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Her Chosen One  by writer_5150
Her Chosen One by AK
"You can like whoever you want, but so can they." A Teenage Love Story. To love and be loved. That's all what Ayla Kingston wanted. But what happens when she...
  • obsession
  • devil
  • fiction
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At Your Service Sir by bibliophile_105
At Your Service Sirby bibliophile_105
Meet Isabella Croffitt: a college graduate, sweet, classy woman Meet Stephano Rosse: CEO of Multi-millionarie company, arrogant, sexy, asshole What happens when Isabell...
  • badboy
  • dominant
  • romance
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Only Mine (Season 2) by Smalldesires
Only Mine (Season 2)by Muskan Agarwal
what happens when Ego takes over Love? college rivals, turned to married couple, turned to lovers, then turned to strangers . Love is just not a feeling, it stands for u...
  • rival
  • betray
  • romance
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Here In Rosefalls | √ by darlaisascreamer
Here In Rosefalls | √by Pizza
Stella thought that Rosefalls was her everything. Her lunatic best mates since kindergarten were there, awesome social life with lavish lifestyle, a bakery with a secret...
  • projectgiggle
  • teenfiction
  • romcom
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My POSSESSIVE ex-LOVER(Sequel of Zoé Isabel
WARNING!!! MATURE content for 18 years old and above!!! If you're an INNOCENT or NOT AN OPEN-MINDED reader, please refrain from reading this story! Carina ran away from...
  • desire
  • arrogant
  • sweet
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Destiny Maybe by hanzelwrites
Destiny Maybeby Hanzel Writes
No, this is not a love story. Well... maybe. (PUBLISHED UNDER H&K BLACK PAPER FOREST PUBLISHING HOUSE)
  • love
  • completed
  • alpha
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The Unexpected  by _BlUeBeRrY_Z
The Unexpected by Strawberry
Ryan came closer. This is the moment I've been waiting for. My hands started shaking. He smiled and slowly lifted my veil. Our eyes met for the first time. His smile di...
  • 2019
  • ryan
  • emily
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Sebastian's Desire - The Romano Series 1 (LIMITED TIME) by WriterRH
Sebastian's Desire - The Romano R. M. Healy
Clover O'Brien was struggling to pay the bills until she finally landed a job as a cleaner at Romano industries. With only one problem. Her boss wouldn't stop hitting on...
  • love
  • hotguys
  • arrogant
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Courting Mr. Cold by simpleshy03
Courting Mr. Coldby simpleshy03
I've been told that I'm obsessed with those long slender legs and curvy body of every artist that I met. They though that I would marry an artist cause I fell for one. B...
  • obsession
  • romance
  • obsessed
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Everything & More  by Yallaretoomuch
Everything & More by Yallaretoomuch
Have you ever wanted to drop everything and just leave? Well that's exactly what Jo did. She always felt she was simply existing and not living. Will her moving to Georg...
  • drugdealer
  • party
  • thriller
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Just friends by hehehehhehehe6219
Just friendsby Dolantwins
Just friends that fuck
  • dolantwins
  • daddyissues
  • graysondolan
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for the love of god | a novel by goddess7533
for the love of god | a novelby Eta
(originally MY OTHER HALF) -you deserve the whole universe but i am just a star- Schoolgirl, writer, artist, and self-proclaimed nerd Hannah Aldaine has a boring life. A...
  • relatable
  • lovestory
  • spy
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Way Back Into Love (IWFIL Book 2) # Wattys2017 (SLOW UPDATE) by EllieEdelweiss
Way Back Into Love (IWFIL Book 2) EllieEdelweiss
"367th." It's the 367th na nataggap ko for the last 7 years. Mas lalo pa akong naging sigurado sa sinabi ko kay kuya na ako na lang ang pupunta ng Sydney ins...
  • parkshinhye
  • past
  • arrogant
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she's mine.  by mslelaina
she's mine. by mslelaina
Moving 5 times in two years in order to keep her and her family alive can be difficult, but Raina Everett had found a way to accept it. Until she stumbles upon the myste...
  • sweet
  • family
  • loyalty
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Sweet Innocence  by AngelicGrunge1
Sweet Innocence by *~Angel~*
Lilac Meadows The definition of innocence. With a big family of Over protective brothers she was like the garden of Eden hidden from all the evil in the world, when she...
  • babygirl
  • arrogant
  • daddies
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18 years old Amelia has always found life to be extremely tough, ever since she was conceived and left at the door step of an orphanage called Madison's House For Underp...
  • wattys2017
  • newadultromance
  • escape
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O Sathi by zainitika143
O Sathiby Nitika Sharma
Story of rude and arrogant girls and innocent and sweet boys..... Girls are unidentical twins Boys are unidentical twins Girls forcefully marries the boys in the name o...
  • sanlak
  • sangini
  • arrogant
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Lisa Manoban was his best friend but now they've changed into worst enemies.If he chose to take another side, leaving Lisa alone then she would do the same. Let him into...
  • possesive
  • romance
  • bts
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Story of my life by fulanigirlliving
Story of my lifeby fulanigirlliving
Just read
  • arrogant
  • sidechick
  • schooltime
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Married Without Love by GlamoursMe
Married Without Loveby ☆т u в а☆
(Mafia Series#1) He banged his hand on the wall beside my head making me jump in fear and he held my chin with other hand. I looked at him in fear as he looked like a be...
  • arrogant
  • pakistan
  • preganant
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