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New World, New Life, New Me by her0990
New World, New Life, New Meby her0990
Lily Smith was an average girl with an average life. That is, until she got sick, really sick. After spending 6 months withering away in a hospital, passing the time pla...
Sugar Baby | ED by shysis
Sugar Baby | EDby — savannah—
I want him. He wants sex.
Golden Hour Of You And Me by kkatie0
Golden Hour Of You And Meby kkatie0
Sheyanne Shaw hates nothing more than she hates her hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona. Except maybe, being forced to return to it. After escaping her estranged relationship...
1.1 | Before It Goes by auniwrites
1.1 | Before It Goesby —𝐀.
Vanessa Mae wants a love story. Some have no beginnings, and others have no ends. The epic ones have neither. There is a moral to every story. Ezra Michaelson is hers.
you're just my sex slave by Eviemontoya18
you're just my sex slaveby 🖤Evie montoya🖤
A girl named Amelia Johnson. She had a wonderful life, until the day her mother sent her away to man named Noah Hernandez. Her to become his new tool. Everything came cr...
The bad boy falls for me  by hessaxftl
The bad boy falls for me by Xynxz.pimp
"Can't you fucking tell?!" He turns to me. "Tell what?"I whisper He runs his hands through his hair and pulls. "That I'm falling for you rive...
Kaminari Denki: Here I Go! {Kamijirou} by boogerdenki
Kaminari Denki: Here I Go! { Zenki
A KamiJirou story! Don't know what to put for the description >_< A happy, cute, denial, complicated.... an amazing crush! ... blush, heart racing, getting fluste...
Only Fools Fall || || BOOK ONE by seoyunn_i
Only Fools Fall || || BOOK ONEby seoyoun
Reader X Taehyung "Oh look the NEW girl sitting in my spot" a boy, a popular boy came in the room, staring at me, the same guy i had bumped in yesterday, the o...
Chasing Shadows by WrittenBySammer
Chasing Shadowsby Sammer
All through high school, Reagan Bell and Alec Mason, inseparable childhood friends and neighbors, had wanted to go to the same college. Had planned to go to the same col...
Ready tour  by ruelwerkit
Ready tour by Lizzy🦋
This is a story about two lovers who go on a wild journey. Lol I don't what to put here sooooo yup. Enjoy🌸 through sickness and in health
Down to the Riptide by PierceThe_Atmosphere
Down to the Riptideby Hannah
He is beaten, bruised, broken. She is stolen, used, falling. His hideaway, his safe place, she invaded, they collided, pulled out by a violent Riptide, stolen by the cur...
Show Me Different  by theOG_krissy
Show Me Different by DaRealOG$
"I'm not really into relationships unless somebody can show me different." 17 year old Deja has had a rough past. Relationship after relationship. Heartbreak a...
Lie To Me // LH  by Victoria_Lynn4
Lie To Me // LH by Victoria_Lynn4
"Flashing back to New York City, changing flights so you'd stay with me. Problem was I thought I had this right" "And I know that you don't, but if I ask...
(2) The Mind Reader Is NOT Okay | on hold by mads_coffee
(2) The Mind Reader Is NOT Okay | madeleine
currently on hold : ) Laura Summers is broken. After finding out the truth about so-called 'Tyler', she falls apart, abandoning everything she loves in order to come to...
Breaking Walls (A VA Fanfic)[ON HOLD] by emxxrxq
Breaking Walls (A VA Fanfic)[ON e :)
Rose runs away from St.Vlad's after seeing ghostly visions and having a couple of encounters with Mason. She thinks she's going crazy and she's also sick of lying to Dim...
The Soul's Parlance by MK_xxx_
The Soul's Parlanceby Ki
Poetry that speaks to your soul, in it's own unique language. Poems so intricately woven, you create it's value. Isn't it a wonder? How words written on one paper, uncha...
KurapikaxReader by Keyari6
KurapikaxReaderby Keyari6
You walk into the store Target And you see a cute boy The story begins there....
Catching Waves by livforwriting
Catching Wavesby Olivia Watson
"You found her," he says breathlessly "I did." *** Alexander James. Known as the perfect, Golden Boy of Seaview High. Although happy and fun to...
Feelings by M_ilkCarton
Feelingsby Dae-Jin
Emotions flow through everyone, it's in their blood. They can take them spiritually or scientifically.
feelings by poemsbymoo
feelingsby moo
they aren't poem poems, but they are writings. Writings that my heart expresses.