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We are better than this...(Amephil book 2) by definitelynotareader
We are better than this...( tommorownight
"I love you but I don't need me..." This is a time where Philippines and America walk away from each other... by Philip's choice with high pride and...
we are better than this...(Amephil) by UnlovelyDefi
we are better than this...(Amephil)by YoBurnedOut
this takes place in the Philippines drug war and him trying to ally with China and Russia and it made America felt betrayed by this but Philip is hurting as well by Amer...
It was supposed to be sunny, today. by quoksyaga
It was supposed to be sunny, Quoks.
Just another IchiRuki twoshot. :)
Offensive Comedy About Transdimensional Beings  by EtherNope
Offensive Comedy About Stop It
The title says it all . I basically couldn't find a non-romantic , entirely just bad comedy story anywhere , so I decided to write one . This story does include my terri...
Puuur-fect Match by Age_Of_Cage
Puuur-fect Matchby Jennifer Lopez
[ EDIT SUMMARY & COVER] You had barly moved to paris from the united states, cause of your mom & dads new job. You thought paris weould be like the U.S. but no, no it...
Oh, so this is crap! (Dinosaucers Comics fic) by nhnphuc1
Oh, so this is crap! ( my name what?
It's not meant to take seriously, mind you. Enjoy laughing at it : ]
And They Were Roomates by IvySkyz
And They Were Roomatesby IvySkyz
Drarry prompt from: @redbloom6 ______________________ Draco and Harry are roommates that believe they absolutely can't stand each other but everyone around them think it...
Just a Technician  by Qwinlynn
Just a Technician by Amelia_Basham
ITS MATT! MATT THE RADAR TECHNICIAN. ( also we kinda got the case of da chushies)
It Wasn't Me! by TootsiePops
It Wasn't Me!by TootsiePops
Suho was holding a meeting when someone farts. Chaos ensues including flying accusations, hair pulling, and way too much duct tape. Utter and complete crack. OT12 cuz...
An Garda Síochána Oscail an Doras  by CaptainFluff1
An Garda Síochána Oscail an Doras by Francis Alborada
Ireland during lockdown, no social gatherings and face masks required. Someone needs to make sure all of the guidelines are being followed, but unfortunately one of thos...
Butcher Of Humor by patheticdiaries
Butcher Of Humorby hi
so this is story that was written for a creative writing assignment in my english class but my friend and I decided to keep going with it. this is not the best story and...
cookedk-9 by elianaCub
cookedk-9by Cloudy Anne
random awkward inside joke
House Of Memories (Pokémon Ranger: SoA Male!reader X Various by drawingislife18
House Of Memories (Pokémon Toby Senpai
You are the new boy of Almia, hailing from the region of Fiore. In hopes of becoming a Pokémon Ranger, your Zither enrolls you in Almia's Ranger Academy, where you will...
Stupid poems by Fluffymarshmallowwud
Stupid poemsby hi
These are jokes. Pfft. Just random crappy poems I made at 1am None of them are serious sksjsosksodk
The Book of Followers by Haunt3dD0llS
The Book of Followersby Beach Bunny
A book where all the characters are my Followers! To join you must: 1) Tell me your Pronouns 2) Exist Don't demand roles, I get to choose that If you guys want to be shi...
The Random book that Nobody likes by MiaJ_TheReader
The Random book that Nobody likesby MiaJ_TheReader
Umm this is the Book for Random Crap. I will be posting a bit but not often. I might even write some oneshots for you guys if you want :) I do games like Danganronpa, (A...
funny doors by backrooms_reader
funny doorsby The local hide
only for people with horrible humor
Stuck In A Twister (IN BETA) by CrazyObscurePusheen
Stuck In A Twister (IN BETA)by Catz Crazy
A normal place. A normal school. A crazy teacher. A tipsy girl. Another girl. A crazy stalker. More teachers. More subjects. WHAT. DID...