Demon Prince, Angel Prince and Dangerous Prince (complete)

Demon Prince, Angel Prince and Dangerous Prince (complete)

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Yna By Damonh Completed

sorry because there are lots of typographical error... and few narrations.. 

english is just my second language so i apologize if most of the sentences here are grammatically incorrect... 

in my new account (lakeisha_blues) i edited this story with lesser typographical errors.. more naration and better grammar.. also, i added more twist to the story to make it even better so i hope you could visit my new account and check out the edited version of this story.. its ner title is DARK PHANTOM.. thank you so much! ^_^



We stopped walking and he freed me.

We were at my hiding place.

"What are the two of you doing there?" he breathed.


"Answer me!" he bellowed

"We are just talking!" It is so hard to think that right now I am talking to a demon.

"About what?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"Just answer me!"


"I told you to keep away from him!" I could see anger in his eyes. "He is dangerous!"

"And you are not?" I think I have to tell him that I already knew h...

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