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Enemies To Lovers (Radioapple📻🍎) by DeformedSilver
Enemies To Lovers (Radioapple📻🍎)by Scarlett
Warning! ⚠️ This contains maleXmale. Strong language. Somewhat 18+?? (Depends on the chapter.) If this isn't your thing, you may click off! This is my first time makin...
Us and our crazy love (radioapple) by thatrandomgurl165
Us and our crazy love (radioapple)by 🖤✨🌙Eclipse🌙✨🖤
After the battle of the extermination , alastor And Lucifer find themselves living in the same place. What will happen when Charlie sends her dad to see if alastor is ok...
"A Single Dad" Radioapple/Appleradio Story  by Radioapple1234
"A Single Dad" Radioapple/ Lucifer Morningstar
Early 1800s "It all started when after Charlie was born, Lucifer immediately loved his little girl, but after she was born, Lilith left to get the milk/j well she a...
Touch by Cozyfox123
Touchby •Cozies_Stories•
Everyone in the hotel knows about Alastor's 1 rule to never touch him the king of hell did not know that rule now who knows what may happen... I know Alastor is Aroace i...
~Secret lovers~<3 || Radioapple/ Appleradio  by Radioappleforlive
~Secret lovers~<3 || Radioapple/ pookie
Lucifer and Alastor are secretly dating. Some finds out and Lucifer getting weak? Is Lilith coming back from heaven. Will she destroy the hotel? How long will Alastor an...
''~Addicted To The Poison~'' by Finnfull
''~Addicted To The Poison~''by Finnfull
Toxic! Radioapple "Dear, why'd you leave me~?" Warning! This story progresses slowly and may involve the following, but not limited to: Manipulation Physical A...
Partners in Crime by C0NTR0113D
Partners in Crimeby Poison_Luci
Alastor meets a newcomer to the neighborhood. He is intrigued by his new neighbor, Lucifer, and his daughter, Charlie. Charlie, being so young, immediately likes Alastor...
Dealing with the devil (RadioApple) by sickly666
Dealing with the devil (RadioApple)by Syx
This is a story of human alastor making a deal with lucifer to save his dying mother from sickness
"Alastor..?" radioapple/appleradio by Alastor2630
"Alastor..?" radioapple/appleradioby Lute
Charlie and Alastor were in the library in the hotel, Alastor found a spell book behind Lucifer. His curiousity got the better of him. Alastor and Charlie looked through...
Another Way for Me to Reach You ⟫ Lucifer x Alastor by Alcifer666
Another Way for Me to Reach You ⟫ Alcifer
A little AU where Lucifer and Alastor secretly loves eachother and doesn't tell anyone about it, and also Alastor has a secret identity no one else knows. Alastor is als...
"Alastor's feelings..." An Appleradio Story by Radioapple1234
"Alastor's feelings..." An Lucifer Morningstar
Ever since they first met, they always had a rivalry, but since Lucifer healed him, Alastor was starting to gain feelings for the short king.... except he doesn't know w...
Trust by easabo03
Trustby easabo03
This is an Alastor x Lucifer fanfic. Some of the reactions might not be completely cannon! Well, Lucifer is staying at the hotel after the fight with the angels. He hate...
" The World's greatest actor " - A Hazbin Hotel Alastor fanfic ( Radioapple ) by RPw1thth3hazb1ns
" The World's greatest actor " - . . . ⇢ ˗ˏˋ [ 𝕄𝕦𝕝𝕥𝕚 / ℍ�...
▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮ 100% loaded! ~ ! ~ Starting ~ ! ~ ◤...
Stitches by TheAlastorKinnie
Stitchesby TheAlastorKinnie
(UPDATES ARE SLOW. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN THIS BOOK) This is after the hotel gets rebuilt after the attempted extermination of hell by the exorcists. This is also a conti...
Appleradio fluff oneshots (I will take request if wanted) by Cookiesyay1
Appleradio fluff oneshots (I Cookies
I felt like making some oneshots of these sillies (Cover art by me :) )
Test subject by Mysterious_Klein
Test subjectby ✦Jewels✦
Lucifer is said to have been born in a laboratory and is now utilized as a test subject. He once trusted a scientist only to be misled; since then, he has grown to loath...
• Faking a smile • // ALASTOR ANGST \\ by cloudii121255
• Faking a smile • // ALASTOR cloudii_dreamz
Help I'm making way too many alastor angst stories but I practically live off it at this point... LOL- ALSO APPLERADIO IN THIS OFC
RadioApple/AppleRadio smutshots by Alastor2630
RadioApple/AppleRadio smutshotsby Lute
y'all are horny af. Here. Request ideas for smut shots or other shit. idc. 1 will be for free. enjoy you horny mfs.
Hidden secrets (radioapple) by thatrandomgurl165
Hidden secrets (radioapple)by 🖤✨🌙Eclipse🌙✨🖤
The second part to my previous book (us and our crazy love) I highly recommend you read the first book to understand this one. {COVER ART IS MINE DO NOT STEAL OR COPY...
°Shifting Zone° (~RadioApple~) by FeatherIzumi
°Shifting Zone° (~RadioApple~)by Izumi
There in a lonely forest not far from the town, lived a shape shifter, His name was Lucifer, Lucifer MorningStar... There also lived a a terrifying creature called a Wen...