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Texting Lachlan Power  by Aussielachy
Texting Lachlan Power by Aussielachy
~COMPLETED~ "Shit, wrong number." I typed as I realized that I sent the message to some random person. "No worries. What's up?" The message came an h...
Notes !A pack FF! by Hakepy
Notes !A pack FF!by Hakepy
Preston moves a lot because of his dad's work. At every school he's been known as 'that wired kid that sits alone.' But this time he's moving to a school in LA. Will thi...
The Pack and Sidemen Oneshots {Requests Open} by hollyskater
The Pack and Sidemen Oneshots { Jay
Still Gay GAy gaY GaY gAy gAyYyYyYy (literally nothing had changed since the last book) Feel free to leave requests for this book either in the comments on this book, in...
The Highlander's Servant (Book One of the Highlander Possession Series) by foreverhopeful
The Highlander's Servant (Book Savannah K. Vining
For Kirstin Croft, the lowlands of Scotland have always been a sanctuary for protecting her sense of virtue and purity. After she becomes involved in an unfortunate occu...
Sidemen and Buttercream imagines by buttercreammaynard
Sidemen and Buttercream imaginesby Chloe
Imagines about the Sidemen and the Buttercream Squad
Sidemen And Pack Oneshots {Requests Open} by hollyskater
Sidemen And Pack Oneshots { Jay
Gay gAY GAy gaY GaY gAy gAyYyYyY all over again! Once again, nothing has changed since the last book! I may sneak in some Phan or Septiplier this time around but it will...
The Pack/Sidemen Imagines and Preferences [COMPLETED] by bri_leon823
The Pack/Sidemen Imagines and bri_leon823
The title kind of explains it haha. REQUESTS ARE FOREVER CLOSED Each imagine type will have like two parts so that I can do everybody so yeah. :) Hope you enjoy and fe...
The Pack and Friends One Shots {requests open} by hollyskater
The Pack and Friends One Shots { Jay
Gay gAY GAy gaY GaY gAy gAyYyYyY I AM UNIMAGINATIVE IF YOU WANT TO SEND ME PROMPTS/SHIPS FEEL FREE #1 vikkstar123, bajancanadian, jeromeasf, tbnrfrags, woofless, preston...
Vikklan One-Shots by Sarahturtle2
Vikklan One-Shotsby Sarah
COVER ART CREDIT GOES TO MY AMAZING FRIEND KATA aka @KatinkaDragonGirl !!! I spend too much time writing Vikklan crap and you can read it here
Popstar- Vikklan [The Pack Ships] by hollyskater
Popstar- Vikklan [The Pack Ships]by Jay
Vikk is in his final year of high school; barely 18 years old but he has a huge secret. He is secretly a famous singer who makes his own music, albums and records but he...
Crimson Red *Vikklan Story* by rochiimc_17
Crimson Red *Vikklan Story*by Ro
Vikklan Vampire Fanfiction! Thanks for all the support! If you like this story maybe i'll do more!! Stay Safe >Gg Rochii< If using my cover, please give credit, i...
Just A Kiss ~MiniStar Fanfic~ by Sity_of_Zerkstar123
Just A Kiss ~MiniStar Fanfic~by [SDMN] Sity
"Because if I kissed you, you wouldn't have a reason to be around anymore. Your bet will be over and you'll win while I lose." He said in a small whisper that...
Sidemen Oneshots by saltasaur
Sidemen Oneshotsby dina
boy x boy, mostly sidemen ships, will occasionally be sidepack. Requests are welcome :) Enjoy! *not my art
Don't Forget  by CatOppp
Don't Forget by Cat
Everything is gone. I've lost anything and everyone that I once cared for. There's no point trying to be a hero anymore. Nothing is left worth saving. I can't take it wh...
Lachlan Fanfics  by Aussielachy
Lachlan Fanfics by Aussielachy
Lachlan imagines that'll make you feel all sorts of emotions. My instagram account is @aussielachy Enjoy reading! SOME fanfics will be extremely dirty! Read maturely.
Adopted by The Sidemen by hollyskater
Adopted by The Sidemenby Jay
Lily is 14 years old, 12,000 miles from the country she once called home; England. Living in a care home for mentally disabled children and teens she tries her best to g...
Little Zerker [SDMN] *discontinued but up for prosperity* by morningue
Little Zerker [SDMN] * »mint fresh«
This story is old and I grew out of it, but it is still up and readable for prosperity's sake. Where Sidemen fans go for something a little different than their usual se...
The Boyfriend and The Possessive Ex| Mrfreshasian x reader by ActuallyReady
The Boyfriend and The Possessive L
Fresh (Harley) is a lonely kid that just loves games in downtown Sydney. But when a lovely girl moves in with him. His whole world flips over. An abusive boyfriend is...
30 Days of Pack and Sidemen Oneshots by hollyskater
30 Days of Pack and Sidemen Jay
Exactly what the title says. 30 days of Pack and Sidemen oneshots running from 30th June 2020 to 29th July 2020. Ships and prompt listed in the title of each chapter. Le...
Click love life by Stichlez
Click love lifeby A non human
THIS BOOK IS A JOKE, this book is a joke and something to laugh at (well I find my writing hilariously bad) You've heard of a love triangle but what about a never endin...