Psycho Love

Psycho Love

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I walk up to him, tracing his jaw with my gun.

He smirks at me.

I grin.

"What do you want, Jason?" I ask, circling him now, keeping the gun touching his body, drawing it across his chest.

He shivers.

"You. You know I want you." He grabs my arm, stopping me.

I lean down, getting so close to his face, I can feel his breath fanning my lips, bringing the gun right to his temple.

"Then take me."

His eyes dance with that crazy look I've become familiar with.


Cynthia Harrison has always been a bit on the crazy side.

Destroying her doll at age 8 for being creepy as hell with a butcher knife.

Cutting a classmate for telling her what to do with scissors at age 11.

Just don't fuck with her. Period.

Jason Black has been through so much it's messed him up a little...

A lot.

When two psychos meet what will spark?

With a boy who was thought as unable to feel and a girl who displays her emotions on her sleeve, opposites, but the same.

And a war bigger than anyone's ever seen, hanging over their shoulders.

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