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Sick Little Games [Jack Barakat] by jagkbonerkat
Sick Little Games [Jack Barakat]by cassie
Plot Twist! Maddy Allbourne is a guitarist in a punk band with four other guys. A band known as All Time Low. Her and Jack are probably the most affectionate set of frie...
  • low
  • jackbarakat
  • poppunk
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No Exceptions(Adopted by Jack Barakat) by LittleTicTac
No Exceptions(Adopted by Jack Avery L.
Previously titled: Never Gonna Let You Go This is an adoption fic. I am going to do my best to avoid clichés at all costs, but who knows how well that will work. From t...
  • bonds
  • zack
  • tour
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Luv U forever by Harshpree
Luv U foreverby Harshpree
Can you love your best friend brother????? But aliya had , she loved zain brother of Barkat her best friend but a unusual storm hit them Barakt was dead , zain was lost...
  • brother
  • zaya
  • sisterlove
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The Pen Pal Project // Alex Gaskarth by BasketballGirl124
The Pen Pal Project // Alex Tara
Kendall Carney always had her head in a book. Alex Gaskarth was your typical punk high school senior. What do two polar opposites have in common? An English teacher who...
  • pal
  • letters
  • awg
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Quicksand (Jalex) by RaisedByMusicc
Quicksand (Jalex)by Squishy Barakat
It became all too much for Alex to try and be the perfect son and role model for his baby brother, Josh. He starts keeping a dark secret from everyone, including his fam...
  • jack
  • jalex
  • alex
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Forbidden summer//: Jalex by softkarth
Forbidden summer//: Jalexby Pls read my Jalex's
Alex and Lisa are best friends. The summer before Junior year is going to be spend on the sunny beaches of LA, with Lisa's Dad. Alex has one problem her Dad is really ho...
  • lisaruocco
  • jalexbarakarth
  • bxb
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Adopted by All Time Low ^Completed^ by pastelbarakat
Adopted by All Time Low ^Completed^by Em♡
Winter was alone. No one cared for her. She was bullied everyday and to make matters worst, she was an orphan. But her favorite band adopts her. Would that change her su...
  • jack
  • merrick
  • barakat
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Lost in Stereo (Alex Gaskarth All Time Low) by SavannaAllstar
Lost in Stereo (Alex Gaskarth Sav
For Addison music is life. Or at least the only good part of it. She ditched her abusive boyfriend and her parents big dreams for a life as roadie for an Atlanta venue b...
  • concert
  • fanfiction
  • jack
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Therapy: Life With Alex Gaskarth by dreamxinspire
Therapy: Life With Alex Gaskarthby Dreamer
Sarah Dawson is a 19-year-old girl about to embark on a once in a lifetime adventure--touring with All Time Low! Her brother Rian is the drummer for the band and Sarah h...
  • low
  • riandawson
  • jack
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Lovesick Lullaby (Jalex KIK) by thekellinbooty
Lovesick Lullaby (Jalex KIK)by Noodle
[New Conversation with 'JackOff💦'] JackOff💦 is typing... Jackoff💦: Hey baby, wanna sit on my lap and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up? ;) [THIS IS LITERA...
  • kik
  • gaygaygaygaygay
  • jackbarakat
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All Time Low Imagines & Preferences by vengeances
All Time Low Imagines & Preferencesby vengeances
completed as of 2016
  • atl
  • zack
  • barakat
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The Hustler [Alex Gaskarth] by willievergrowup
The Hustler [Alex Gaskarth]by willievergrowup
Alex Gaskarth was a hot fucking mess when his girlfriend, Sammy, left him. His bandmates tried anything and everything they could think of to pull him out of his deep, d...
  • merrick
  • low
  • gaskarth
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Remembering Sunday ( A Zack Merrick Fanfic) by GlitterGaskarth
Remembering Sunday ( A Zack GlitterGaskarth
They say you can't run from your past but that's exactly what Thea Joseph is doing, she's running. What else can she do when her past could hurt everyone who ever cared...
  • merrick
  • alexgaskarth
  • zachmerrick
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Beautiful Scars (A Jack Barakat Fanfic) by GlitterGaskarth
Beautiful Scars (A Jack Barakat GlitterGaskarth
"You don't know what you've got till it's gone" Those words echoed through Nora life. The scars lacing her skin had not only killed apart of herself but destro...
  • riandawson
  • merrick
  • fanfic
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Falling for the Lead Singer// Alex Gaskarth x Reader by Tainted_Memories
Falling for the Lead Singer// Taylar
When looking for a cd (y/n) meets Alex Gaskarth and they instantly have a connection. But when Alex has to go back to touring will they keeping touch or will their poten...
  • alltimelow
  • bandimagine
  • triggerwarning
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So wrong it's right//: Jalex Mpreg✅ by softkarth
So wrong it's right//: Jalex Mpreg✅by Pls read my Jalex's
Therapy, it's never been something Alex's has liked, but he got a new therapist and it was actually okay, until one night where it changed both their lives possibly fore...
  • jalexbarakarth
  • jalexfanfiction
  • jackbarakat
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Breaking The Rules (Alex Gaskarth) by Jalexisntonfire
Breaking The Rules (Alex Gaskarth)by Gráinne
I'm drawn to her. It's like I'm meant to be here with her. I don't know what it is, but I feel something when I'm with her that I don't get with anyone else. I want to l...
  • jack
  • jalex
  • gaskarth
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The Other Side | All Time Low by losjngmyself
The Other Side | All Time Lowby kt
"...if you wake up in 2005 tomorrow, that's your own fault. You're the one who threw out those words 'I wish.'" In which a harmless wish throws a seventeen ye...
  • alternateuniverse
  • timetravel
  • universe
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seen ♢ jalex by bandana-gaskarth
seen ♢ jalexby daddy gaskarth
"jack?" "yeah alex?" "i think i love you."
  • zackmerrick
  • jackbarakat
  • barakat
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Jalex Au's/Oneshots/Imagines by bellalovesottowood
Jalex Au's/Oneshots/Imaginesby Gayotic
Jalex!!!! Smut Fluff AU's I'll take requests if you like!
  • rian
  • zack
  • gay
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