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Crush, No, Crushed by monkeybaby7
Crush, No, Crushedby Katlynn
Love confessions change everything. But not with Ruth and her best friend, Les. When Ruth finally plucks up the courage to tell him that she is in love, he rejects her t...
Marrying Atlantis by Keira000
Marrying Atlantisby Jane Rose (the cookie monster)
When plain Jane, Aubrey finds a guy burried in the sand, she naturally helps him. He thanks her by kissing her which throughs her right off, not having been kissed, like...
How We Met (Cha Eun Woo X Reader) COMPLETED by lauren_kim13
How We Met (Cha Eun Woo X Reader) lauren_kim13
You and your friend Kimberly have tickets to Music Bank and watch to see all the k pop idols perform. Your favorite group of all, ASTRO, held your most favorite member E...
Yatori - Let's Play Hide&Seek by YanHyakuya
Yatori - Let's Play Hide&Seekby Yan
ONE SHOT This happens when Yato is drunk, so don't give him sake to drink ;) Want to find out? Go ahead and read. [WARNING: soft smut content] A fanfiction for my friend...
Hide and Seekby Taylor
| Jamie and Jeff's story. | One look was all it took. One touch and the sparks sealed my fate. The rest should be history. Except it isn't. He didn't want me. He. Doesn'...
WHO AM I? by Pscion_
WHO AM I?by p h a w i i i
How are you going to find the answer for your real identity? What if may mga alaalang nagbabalik mula sa nakaraan na makakapagpagulo sa utak mo? Paano mo hahanapin kung...
•ICQ•||Taekook\Completed\  by jenniferVK_
•ICQ•||Taekook\Completed\ by 🍑𝐵 𝑌 𝐸 𝑂 𝐿🍑
"Энэ ертөнцөд мөнхийн гэж хэлж болох бүх зүйлээс хайр дурлал хамгийн богино настай нь." started:200217 end:200316
Painfully human  by willow0798
Painfully human by willow0798
I write and that is all really...
Daddy's Little Girl by eryn32
Daddy's Little Girlby Eryn
A dark figure is walking towards us through the haze. I ignore it and let Ryan pull me to the ocean. As the figure gets closer, I can tell its a grown man. I stop abrupt...
Finding Nana (Zana/Zane~Chan) by _Cosmos31
Finding Nana (Zana/Zane~Chan)by Galaxy Cosmos
(I thought I'd finally make this because I think it might be okay...) The Meif'wa who hid herself; her true self. The boy who was dark and negative, and she was his suns...
Hide & Seek In The Rain - A SoKeefe Story  ✔ by Read_On33
Hide & Seek In The Rain - A ✎﹏
"They were playing hide and seek when he disappeared. She spent the rest of her life searching for him." Sophie spent hours, minutes, all her seconds she had o...
Hide N' Seek by GamerGirlKai
Hide N' Seekby Kai
Four Teenagers Go To A Party But Get Lost On The Way There, There Are Some Problems That Happen And the Four Teenagers Find This Abandoned House, But They Are Not Alone...
See Through feat. BTS by justMinimizy
See Through feat. BTSby ~ Ji ~
He who is her only friend. He who they never met. He who no one knows. But in her heart he will stay. In this story, we will see how this girl, who only has one friend g...
"VROOM" Kereta ayah Tunia bergerak laju untuk bertemu kembali bersama keluarga sepupu dan juga neneknya. Mereka amat gembira dan teruja untuk bermain dengan ke...
"The Half-Blooded" by LadyMonSTR
"The Half-Blooded"by Azid Fuentes
15 years old Patricia Hayes, a student of 'Clairemont School of Wizards' who's been engaged in a battle between the Gold and the black wizards, have been curious about h...
Restless Hearts (Dark Past 4) by Kweenyxx
Restless Hearts (Dark Past 4)by Amanda Trei
It must have been love but it's over now...
Origin of Olympus my au  by DjfoxE
Origin of Olympus my au by DjfoxE
This story is based on the actual series but this oneone is gonna be different it's gonna have some of my ocs in here and ill make a chapter of my ocs that are gonna be...
Alpha Mate? by UnForgivable15
Alpha Mate?by Maddi
Mel was perfect in Jo’s eyes. She had perfect curly brown hair he wanted to run his fingers through. Her perfect green eyes and brilliant white smile that could light up...