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Dark Shards: An Anthology of Fear and Wonder by alexfran1999
Dark Shards: An Anthology of Fear...by Alexandria Francetic
Have you ever wanted to know more about the world of my novels, from the array of species that inhabit it, to depictions of elements from various stories shown in a diff...
The misadventures of a Main Character [Complete] by Wolfwhistle
The misadventures of a Main Charac...by Gin Wolfe
***Previously Wattpad Featured Story*** Meet your run-of-the-mill protagonist: Main Character. In this fantasy (spoof) of an epic adventure, Main embarks on a quest to c...
MESSAGES -- LYRIC and DEPTH by numbxers
MESSAGES -- LYRIC and DEPTHby Obscure guy 🔮
Lyric content and poems from the album 'MESSAGES' free download here: https://numbxers.bandcamp.com/album/messages
Buoyancy by MWLind
Buoyancyby MWLind
A short collection of literary flash fictions. Poetic and queer. Capturing moments of drinking tea, dancing, writing, walking away from hate, or watching the sun come ou...
Twilight Butterfly by alexfran1999
Twilight Butterflyby Alexandria Francetic
On the mountainous outskirts of Larousse City, there exists Mistleteinn, a top-secret government facility home to the Cursed Children, a group of teenage orphans that ha...
Beyond The Soul. Beyond the Ego by TemujinLee
Beyond The Soul. Beyond the Egoby TemujinLee
Soulism - Also Known as Communal Egoism is a Belief that humanity should be one with the universe, that the physical body should be abolished either spiritually/psycholo...
/path of wisdom\ by sur_reality
/path of wisdom\by absurdist tragicomedy
Sometimes medieval, at other times dystopian, and occasionally even like the old world we read about in books, we wander the world, kingdom to democracy to anarchist set...
The title is pretty accurate, hope you will enjoy reading as much as I did writing.
Cycle of A Crimson Blood Tree by SirCrimsonBlossom
Cycle of A Crimson Blood Treeby Ming
A status blessed upon the heavenly orders can never be defied. Can the strongest blessing withstand the chaos of the most gruesome curse? That you shall uncover in this...
Occult and Magick in the Avant-Garde: From Ancient Myths to Modern Art by BlueAngel92x
Occult and Magick in the Avant-Gar...by BlueAngel92x
An article writing about the influence that magick and the occult has had on music, art and literature.
Revolt against Time by vykaar
Revolt against Timeby Vykaar
Transcendence is the revolt against the unbroken wheel of time, and the desire for a perfected state beyond the degenerating interdiction of time. There have been eras o...
Gasping Olympics by Harry5848
Gasping Olympicsby Harry Dozen
"One extreme sport with science in flavor." Highest Rank Sci-Fi category #11 (09 Nov 2015) When earth's atmosphere became heavily toxic for all forms of life...
fanchant {bts} by cholericcc
fanchant {bts}by ch!p
surreal oneshots that progress in order of the fanchant: • "kim namjoon, kim seokjin, min yoongi, jung hoseok, park jimin, kim taehyung, jeon jungkook, BTS!"...
Ink Swamp (Screenplay) by JunkiMoon
Ink Swamp (Screenplay)by Junki
A hypnotic journey into a 50s' like parallel universe with a group of artists that want to escape from the tyranny of a not-so-earthly dictator all put up into a sarcast...