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Sick Little Games [Jack Barakat] by jagkbonerkat
Sick Little Games [Jack Barakat]by cassie
Plot Twist! Maddy Allbourne is a guitarist in a punk band with four other guys. A band known as All Time Low. Her and Jack are probably the most affectionate set of frie...
Therapy: Life With Alex Gaskarth by dreamxinspire
Therapy: Life With Alex Gaskarthby dreamxinspire
Sarah Dawson is a 19-year-old girl about to embark on a once in a lifetime adventure--touring with All Time Low! Her brother Rian is the drummer for the band and Sarah h...
The Pen Pal Project // Alex Gaskarth by BasketballGirl124
The Pen Pal Project // Alex BasketballGirl124
Kendall Carney always had her head in a book. Alex Gaskarth was your typical punk high school senior. What do two polar opposites have in common? An English teacher who...
Hospital Beds and Memories (All Time Low Fanfiction | Jack Barakat) by aweirdkindofyellow
Hospital Beds and Memories (All aweirdkindofyellow
So let me introduce myself. No, there is nothing seriously wrong with me, I just happened to be in a car crash at 21 years old. This then resulted in me being in a coma...
Collide (Tony Perry) by sidewaystiara
Collide (Tony Perry)by Emily
(Sequel to Kidnapped By Pierce The Veil) Pierce The Veil are back with a bang, already on their first head-lining tour and straight into writing their newest album. Ly...
Weightless (Jalex) by TheGreatSaiyaman
Weightless (Jalex)by TheGreatSaiyaman
It all began with a kiss, with Alex, my best friend, my band mate, which got me thinking, am I gay? The audience was yelling now. "Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!&qu...
No Exceptions(Adopted by Jack Barakat) by LittleTicTax
No Exceptions(Adopted by Jack Avery L.
Previously titled: Never Gonna Let You Go This is an adoption fic. I am going to do my best to avoid clichés at all costs, but who knows how well that will work. From t...
Long Live Us: Sequel to Therapy by dreamxinspire
Long Live Us: Sequel to Therapyby dreamxinspire
Sarah is living her dream. Getting to tour with her own band has been a blast, but one tour in particular may make her change her mind. What happens when fate brings her...
Stockholm Syndrome (Jalex) by babyspiders
Stockholm Syndrome (Jalex)by babyspiders
One minute - that's all it takes for me to fall in love with the dusty blonde haired stranger and for Alex to be certain with the identity of his next victim - me. And t...
Sing Me to Sleep [all time low fan fiction] by harley30
Sing Me to Sleep [all time low Rebecca
kelly barakat is jack barakat's sister who falls in love with jack's best friend alex gaskarth. this is their story together
You Kill Me (In A Good Way) • Kellic by vFangsv
You Kill Me (In A Good Way) • You're Kellin Me
Kellin Quinn, your average high schooler with good grades and a lovable personality. Kellin was bullied in his previous school for being gay, so on his first day of Clai...
Thanks To You || Alex Gaskarth by lexyloveee
Thanks To You || Alex Gaskarthby lexy
Alex Gaskarth can't seem to keep it together. His girlfriend left him and now, he's watching his life fall apart around him as his anxiety takes over. When everything be...
Little Gaskarth by RollingBallOfKnives
Little Gaskarthby RYET JAMES
Alex Gaskarth 24 years old, single, touring the world making music gets a call at 3 am. Out of no where he is now a father. #1 - #atlfanfics #1 - #alltimelowfanfiction...
Manage Me I'm A Mess (All Time Low Fanfic) by katiebarakarth
Manage Me I'm A Mess (All Time Katie
Alex and Jules have been best friends for years. They know everything thing about each other... except that Jules' new crush and Alex have a past and things get messy. W...
Drowning in a River of Denial (Jalex) by AllTimePhan
Drowning in a River of Denial ( ☽ tae enthusiast ☾
[DISCONTINUED] Jack's life sucked. So did Alex's. It got better when they saw each other after six years of distance, though. Trigger warning: Self-harm, abuse. Title...
Eyes Open ✰ Jalex by demolitioniero
Eyes Open ✰ Jalexby ˗ˏˋ lily ˎˊ˗
- In which a lonely kid named Alex who is only slightly obsessed with how colorful the whole planet is meets a lonely kid named Jack who has stopped obsessing over anyth...
The Leather Jacket (Jalex) by IveGotRedHair
The Leather Jacket (Jalex)by Emma
Alex is homeless, playing his acoustic on the streets just to get by, that is until Jack shows up. Jack gives him his leather jacket in a moment of kindness that Alex ne...
𝖣𝖠𝖸𝖣𝖱𝖤𝖠𝖬 𝖠𝖶𝖠𝖸 ⊰ jack barakat ⊱ by happiejoon
𝖣𝖠𝖸𝖣𝖱𝖤𝖠𝖬 𝖠𝖶𝖠𝖸 ⊰ jack hazi
ALL TIME LOW OWN TIMELINE [JACK BARAKAT x OC] Jack once had a daydream of his dream girl. When they meet, he totally forgot that he was even thinking of her but he knows...
Breakout (All Time Low Fanfiction) by ParaSwiftyStar
Breakout (All Time Low Fanfiction)by Jada
{Book 1} Marie Chambers is your average high school nerd. Alex Gaskarth is your average popular boy. These two are so different yet so alike. What happens when they both...