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The Devil's Henchmen - The Lone Wolf by ByRavenRayne
The Devil's Henchmen - The Lone Wo...by Raven Rayne Books
"Because only a demon could recognize an angel when he saw one." Wolf was a club assassin, he had no time for things like relationships, or emotions. He neve...
  • assassin
  • strongwoman
  • fighting
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Westbound (Love Travels West, Book 1) by cradle_life
Westbound (Love Travels West, Book...by Vladislava Mari
If it were easy, it wouldn't be love. With her parents dead and her engagment in ruins, Danielle Preston decides to leave England and try to start her life over again. S...
  • wattys2015
  • 1870s
  • historicalfiction
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Van Der Linde Savior (Red Dead Redemption 2) by VanDerLinde87
Van Der Linde Savior (Red Dead Red...by VanDerLinde87
Dutch Van Der Linde, and Arthur Morgan, John Marston.... Well, they were real historical characters, Dutch and Arthur being Celina Knoll's favorite Wild West outlaws. Re...
  • johnmarston
  • 1899
  • angstwithhappyending
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Sinners & Sons (An MC Romance)✔️ by aminaleeds13
Sinners & Sons (An MC Romance)✔️by Amina Leeds
(Leather & Lace, Book 2) "My madre once told me to love as fierce as the gods loved and to never run from fate, but I never understood that until the day I met yo...
  • outlawclub
  • bikers
  • motorcycle
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Beasts & Burdens (An MC Romance) ✔️ by aminaleeds13
Beasts & Burdens (An MC Romance) ✔️by Amina Leeds
2018 ABBA Winner! (Leather & Lace, Book 1) "Sarin, someday you'll realize that the moment those lips claimed mine I decided that I'd tear Heaven and Hell apart, j...
  • motorcycle
  • badass
  • outlaw
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Captive Romance by conleyswifey
Captive Romanceby Nicole Sturgill
**Mail order wife, Rebecca Smallwood leads a boring life on her wealthy husband's Wyoming ranch. She deals with his daily remarks and annoyance toward her inability to p...
  • romance
  • manxwoman
  • outlaw
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Husband with Benefits ▪ Updating ▪ (Blood Money #1) by humaira_azad
Husband with Benefits ▪ Updating ▪...by Myra
Someone once said, 'A muse can be a mirror: a reflection of the artist's desires, anxieties, dreams, and needs'. Right now, I was his muse. I was his desire. I w...
  • politics
  • womanhood
  • money
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New Start by onceuponatime992
New Startby onceuponatime992
Regina is Emma Swan's teacher. Emma is a shy students bullied by many. She has a son. That's why she loved to this high school. No one knew she had a son and no one need...
  • crying
  • evil
  • evilregal
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Chase the Wind (Love Travels West, Book 3) by cradle_life
Chase the Wind (Love Travels West...by Vladislava Mari
Sometimes its not about the destination, but rather the journey. Clark is searching. After years of living with no purpose, no hope, no meaning or value to his existence...
  • search
  • bountyhunter
  • cowboy
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Red Outlaw by rylienoland17
Red Outlawby Rylie
Red is a mustang who makes his life on the Great Plains of America in the early 1800s. His life wasn't easy in it's beginning, and it wasn't about to get easier. Follow...
  • herd
  • gallop
  • band
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OutLaw ( Spider-Man: H. Fanfic ) by avengers_bnra
OutLaw ( Spider-Man: H. Fanfic )by Zendaya's-wife
( Sequel To Subject E305 ) Ruby Maria Stark sat in the passenger's seat as Tony Stark drove the car. It had been about half an hour since Tony woke her up from the sof...
  • tonystark
  • flashthompous
  • fugitive
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An Outlaw's Silence (manxman)(second story in The Crane Gang series) by conleyswifey
An Outlaw's Silence (manxman)(seco...by Nicole Sturgill
An Outlaw's Silence (Wyatt's Story) ***Only a handful of people in Wyatt's life ever given a darn about him-because of that, Wyatt is extremely loyal and protective of...
  • historicalfiction
  • outlaw
  • lawman
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Young Queen  by onceuponatime992
Young Queen by onceuponatime992
Regina grew into a magnificent queen, but how did she grow into the beautiful ruler she is today? This is a story about her childhood and the hardships that she had to f...
  • hurt
  • henrymills
  • evilqueen
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What Happens In A Small Town by BGsSmokinGun
What Happens In A Small Townby BGs Smokin Gun
"we said this goodbye was the last I guess I could leave run from the past And from us And from you But this is where I belong This is my home too" As of 01/1...
  • countrylove
  • bgnation
  • countrymusic
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Devils & Daughters (An MC Romance) by aminaleeds13
Devils & Daughters (An MC Romance)by Amina Leeds
(Leather & Lace, Book 3) "We've been doin' this dance for years, beautiful. I step forward, you step back, but we can't seem to come together. I think we've had eno...
  • drama
  • fiction
  • adultromance
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Outlaw Love by baseballfan8
Outlaw Loveby baseballfan8
Nix is visiting her brother Knox when she meets an outlaw who changes her views on a lot of things. BG is home and restless until he meets a wild child who don't take h...
  • tattoos
  • love
  • countrymusic
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Silver Lining by reginasevilregal
Silver Liningby reginasevilregal
Regina's life, set in a land without magic. An abusive relationship breaks Regina, but she manages to change her fate after meeting Robin. What's next for them? Warning...
  • outlaw
  • evilregal
  • ouat
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Miss Orléans / Arthur Morgan x OC by Havenesa
Miss Orléans / Arthur Morgan x OCby Havenesa
Elizabeth Orléans comes from a background of unimaginable wealth from her father. Raised in the life of luxury, she adored her parents and was always a respectable littl...
  • vander
  • morgan
  • lovestory
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Frozen (Javier Escuella X Reader) by iisome1writesii
Frozen (Javier Escuella X Reader)by iisome1writesii
Elizabeth Perez, former bounty hunter turned outlaw has stumbled upon the Van Der Lin gang. Death, blood, money and betrayal she was expecting. One thing she wasn't? Lov...
  • morgan
  • cold
  • fanfiction
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My Heart's Treasure by MarieHiggins
My Heart's Treasureby Marie Higgins
Ladies' man Anton Romero is smitten with Vivian Wentworth from the very beginning. He wants nothing more than to get to know the stiff Miss Wentworth-and perhaps make he...
  • voyage
  • jewels
  • secrets
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