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Something About Emmett (Billionaire Romance) [COMPLETED] by JasmineDahlia
Something About Emmett (Billionair...by Jasmine Greene
Julianne Burke is a young and advanced college student with an eye for trouble. Ever since her last year in high school, when the only man she ever loved disappeared wit...
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A Dare//Anthony Reeves by brock_dolan
A Dare//Anthony Reevesby brock_dolan
Anthony's friends dared him to get the least popular, has one friend, has never been in a relationship, socially awkward girls number. That's were olivia Davis comes in.
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Who We Used To Be // h.s by One_Direction_x
Who We Used To Be // h.sby ESMÈE
Ever wondered why time goes by so quickly? It has been years since Emma and Harry last saw each other. He regretted letting her go, and she regretted not staying. But...
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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
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Katelyn x female reader by Ashleywrites101
Katelyn x female readerby Luckyshoadow charm
Being the new girl around the block isn't always the best especially when your parents passed away. Thankfully they wanted the very best for you so they left a will agre...
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Spying is my life... But now I have to Escape. by KenZ_Dizzy95
Spying is my life... But now I hav...by KenZ_Dizzy95
Darkness. That's all I could see around me, that's all I could feel. Then all of a sudden images flash before me, like pictures being posted on a bulletin. Fire, explos...
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pretty boy <3 Jaden Hossler  by playboygirly
pretty boy <3 Jaden Hossler by SHY
"She lost him to fame but once she gets clout, he wants back in the picture" A nice guy gets clout and someone's bound to get hurt. But when he wants to make a...
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Woh ek pal by MeghnaKaria
Woh ek palby Crazy me
I have always been in arguments with myself when it comes to love, I get confused what is more important showing your love by expressing or you just feel love????..... ...
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My Best Friend by baseballfan8
My Best Friendby baseballfan8
Ellison Claire Sanders left Jefferson 10 years ago after her and her best friend Brantley got in a fight. Brantley always felt like a piece of his heart went with her...
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Playing the Player by ashleighclaire1003
Playing the Playerby Ashleigh
"Here's the game, Adrien. We date. We hold hands. The first person that falls in love with the other loses." Marinette has had enough of the player of the sch...
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Text To Becky by kaykay113226
Text To Beckyby Kayse the Savior💞
A story of a breaking friendship
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Spying is my life... But now I have to play soccer by KenZ_Dizzy95
Spying is my life... But now I hav...by KenZ_Dizzy95
On Sadie's last mission, she ran into Sam. after all the drama that went on she brought Sam back with her. they are now being partnered up for another mission in Califo...
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Trust No One by Stevie1192
Trust No Oneby Stevie1192
Ezra is a young street rat from the planet Lothal. One day, he steals crates from a crew trying to take them from the Empire. He ends up on the crew's ship, the Ghost...
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Ex Best Friend | ON HOLD  by Azzie01
Ex Best Friend | ON HOLD by Azzie01
My best friend moved away ten years ago... I wonder what would happen if we were to meet again. After all a lot can change in ten years right? •Prologue can be found ins...
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Thug From Around The Way by K_Alleyce
Thug From Around The Wayby Jakierah Alleyce
Your normal good girl Ms. Asia Jackson! A honor student with great grades and loves to cheer and dance in her spare time. Did I mention her past with Julian or as they c...
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dear hayes ✧ grier by stussyhayes
dear hayes ✧ grierby c ⚡️
"it's been a long day without you, my friend." - in which a girl sends letters to an old friend, hoping they can reconnect.
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He's My Tutor? 🔒♡BxG♡ by IzzySaysHaii
He's My Tutor? 🔒♡BxG♡by Izzy
What happens when your old best friend enters your life again without you having any choice. Not because he's your brothers best friend but because he's your new tutor...
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The Gangs Queen by ____GhostGirl____
The Gangs Queenby Ghost Girl
She's doing this to avenge her brother, her family. But when she asks help from a old friend, will the past come back to haunt her? Will she get her revenge or will he...
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I Got You ~Ticci Toby x Reader~ by sophia_fdz21
I Got You ~Ticci Toby x Reader~by 🤪💘
!Warning! May contain Inappropriate language, actions and killing !You have been warned!
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Instagram 🥀 Datalie  by GlitterandGuns
Instagram 🥀 Datalie by 🍍Sophie 🍍
From strangers, to friends, to bestfriends, to first everythings, to strangers. David Dobrik ~ The future celebrity Natalie Mariduena ~ The new kid Both met at a young a...
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