Why Do You Hate Me? ↠ Sidemen ↠Pack

Why Do You Hate Me? ↠ Sidemen ↠Pack

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ThatMCasiangamer By ThatMCasiangamer Completed

"Where were you?" He asked as I walked in.

"Out." Was all that i replied, he never would have let me out if he knew.

"Were you with The Pack?"

I didnt say anything.

"I told you to stop hanging out with them!" 

"So what?! They're my friends!"

"They're a bad influence on you!" 

"You cant tell me what to do!" 

"Yes I can I am older than you!"

"UGHHH!" I angrily screamed going up the stairs.

"Why Do You Hate Me?"


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HoloZodiacs HoloZodiacs Jun 08, 2017
This is like the fourth time I'm reading this book, and I love just as much every time 😂❤