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infinity (  reader x star wars) by KnightOfGilgamesh
infinity ( reader x star wars)by knight of Gilgamesh
true power belongs to those who seek it
  • drdoom
  • starwarstheclonewars
  • sith
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If Ahsoka Stayed by JP30vMVP
If Ahsoka Stayedby JP30vMVP
What would happen if Ahsoka stayed? Would Anakin still fall to the dark side? Would Ahsoka become a Knight? How will she react when Barriss returns? Will the Ghost Crew...
  • order66
  • starwarsfanfiction
  • sith
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Halo/Star Wars: Awakening  by thehackerstory
Halo/Star Wars: Awakening by thehacker
Nearing the end of the clone wars, Jedi master Obi Wan Kenobi and a fleet chase General Grievous into the unknown regions, and find themselves trapped by a mysterious wo...
  • space
  • adventure
  • halo
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bringer of chaos ( star wars x male Unicron reader ) by KnightOfGilgamesh
bringer of chaos ( star wars x knight of Gilgamesh
two brothers, one creator of the light, the other creator of the dark, together they made the force, it was said that after there fight each disappeared into nothing bu...
  • malereader
  • yoda
  • jedi
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Star Wars Imagines/Preferences by finnspilot
Star Wars Imagines/Preferencesby finnspilot
The title is self explanatory but I'll be taking requests for imagines/one shots/ preferences for any character from the prequels, sequels, SW the clone wars and SW rebe...
  • lukeskywalker
  • clonetroopers
  • finn
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Star Wars: Defect by ChristietheGhost
Star Wars: Defectby Christie
Two years after the end of the Clone Wars, former Clone Commander Hotshot is now working aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer under the command of Admiral Yarrel Retf. Toge...
  • clone
  • starwars
  • imperial
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I'm an Artist, Watch Me Draw 2 by ChristietheGhost
I'm an Artist, Watch Me Draw 2by Christie
Book Two in the captivating journey of watching me draw art!! Enjoy a world of clones, more clones, and occasionally a few other people things of animals as I draw them...
  • clone
  • white
  • paint
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I'm an Artist, watch me draw by ChristietheGhost
I'm an Artist, watch me drawby Christie
I am an artist, as the title states. I use paper and pencil and the talent God gave me to draw what I want. But you must be be warned. Art is a captivating place, tellin...
  • action
  • paper
  • clones
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Tallying Scars by Aelwyn
Tallying Scarsby Àëlwyn
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS TALLYING SCARS In a galaxy divided by war, it falls to the Grand Army of the Republic to restore t...
  • swtcw
  • clonewars
  • clonetroopers
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Sword Wars Online: The Origins (Male Clone Reader Insert X Star Wars X SAO) by 643thlegion
Sword Wars Online: The Origins ( Delta-40
In the opening months of the clone wars, You are (Y/N L/N), A unknown clone trooper who has his entire body modified by the Kaminoans in hopes of creating a obedient an...
  • clonewars
  • leafa
  • droids
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  • sith
  • starwars
  • darthvader
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The Clone Lost Far, Far Away(CloneMaleReaderxRWBY)  by Toby_Sans
The Clone Lost Far, Far Away( Toby_Sans
In the events of Order 66. I was given an order that I had to follow. I'm not proud of following the order but I kept slipping away, finding ways out into the Galaxy, a...
  • readerinsert
  • starwars
  • rwby
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Star Wars The Clone Wars:A New Trooper(WILL REVISE IN THE FUTURE)  by CT-5445
Star Wars The Clone Wars:A New CT
CT 5445, aka Seraphina "Sera" is now a new trooper of the 501st. Her unit is called Ghost due to her armor turning invisible. The troopers are very uncertain a...
  • obi-wankenobi
  • tano
  • anakinskywalker
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Blood In The Water by catalan_andrea
Blood In The Waterby Andrea Montes
Amra Scythe formerly known as Iretia Emestre, is a Sith Lady and the apprentice of Darth Sidious. She's been working in several missions all in the shadows until now. Sh...
  • anakinskywalker
  • jediknight
  • clonetroopers
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War Against Us (A Captain Rex x Reader Story) by CT7567329
War Against Us (A Captain Rex x CT-7657-329
You've just been assigned to co-lead the 501st with your best friend Anakin Skywalker. It doesn't take long for you to find yourself having feelings for the Captain, Cap...
  • tcw
  • clonewars
  • starwars
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Star Wars The Clone Wars:Revan's legacy by bloodraven47
Star Wars The Clone Wars:Revan's Carmine
The clone wars has just begun. A Jedi with an unexpected destiny. A band of Misfit clone troopers being a symbol of hope. A Padawan with a struggle between the light and...
  • clonewars
  • starwars
  • theclonewars
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Clone Trooper GIF a Day by CT7567329
Clone Trooper GIF a Dayby CT-7657-329
Just a daily gif of your favorite clones!
  • starwars
  • commandercody
  • clonetrooper
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(Male Clone Reader X Valkyria Chronicles X A Clone Apart X Star Wars )  by 643thlegion
(Male Clone Reader X Valkyria Delta-40
What's in a Clone anyway? DANSON DELTA-40 and Y/N L/N BRAVO-30 are the only sole survivors of the latest failed batch of Clone soldiers, hurriedly created to provide eno...
  • empire
  • clonetroopers
  • clonewars
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Sad Machine {RexXocXAnakinXFives} by SilasTheRedQueen
Sad Machine {RexXocXAnakinXFives}by Bunny Princess
Power. If Ceres had ever prioritized anything in life it had been power and to reach power, you had to rely on the darkside of the force. She had always been talented, e...
  • captainrex
  • originalcharacter
  • theclonewars
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F a r   R e a c h : A Star Wars Love Story by b_l_e_x_x_e_d_
F a r R e a c h : A Star Wars 《 b l e s s 》
《 There is freedom in life, and there is purpose in death. The Force is all things, and I am the Force 》 Adara Dyas, daughter of the late Jedi Master Sifo Dyas, is one...
  • sith
  • greyjedi
  • clonewars
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