RomCom Cliché by AnonDaDuck
RomCom Clichéby Da Tacky Duck
Rebecca is a hopeless romantic control freak. Freen is just... not it. Disclaimer: Story is not mine, I only adapted it to FreenBecky Fanfic because I love this piece an...
Differences (Let me love you ) by kavinJhonson
Differences (Let me love you )by kavin Jhonson
life is always unpredictable. You never say what will happen in the next few minutes . the story of two women , who fallen in love with both . if they love is acceptabl...