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Sin (BoyxBoy) ✔️ Book 1 by emoboychronicles
Sin (BoyxBoy) ✔️ Book 1by Blake M
Luke Ivy, son of a pastor. He's expected to follow the typical routine that his parents desire: Wake up, go to school, go to church, sleep. His family is the stereotypi...
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LGBTQ Memes by Pan_Wolfie
LGBTQ Memesby Gay_Trash_:v
Just a book full of gay memes that I found in my gallery. Enjoy!
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Fireborn by Carolyn_Hill
Firebornby Carolyn Hill
A young sorceress, sworn to protect life at all costs, must choose whether to sacrifice her humanity or let an invading dragon army destroy her homeland. ...
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Breath of Osiris (mxm/asexual) by OwlieCat
Breath of Osiris (mxm/asexual)by S. G. Gardner
[Complete] Ari knows he's unusual. He lives in a museum of haunted objects, studies ancient magics, and is unapologetically asexual. He's used to being alone, and doesn'...
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In Real Life by glynfrans
In Real Lifeby glyn
Finding love as an asexual teenager is hard enough. Being an anonymous internet celebrity? Even harder, but it's fun as long as it stays anonymous. Eve didn't expect her...
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The White Wolf by Parilya
The White Wolfby Parilya
An aromantic asexual werewolf is completely unheard of. Especially one that is female. According to packwolves, females are inferior to males. They are to learn to fight...
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Percy's Curse by EJmcwriterpants
Percy's Curseby EJ Williams
An aromantic boy is afflicted with a curse that only true love's kiss will break. His stubborn best friend drags him around the world in search of his soulmate and he do...
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Memories. h.s by EllaMaddie
Memories. h.sby 💌
Lillie and Harry against the world. Anyone who knew these two, adored their bond and Harry's will to always protect her, being nearly eight years older. Harry was never...
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Smut Fluff & Other Stuff! by fandomnationwhore
Smut Fluff & Other Stuff!by mood: tired
A book filled with smuts, angst, fluff etc. about different fandoms, if you wish to request please either DM me your character from your fandom of choice and what is it...
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Hecate's Gift (mxm/asexual) by OwlieCat
Hecate's Gift (mxm/asexual)by S. G. Gardner
[Complete][Sequel to Breath of Osiris] After surviving an ancient spell and a necromantic cult, Ari and Soren are enjoying life together, but it seems like magic just w...
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The Extraordinary Emotion Between You And Me ⚣ ✎ by its_just_a_lovestory
The Extraordinary Emotion its_just_a_lovestory
[ON HOLD] BAD BOYS IN LOVE, BOOK 2 (Note: Each book in the series features a different couple and can be read as a standalone.) ~ ❝You give me the kind of feelings peop...
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Soulmates From Below ~AlastorxReader~ by RandomChick32
Soulmates From Below Ms. Elena
Every few months, people get visions of their soulmate's eyes. Most people meet their soulmate while they are alive. Yours, however, does not exist on earth. He's from t...
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Ambiguous ✔ by arodynamics
Ambiguous ✔by Ananya
Ambiguity has always bothered Maze O'brien. The blur between two lines always makes him confused. That's exactly why he's so perplexed when he is questioning his sexuali...
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Loving Ethan by _diamond_crown
Loving Ethanby _diamond_crown
BEING EDITED: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Part 2 of Werewolf Series SEQUEL TO IKER's MAN: Ethan De Russe is a lone wolf. He left his pack following betrayal from his own famil...
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❝ I was never broken. I was cracked. But you― you fixed me. I need you, Jones. Before I really do break.❞ ※ ※ ※ Rosario Lodge, brother of Veronica Lodge, had...
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POISONED | ginny w. ✓ by yellowbeesknees
POISONED | ginny w. ✓by 𝗔𝗗𝗔𝗥𝗔
❝ I spent the rest of the Christmas holidays moping around the castle ❞ - Ginny Weasley COMPLETE A Harry Potter fanfiction, in which Ginny Weasely meets an interesting n...
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Life by an Asexual by LongingForYesterday
Life by an Asexualby Venus
This is the life by an asexual.
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The Butterfly (boyxboy, Gray/asexual) -Complete- by SammyDAdams
The Butterfly (boyxboy, Gray/ The Dirk Gently of bxb smut
** Being edited ** Noah is a swimmer on the USA Swimming National team with his eyes on the Olympics, but even he may not be able to keep up with Mitch.
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LGBT+ [Complited] by xelaa_ia
LGBT+ [Complited]by dominata
⚠️Only picture ⚠️
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